4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid

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Note: Please note that the picks on our list require DIY construction or the services of a professional builder. We always recommend consulting a professional before your purchase.

Having wooden garden gazebos, especially in the UK is fast becoming a very popular choice for people who want to spend more time outdoors.

They can be bought in lots of shapes, styles, and sizes.

In order to make choosing wooden gazebos slightly easier, we’ve bought and reviewed several of the top rated kits. 

Check out our full verdicts below.

4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 1

Bestselling Wooden Gazebo Recommendations

10ft x 10ft (Ex 12ft x 12ft) GARDEN WOODEN GAZEBO WITH OPTIONAL SHINGLES !SALE! + 12 x POSTS HOLDERS (Gazebo only)
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Best Premium (2020)
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Let’s take a look at these picks in more detail. The assembly of these aren’t as complicated as a log cabin but it still requires some form of building competency.

1. Checo Wooden Gazebo Kit – Best Value

checo wooden gazebo
Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

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High quality pressure treated timber. All FSC certified components.


1 individual constructed this in 3 days. You may require a professional.


Given the quality, the cost isn’t unreasonable. Good value.

Checo home and garden are a well-established company based in West Yorkshire.  They are renowned for good quality and affordable wooden garden products and this gazebo is definitely one of them.

The Checo 10 x 10ft wooden gazebo is a cracking piece of kit and ideal for those of you that have the room in your gardens or patio. With 10 feet of covered, dry area it is perfect for adding furniture inside and on those hot sunny days.

It has open sides, so is perfect to use as a hot tub shelter (that’s what we did when we constructed this). Generally speaking, this is an ideal solution for those who are keen to extend the life of things like BBQs, hot tubs, seating and dining tables.

With this simple sheltering mechanism, you can keep these items safe from the sun and direct uv light and ensure they last longer. Plus, it’s a great way to create a cozy outdoor atmosphere for your family and friends.


  • Beautiful, high quality finish
  • Good customer support, available for replacements
  • Well made and solid


  • Takes longer to construct. Not for inexperienced DIYers
  • Higher price tag than our other picks


Hands down, this is one of the most solid and well-made gazebo kits on the list. It almost looks like a log cabin.

We certainly recommend this product if you are looking for a strong outdoor garden gazebo that will last for a number of years and only needs minimal maintenance.

Don’t forget when you visit Amazon you can decide if you want the shingle roof whilst also being able to select which colour too.

The measurements are 10ft x 10ft of internal space but the total size is 12ft x 12ft which includes the roof overhang.

One word of caution, not about the gazebo but about the surface it will be standing on.  Please ensure that the surface is hard, level and flat as this will contribute to the sturdiness of the gazebo.

At the bottom of the legs, you have metal feet that are attached and these have holes in where you can screw them into the ground to add extra stability.

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2. Checo Wooden Octagonal Gazebo – Best Octagonal

octagonal wooden kit
Overall rating :  4.2 / 5

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High quality timber. May need pressure treated, depends on your requirements.


2 individuals constructed this in 3 hours.


Good value octagonal kit. However shingles & floor not included.

This kit would fall into the bracket of “self build gazebo kits” as it’s more DIY friendly than the rest.

This one is great as it gives you protection from external elements around your garden. In fact, we found because of the octagonal gazebo shape it is the best gazebo for high winds.

The back of the gazebo, when assembled, gives you privacy and a good cover from the wind. You will note it is designed like a trellis which is good for letting more light in. No one want’s a dark and dingy seating area.

If you plan on using this during evenings or throughout the winter we would advise investing in gazebo heating. It will make it way more comfortable for you and your guests.


  • Decent space – 3.5 metre diameter is great for entertaining
  • Good quality side panels. Well made and solid feel.
  • Easy to assemble


  • Timber gazebo kit may need treated as per your preference
  • No flooring or shingles included 


This gazebo can be used for outdoor family/couple leisure bathing as the octagonal sides offer privacy protection. The inside of the gazebo is spacious and can easily hold a hot tub for 3 to 5 persons.

It is large enough to accommodate chairs and a table for a family of 3 to 6; whether for morning breakfast, for dad’s solitary time with the paper or for the kids as a play area in the middle of the garden.

If you’re an experienced DIY-er and are prepared to take on a project, this is for you. For the low key, inexperienced ones among us, we would advise consulting a professional first. Or perhaps the more simple wooden pergolas would be more suitable.

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3. Wooden Pavilion Trellis Gazebo – Best Premium

diy wooden gazebo kits

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High quality pressure treated timber. FSC certified.


2 individuals constructed this in 7 hours.


Premium quality for a higher price. It makes for a better investment.

For those that want to add a touch of class and style to their garden, here’s our best premium timber gazebo kit. 

Checo Home and Garden call this the “Natalia” and everything is included in the price except floor and felt roof tiles.

One of the best things about the trellis style is they are perfect for enhancing with gazebo lighting. Because we’re keen environmentalists, we would encourage solar lighting (and it’s easier to set and forget).


  • Trellising between the posts is exceptional quality
  • Good instructions and easiest to construct on our list
  • Size feels suitable for most home garden or patio scenarios (3 metres)


  • Shingles not included
  • Higher price tag


In summary, we were pleased with the outcome after building this. When we surveyed other buyers they found the instructions were easy to follow but you will need 2 – 3 individuals to complete assembly.

If you’re dead set on a wooden gazebo kit we would encourage you to go with this premium pick. Alternatively, if you like the style but are open to other options the polycarbonate gazebos are a solid choice too and look slightly more contemporary.

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Wooden Gazebos FAQs

Can you put a gazebo on your deck?

Generally speaking, yes. The answer to this question really comes down to two considerations: the size of the deck and the dimensions of the gazebo. The size of a gazebo varies widely, but if we take the models mentioned above the average size is 3.5 metre diameter. If your deck is smaller than 9×6 feet, it won’t support holding any type of garden furniture or attachable objects (even a hammock).

What kind of wood should I use for a gazebo?

We recommend cedar or redwood for the framing. Cedar is a type of soft wood that is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and fungi (often used in a log cabin). Redwood has natural pest protection because of its distinctive reddish-brown color and strong fragrance. It’s also largely insect repellent in its native environment (California coast).

Other materials with environmental benefits are sustainable hardwoods such as mahogany and cherry, but they’re more expensive because they need to be imported from Latin America or Africa. Another option for your gazebo framing might be composite decking boards made from recycled plastic materials like recycled milk containers. They’ll save on the weight of heavy lumber for transporting the completed structure.

Can you put a patio heater under a gazebo?

We would advise you not to put one under pop-up gazebos, but it is possible to have gazebo heating.

Traditional patio heaters present a risk of melting the plastic in the gazebo. It would be better to place it inside the gazebo, or around the perimeter of your patio to heat your space instead of hovering over an object that cannot withstand high heat because you want a clear roof and clean surroundings.

Tip: If you are filling your outdoor structure with comfy outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, fresh plants and flowers — all designed for entertaining — then it’s time to think about adding some overhead lighting as well! Consider installing up-lights so guests can see each other clearly. Strategically position lighting around your deck to enhance the look of your garden structures.

Wrap Up & Discussion

We hope our timber gazebo kit guide has helped you make an informed purchase.

Now we’d like to turn it over to our readers:

What was your favourite gazebo from this guide? Send us your pics, we love to see the completed product with your garden furniture in it.

Or maybe you have an excellent suggestion or tip that you think we should add.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.