4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid

Last Updated On: April 20th, 2019

4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 1

Having a wooden gazebo in your garden, especially in the UK is fast becoming a very popular choice for people who want to spend more time outdoors in their own garden.

They can be bought in lots of shapes, styles, and sizes.

So what I’ve done to make choosing a wooden gazebo easier is to review my favourite 4 and you can easily check them out below.

Let’s build a gazebo.

Checo Wooden Gazebo Kit (10 x 10ft)

Best Overall
Wooden Gazebo Kits

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4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 2 The Checo 10x10ft wooden gazebo is a cracking piece of kit and ideal for those of you that have the room for such a classy and solid structure.

With 10 feet of covered, dry area it is perfect for adding furniture inside and on those hot sunny days, it is ideal for inviting friends and family around.

It’s open sides, so is perfect to use as a hot tub gazebo. This also means that you don’t have to take down your hot tub after use either.

Let’s see what are you getting for your money…

What’s in the box?

package includes

Package Includes

Should you decide to purchase this item you will receive the following;

  • 12 posts
  • 8 Trellis
  • 8 Wooden Struts
  • Metal cross
  • Roof Beam
  • Full Wooden Roof

Basically, you’re getting everything you see in the picture above.  However, please be aware that there are 4 different packages to choose from;

  1. Gazebo only
  2. Gazebo with brown shingles
  3. Gazebo with green shingles
  4. Gazebo with red shingles

The shingles are the roofing material you can see in the image.  They offer a great value, are quick and easy to fit and last a lot longer than the traditional felt that is still used on sheds, etc.

Ideal Uses

This Checo Gazebo is perfect for;

  • Eating outdoors
  • Perfect to house a hot tub
  • Entertaining friends or family
  • Relaxing by yourself


9.5 Total Score
Top rated

This delightful addition to any garden is very well put together and will be money well spent. Enjoy your summer...

Ease of Build
Value for Money
  • Lots of uses
  • Make the most of the summer nights
  • Will keep you dry
  • Perfect for hot tubs
  • You will need help building it


Hands down, this is one of the most solid and well-made gazebo kits on the list.

Checo home and garden are a well-established company based in west Yorkshire.  They are renowned for good quality and affordable garden goods and this gazebo is definitely one of them.

I certainly recommend this product if you are looking for a strong outdoor garden gazebo that will last for a number of years and only needs minimal maintenance.

Don’t forget when you visit Amazon you can decide if you want the shingle roof whilst also being able to select which colour too.

The measurements are 10ft x 10ft of internal space but the total size is 12ft x 12ft which includes the roof overhang.

One word of caution, not about the gazebo but about the surface it will be standing on.  Please ensure that the surface is hard, level and flat as this will contribute to the sturdiness of the gazebo.

At the bottom of the legs, you have metal feet that are attached and these have holes in where you can screw them into the ground to add extra stability.

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My next best is the Rowlinson willow gazebo, check it out below.

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Rowlinson Haven Corner Arbour

Great Value
wooden gazebo kit - rowlinson

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4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 3With measurements of 2.5m high, 2.5m wide and 1.73m deep, the Rowlinson Haven Corner Arbour is an attractively-designed arbor made specifically to fit into any right-angled corner in a garden.

It is made of the highest and finest standard materials which are FSC-certified.

This classic English-styled arbor is easy to assemble and disassemble.

It is sturdy, resilient, and has a very solid, nice style roof.

What’s in the box?

package includes

Package Includes

If you decide to purchase this corner arbour you will receive the following;

  • Roof, Sides & Bench Parts
  • All Fixings
  • Instruction manual

Everything that you see in the picture is included to help you replicate this elegant structure in your own garden.

It is delivered on a large pallet and comes with a well detailed instructional manual to put it together.

The included seat is very comfortable and can seat up to 4 people at once. The arbor which has a treated timber finishing is light weighted and can be easily put together by 2 people.

Key Features

Below are some of the important features of the Haven Corner:

  • Natural wood finish
  • It has a total height of 250cm
  • Pressure treated woods
  • Contain Pieces of the arbor and screws
  • Appealing metal detailing
  • Seats for 3-4 people
  • FSC-certified softwood
  • Open-slatted roof

Reasons to buy

Apart from the arbor being a beautiful addition and a perfect way to make the most of an unused corner in your home garden, other reasons that make it worth purchasing includes:

  • Beautiful Addition

The Haven Corner Arbor would make a great addition to your garden as it brings you closer to nature. The seats are comfortable and make you feel like you are seated in a haven.

It also shades you from the sunlight and gives you a perfect view to enjoy your garden beautiful scenery. It can be painted in any color of your choice but when painted in green and cream it blends well with nature.

  • Pressure Treated

The arbor is made from pressure treated woods which do not rot or decay. The natural timber finishing ensures it is protected from attack by insects (termites) which ensure the arbor is long lasting.

  • Environmentally friendly

The arbor is FSC certified. It is made from the highest standard materials yet of great quality.

  • Lightweight

At just 113kg, the arbor is light-weighted and can be easily moved to any position of your choice after erecting, unlike other gazebos which tip the scale at over 500kg.

  • Great value

The arbor is solid, sturdy and made from the finest materials which make it durable yet sold at an affordable price that is exceptional.

  • Attractive

Its attractive metal detailing and corner design will look appealing in any corner of your garden when painted to compliment your garden.

  • Problem solver

The corner design of the arbor would fit perfectly into any right angle corner in your garden that is unused thereby saving outdoor space, especially if it’s a small garden.

  • Goodwill

The corner arbor is manufactured by Rowlinson, a company known to produce quality, long-lasting products and have successfully made a name in the global market.

They continue to provide excellent customer service and timely delivery.

  • Easy assemblage

The Haven Corner is easy to assemble as it comes with full comprehensible instructions. It can be easily put up by two people and can be disassembled just as easily as it is assembled.

If you like what you see, check it out on Amazon below.

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Checo Wooden Octagonal Gazebo (3.5m)

Premium Choice
Wooden Gazebo Kit Three

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4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 4This gazebo kit gives you a protection from external elements around your garden.

In fact, this is the best gazebo for high winds.

What you would find most lovable is the timber-made roof.

The back of the gazebo, when assembled, gives you privacy protection and a good cover from the wind.

What’s Included?

  • 11 Panels for all sides
  • 2x handrails
  • 8x posts
  • 8x wooden beams
  • 10x wooden struts
  • 8x wooden rafters
  • 1x protractor
  • 16x metal brackets
  • Metal cross
  • 8x finished wooden claddings
  • 16x roof panel slats

**The floor decking and roof shingles are not included.


Check out the size of the gazebo below.

  • Height: 8 feet and 6 inches (260cm)
  • Length: 11 feet and 6 inches (350cm)
  • Width: 11 feet and 6 inches (350cm)
  • Posts: 70 mm
  • Thickness of roof board: 16 mm
  • Entrance height: 6 feet (180cm)
  • Overall weight: 530kg

  • Very spacious
  • Made of natural materials
  • Pressure treated for rust and outside element protection
  • Can be used for a hot tub
  • Watertight roof
  • Fairly easy to set up
  • Weighs half a tonne
  • Kit doesn’t include shingles and floor decking

Reasons to Buy

  • Water-tight

Unlike many other wooden garden gazebos, the Checo is more watertight.

The wooden roof slats will keep water outside during considerable rain showers or drizzles.  However, due to the open sides, it is safe to say users may need to leave during rain that is accompanied by gusty winds.

  • Perfect as hot tub gazebos

This gazebo can be used for outdoor family/couple leisure bathing as the octagonal sides offer privacy protection.  The inside of the gazebo is spacious and can easily hold a hot tub for 3 to 5 persons.

  • Pressure-treated Timber

The timber of this gazebo has undergone preservative treatment processes so it isn’t destroyed by woodworm, fungal decay, and microorganisms.

This treatment makes the wood resistant to rots, thereby, making the overall gazebo longer-lasting.

  • Large enough for a family

It is large enough to accommodate chairs and a table for a family of 3 to 6; whether for morning breakfast, for dad’s solitary time with the paper or for the kids as a play area in the middle of the garden.

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Rowlinson Willow Wooden Gazebo Kit

Great Value
4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 5

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4 Wooden Gazebo Kits That Are Well Made and Solid 6Made by Rowlinson Garden Products, a family business which has been selling outdoor, wooden furniture for over 80 years.

The Rowlinson Willow Gazebo is a hexagonal outdoor gazebo made from the deciduous trees of the Salix genus.

(Get me, getting all technical)

It has 6 lattice horseshoe-shaped sides that give this rustic looking shelter a real countryside look to it.

It has a total of 4 side windows and a tall entrance.

Below are what you’ll receive when you make an order/purchase of the Rowlinson Willow Gazebo from Amazon.

What’s Included?

  1. 1× Complete Gazebo Kit
  2. All Fixing Pegs
  3. U-shaped hooks for support
  4. Setup instruction manual
  5. Future Care guide

Ideal Uses

This type of gazebo is ideal for relaxation at home in the garden during the summer such as;

  • Quiet Relaxation
  • Coffee or Morning drinks
  • Breakfast
  • Sunshade


Height: 2.65 metres Width: 2.48 metres Depth: 2.15 metres Weight: 53.5 kilograms

  • Very lightweight
  • Gives your garden a countryside/cottage feel
  • Good for relaxation
  • Made of natural materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • The roof is not waterproof

Reasons to Buy

  • Natural design

Made of natural willow wood, the rustic design of this gazebo makes it look unique and adds pastoral aesthetics to your garden.

  • Easy to assemble

The Rowlinson Willow Gazebo can be assembled by two people in an hour. It comes with setup instructions and guide which makes it relatively easy to assemble.

  • Ideal for summer

This willow gazebo can serve as a reliable go-to shelter during hot summer afternoons.

It comes with windows and a doorway which is wide enough when moving in relaxation tables and chairs. This gazebo has enough of space to fit three people, either for family breakfast, afternoon relaxation.

  • Can withstand gusty winds

Another reason you should consider purchasing this gazebo is that it has a considerable strength to withstand wind. The product comes with fixing pegs and hooks which give it support during fairly windy days.

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Please Note:

The Rowlinson Willow gazebo needs to be taken down during periods of strong winds and in the winter.

To make the willow more durable, users are advised to apply linseed oil before use.

Jamie is the Founder and Editor of the Windproof Gazebos. He's had a lifelong love affair with outdoor furniture and a fascination with gazebos. He's been known to assemble gazebos (for good friends) just for the satisfaction and has a tendency to hurt himself while testing them out in the garden.

  1. Thanks for this guys, I’m looking to prep for next summer already. I love the willow look so will be going for the Rowlinson willow gazebo. Hopefully its not hard to build *fingers crossed*

    • Hi Kacie. Thanks for your message. It’s probably the best time of the year to get ahead and start prepping for the next summer. The Rowlinson Willow Gazebo is beautiful, the team found it extremely easy to assemble – just make sure it’s stored safely if there’s gale force winds. Hope your DIY wooden gazebo plans go smoothly 🙂

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