Best Gazebos for Camping, Events & Hot Tubs


    Are you looking to buy a gazebo for camping, canopy or events shelter for any of the events or conditions listed below?

    1. Camping
    2. Relaxing in the garden
    3. Taking on holiday
    4. Your Hot tub
    5. Festivals
    6. Wind
    7. Rain
    8. Covering a pond

    Then you’re in the right place!

    Best Gazebo Recommendations

    Best Value
    Airwave 3x3mtr Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo in Black with 2 WindBars and 4 Leg Weight Bags
    All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo - Black (Standard Sides)
    Best Overall Choice (2020)
    Coleman Event Shelter M - 3 x 3m Event Shelter - White and Green
    All Seasons Gazebos, Choice Of Colours, 3x3m Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof, PVC Coated, Premium Pop Up Gazebo, Wheeled carry bag + 4 Leg Weight Bags
    Recommended for
    Festivals & Events
    Hot Tub Shelters
    Avg. Customer Rating
    No. of Reviews
    2,492 Reviews
    146 Reviews
    116 Reviews
    612 Reviews
    Best Value
    Airwave 3x3mtr Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo in Black with 2 WindBars and 4 Leg Weight Bags
    Recommended for
    Avg. Customer Rating
    No. of Reviews
    2,492 Reviews
    All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo - Black (Standard Sides)
    Recommended for
    Avg. Customer Rating
    No. of Reviews
    146 Reviews
    Best Overall Choice (2020)
    Coleman Event Shelter M - 3 x 3m Event Shelter - White and Green
    Recommended for
    Festivals & Events
    Avg. Customer Rating
    No. of Reviews
    116 Reviews
    All Seasons Gazebos, Choice Of Colours, 3x3m Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof, PVC Coated, Premium Pop Up Gazebo, Wheeled carry bag + 4 Leg Weight Bags
    Recommended for
    Hot Tub Shelters
    Avg. Customer Rating
    No. of Reviews
    612 Reviews

    What does the ‘best gazebo’ look like?

    If you are looking for a decent pop up then the features we’re about to mention are the most important to consider.

    Don’t forget to consider any possible future uses you may want to use it for when buying.

    • Strong Frame
    • Waterproof
    • Guy Ropes & Pegs

    Here’s a bit more information why.

    Strong Frame

    Strong Man lifting

    The importance of having a strong frame is pretty much self-explanatory.

    This part of your gazebo is the most important as its the starting point to having a good gazebo.

    Don’t forget, everything else included is useless unless you have solid foundations.

    Generally, when buying a gazebo with a strong frame you are looking for the following words to be mentioned in the product listing;

    • Reinforced
    • Galvanised
    • Matt Black Powder Coated
    • Rust Resistant
    • Strong or Sturdy
    • Durable

    Should any of these be included in the listing then you’re heading in the right direction.


    If it’s not waterproof then don’t buy it, that’s my opinion on just how important waterproofing is.

    Any pop up shelter that is anything less than waterproof such as;

    Water-resistant or Showerproof

    Then you’re possibly heading for problems in the future, especially if you encounter unpleasant weather.

    ]Although, water resistant and showerproof pop up gazebos are fine for the odd bit of drizzle in the summer months.

    If the manufacturer has listed the waterproof ability of their canopy or sides then they will probably have it stated in ‘grams per sq metre or gsm for short’ then it should not be less than 180gsm.

    The above means that the fabric weighs 180 grams per sq metre and ideally the heavier the better because this then makes it more waterproof and also heavy-duty.

    Guy Ropes & Pegs

    Best Gazebos for Camping, Events & Hot Tubs 1

    You may have frowned when you read that the guy ropes and pegs are one of the most important features.

    However, the guy ropes help support the frame by adding more stability and therefore making it much more sturdy.

    The ropes take the pressure off the top of the frame by keeping the frame in one position.

    They also help prevent your gazebo from lifting off and blowing away.

    3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing

    What are you using it for?

    First of all, you need to consider exactly what you are going to use your new enclosure for.

    Here are some events that you may be planning on using it for;

    • Party in the garden
    • Wedding Receptions
    • Taking it camping
    • Using for Hot Tub Shelter
    • For Working under
    • Dog Shows
    • Changing room

    Plus lots more…

    The Colour Choice Is Important!

    Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to use it for you now need to choose a colour.

    For instance, you wouldn’t buy a white gazebo to take camping.

    You would normally choose a darker colour to take on a camping trip such as; green, blue or black, as these colours will not show up the dirt.

    Another case would be for a wedding reception, you would traditionally buy a white gazebo for a wedding or christening and not a dark colour.

    Size Matters…

    Once again this is purely down to what type of event you have in mind.

    This influences how many guests will need sheltering or housing, or what it may be covering such as a hot tub or maybe a pond or vehicle, etc.

    Best Gazebos for Camping

    Hands down, the All Season’s range is the best gazebo for camping.

    However, due to its versatility can be used for lots of different types of event.

    The All Seasons 3 x 3m Gazebo is a very stylish piece of kit that comes in 5 great looking colours and is very strong to boot.

    best gazebo for camping

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    Basically, it’s everything you need if you require a reliable gazebo that won’t break at the first sign of bad weather.

    Everything you need to provide shelter for your event is included in the package so there is nothing else to buy once you’ve purchased this package.

    The sides (full wall or windowed side) can also be added or removed at will, you can use as many or few as you wish which adds a huge amount of convenience.

    Ideal Uses

    As this gazebo is very sturdy and robust it is ideal for;

    1. Camping
    2. Hot Tubs
    3. Car Boots
    4. Market Stalls
    5. Changing Rooms
    6. Dry Work Area
    7. Spring to Autumn Events

    This makes the All Seasons gazebo ideal for camping, car boot sales, craft fayres, fundraising stalls, spring, and autumn events when the weather is unpleasant and unpredictable.

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    What’s Included?

    package includes

    Should you decide to buy this product then you will receive the following items below.

    • 100% Waterproof Canopy
    • 4 Waterproof Sides with zips
    • Heavy Duty Steel Concertina Frame
    • Strong Carrying Bag
    • 4 Leg weight bags
    • Care Guide
    • Tent Pegs
    • Guy Ropes
    • Instruction Manual
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


    Q.  Can you adjust the height settings?

    A.  Yes, it’s very easy.  There are 3 height settings and it’s especially ideal if you need a high gazebo or if you are on uneven ground.

    Q.  Can I Roll Up The Doors?

    A.  Yes, there are tie-ups that mean the doors can be rolled up and tied securely.

    If you decide to put the door down should it get breezy or colder then you simply untie it/them and then pull the zips down that are either side of the roll-up door.

    Q.  What are the Leg Weight Bags for?

    A.  Firstly, these are leg weight bags, they do not contain any weights inside when you receive them.

    What you have to do is just fill them with rocks, soil or sand to add weight and then wrap them around the legs of the frame to add stability.

    Top Tip – Before your event empty 4 large bottles of pop and fill them with water.

    On the day of your event just place the bottles into the empty weight bags and this makes a much cleaner and professional way of anchoring down your gazebo

    Key Features

    • Fully Waterproof Gazebo & sides

    The canopy and sides are both 100% waterproof which means you can rest assured that should the heavens open your party or event can carry on regardless knowing that you will stay completely dry.

    The sides also interlock together with zips which means that unlike some other types of gazebo there’s little chance of any leaking through the seams, whilst also keeping the drafts out.

    • Heavy Duty Strong Concertina Frame

    The frame is made of steel and is very strong.  As it’s a concertina gazebo then you’ll need your friends help to lift it off the ground and then all you do is walk backward and the frame pops out… Simple!

    It’s that strong and reliable the manufacturer even provides a 1-year warranty, that’s how confident they are that the frame will not break.

    The frame is also powder coated and rust resistant which combined helps the frame last much longer than other brands of gazebo.

    There are also 24 struts in the roofing area that add a huge amount of support to the canopy section and prevent the need for wind bars (often provided in weaker gazebos).

    • Carrying Bag Provided

    Often enough this perk is underestimated.  Having this extra strong carrying bag as part of the package makes it far easier to store your gazebo away after use whilst also making it very easy to transport from home to your event.  The bag is also waterproof.

    • Multi-Surface Gazebo

    This All Season’s gazebo can be used on a wide variety of surfaces that include;  sand, grass, tarmac, concrete, block paving, patios and lots more…

    The feet also have plates that have holes in to enable you to screw it down more securely should you wish too.


    Let’s be honest, this gazebo is not cheap.  However, if you want something fit for purpose that will stand up to bad weather and ensure your event is a success then this is the price you’ll have to pay.

    We mentioned at the beginning of this post that the most important factors that make a gazebo a good one are a strong frame, waterproof canopy, and sides and guy ropes and pegs and this package has the lot…

    Should you decide on a cheaper version then you’re risking the success and safety of your event and guests. Ultimately, it’s the best gazebo for camping.

    It’s completely up to you whether you buy this product.  If the price puts you off then try the 2nd choice as its more of an affordable one.

    Click Here for Price

    Best Garden Gazebo for 2019

    The Airwave 2.5 x 2.5m gazebo is ideal for those who are looking for a strong, waterproof gazebo at a more affordable price.

    airwave popup gazebo

    Click Here for Price

    Once again this is a package where once you’ve purchased it you will have a complete gazebo with no extras to buy.

    This gazebo is available in a wide range of colours.

    The 2.5m size is also very popular as it fits in lots of back gardens and is also easy to carry as its lighter than the bigger gazebos so it easy to transport to events.

    Ideal for regular use in gardens and can do most of the activities as the All Seasons gazebo above but not quite as strong but a much cheaper option.

    What’s Included?

    package includes

    Should you decide to buy this product then you will receive the following items below.

    • 100% Waterproof Canopy
    • 4 Waterproof Sides
    • Steel Concertina Frame
    • Carrying Bag
    • 2 Wind Bars
    • 4 Leg weight bags
    • Tent Pegs
    • Guy Ropes
    • Instruction Manual
    • Choice of 8 colours

    Key Features

    • Easy to build

    This simple to build shelter take literally seconds to pop out and just a couple of minutes to attach the doors and sides if needed.

    • Price

    The Airwave gazebo is very popular due to the good quality of it whilst also being a very reasonable price.

    The manufacturer really has made it a more affordable gazebo without risking the strength, quality or durability.

    • Colours

    The colours available to buy are; red, blue, black, green, white, cream, black and beige.

    • Wind Bars

    The wind bars are 2 pieces of plastic that clip on to the top of the frame.

    They add quite a lot of support to form a cross brace and this helps prevent the frame from bowing when windy and therefore, helping the corner joints from snapping.


    If you’re looking for a more affordable gazebo that is simple to build, easy to transport around in its carrying bag and able to keep you dry then this is the gazebo for you.

    It’s ideal for garden use and just as good for taking away on holiday, camping or just out for a day for a picnic.  It’s very versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

    We would say that wherever you take it, always take the guy ropes,  pegs and weight bags with you as with any gazebo if it’s not tied down then it could blow away.

    Click Here for Price

    Best Canopy without Sides for Summer use

    This easily portable and foldable gazebo is ideal if you want a quick to build shelter for the back garden for those summer afternoons or evenings.

    best canopy without sides

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    It doesn’t have sides which ensures that the price is lower than most popups but obviously when it starts to get a bit chilly later you have no protection.

    This canopy will keep you dry and sheltered should it begin to rain whilst you’re spending time outdoors.

    Check out what’s included below.

    What’s Included?

    package includes

    Should you decide to buy this product then you will receive the following items below.

    • Robust Steel Frame
    • Showerproof Roof Canopy
    • 600D Carry Bag
    • Ground Pegs
    • Guy Ropes

    Key Features

    • Lightweight & Easy To Transport

    Weighing at just under 17kg this item is really easy to take to events especially as it has its own carry bag.  The bag is actually quite hard wearing with zips.

    • Reinforced Loops

    We can see exactly why Primrose have made the loops stronger.  More often than not this is an area that can easily fail and be quite troublesome to fix as you never quite seem able to recreate the strength that the loops had in the first place.

    • 3 Colours to choose from

    The colours available to buy are; blue, green and white.

    • Hinged Steel Frame

    The frame is hinged and locks securely into once erect.  The locking hinges give the shelter a very secure feel whilst not hampering the ease of build or the taking down of it.

    • Screw Down Feet

    At the bottom of the legs of the frame, there are foot plates that have screw holes in ready for attaching it to a harder surface for more stability.

    Even though screwing down will make your gazebo more secure please don’t be tempted to leave it built outdoors overnight.


    This simple shelter comes from a very reliable and reputable brand and offers a simple solution that more often than not people over complicate. To keep you sheltered…

    It provides you with the opportunity to spend time outdoors and only takes a couple of minutes to build and dismantle down whilst not costing as much as most other pop up shelters.

    If you’re looking for a cheap gazebo then this would be at the top of most people’s lists for functionality, performance but would be one of the more expensive ‘cheaper ones’

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    Best Large Gazebo (6 x 3m)

    This is comfortably the biggest gazebo that we have reviewed mainly because of the gazebos ranging between 2m and 3m are the more popular ones.

    best large gazeboBest Gazebos for Camping, Events & Hot Tubs 2 Click Here for Price

    However, this All Seasons gazebo at 6 x 3m is very high quality and perfect for much larger events as long as you have the room for it.

    It’s especially ideal for weddings receptions and christening types of events and we’ve deliberately shown you the white version so you can see for yourself its suitability.

    There are 5 colours in total which are; black, green, navy blue, royal blue and white (above).

    Check out what you’re getting for your money below.

    What’s Included?

    package includes

    Should you decide to buy this product then you will receive the following items below.

    • Robust Steel Concertina Frame
    • Fully Waterproof Roof Canopy
    • 4 Side Panels (Windows)
    • 2 Full-Length Doors with tie backs & zips
    • Ground Pegs
    • Guy Ropes
    • 2 Wind Bars
    • 4 Leg weight bags
    • Carry bag
    • Care guide
    • Instruction manual


    This is another very strong pop up gazebo made by All Seasons.  As with most pop ups, the frame simply stretches out to form the nucleus of the structure and then you simply add the walls and sides as required.

    You can add or remove the sides at will so you can basically have as many or as little of the sides attached at any time.

    The side panels are attached to the top of the frame with velcro and this method is standard across most types of a gazebo and is more than adequate.

    Obviously, it is a little more time consuming to build as there are more parts included but its no more difficult than the smaller ones, although we would advise that 3 people build it.

    It will also keep you dry and provide a nice enclosure for your party whilst also offering protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

    Best Gazebos for Camping, Events & Hot Tubs 2 Click Here for Price

    Best Cheap Small Gazebobest cheap small gazebo

    Click Here for Price

    There are lots of 2x2m gazebos available on the market but for the price and what it can do, we prefer the MCC@home gazebo as a cheap 2m gazebo that’s good value for the money.

    Like the previous gazebos above it comes with everything you need to hold your event so there is nothing else to purchase.

    What’s Included?

    package includes

    Should you decide to buy this product then you will receive the following items below.

    • Insta Lock Concertina Frame
    • Double layer Waterproof Roof Canopy
    • 4 Side Panels (2 Windows & 2 zipper Doors)
    • Ground Stakes
    • Guy Ropes
    • Carry bag
    • Instruction manual


    Everything you need for small parties in your garden or to invite friends round for an evening or afternoon drink. Like the others, this takes just a couple of minutes to build and take down and is very good in poor weather.

    If your budget is relatively small then I would certainly recommend this small gazebo as a suitable purchase.

    For regular use, we would say this shelter would last approximately 2 to 3 years as they don’t normally winter well when packed away in sheds etc.  (Can smell over time, become damaged or develop mould)

    However, if you pack your gazebo away nice and dry and ensure the bag is fully zipped up then there’s no reason why you won’t get longer out of it.

    Best Gazebos for Camping, Events & Hot Tubs 4 Click Here for Price

    Best Shelter for Festivals & Eventsbest festival gazeboBest Gazebos for Camping, Events & Hot Tubs 4

    Click Here for Price

    gazebos glastonbury

    Quite often festival-goers tend to go for the throwaway products that will only ever get used once.

    Whilst some will go for the more expensive purchases because they are going as a large group and everybody is chipping in let’s say £20/30 to cover the costs of buying equipment.

    In this unique case, we will actually recommend 2 products, one of the cheaper gazebos that can be disposed of after 1 use and one that can be used repeat times for those with a larger budget.

    What do you need from a festival gazebo?

    Your festival gazebo will need to be able to give you a place where you can chill after the concert after a manic day.

    Somewhere ideally, that can;

    • Keep you dry and sheltered
    • Have sides to prevent drafts and add privacy
    • Guy ropes and pegs so it doesn’t end up getting blown away.

    As well as storing any inexpensive belongings you may have.

    How many people are there?

    You obviously know better than I do when it comes to the number of people that will be using the pop up gazebo.  I’ve highlighted how many people can be housed in each gazebo below.

    As I mentioned before it’s about budget and number of guests, so let’s go to the product recommendations.

    Repeat Use Festival Gazebo

    If you’re going as a large group and you’ve got a decent sized budget then the Coleman Event Shelter is a large, heavy duty and a very classy piece of equipment that will be perfect.

    To be honest the picture doesn’t really do it justice.  Click on the image to view on Amazon or scroll further down and click there instead.

    As mentioned before, if you have a decent sized budget then it’s well worth buying the add-ons such as they waterproof ground mat and waterproof sides as they are not included.

    So what do I get?

    When you purchase the Coleman Event Shelter you are receiving a waterproof 4.5m x 4.5m pop up shelter from a reliable and well-known brand.

    Here are the items below

    • Waterproof Canopy
    • Sturdy Pole Frame (4.5mx4.5m)
    • Guy Ropes
    • Pegs
    • Carry Bag
    • Instruction Manual

    It’s very easy to build and although 1 person could probably just about manage it, it’s far easier and quicker if there are 2/3 of you helping construct it.

    Once built, this shelter can easily provide cover for approximately 14/15 seated guests or even more if you just crash down on the floor and as mentioned above, we would recommend buying the sides to prevent rain blowing in and also drafts.

    The bag has handles but not wheels and at approximately 30kgs in weight its maybe worth 2 people having one handle each.

    View my in-depth review of the Coleman Event Shelter or click below to view product on Amazon

    Click Here for Price

    Best Gazebo for Hot Tubs (Hot Tub Shelter)

    So, summer’s here and you’re looking for a hot tub shelter, correct?

    hot tub shelter

    Click Here for Price

    Above you can see a variety of hot tubs but on this occasion, my guide will be to find the best hot tub shelter for the Lay-Z-Spa range.

    These include;

    1. Vegas LayZSpa Hotub
    2. Paris Hot Tub
    3. Monaco
    4. Palm Springs
    5. St Tropez
    6. Miami
    7. Hawaii

    Although the weather forecast maybe nice you still want that added protection, whether it’s to keep the rain off, have sides to add privacy or to keep the wind out.

    Click Here for Price

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