Best Temporary Carport – 6 Reviewed Shelters

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temporary carport

When you don’t have the time, money, or inclination to build a garage, you can turn to a temporary carport to protect your car. These structures take just minutes to set up, and they can keep your vehicle safe from harsh UV rays, rain, pollen, and other pollution.

The best temporary carports are designed to last years, so even if you need to leave your tent out for several months, you can count on them to last.

Let’s dive in.

Temporary Carports – Whats The Best Pick?

After reviewing a slew of temporary carports, we discovered that the following offer the best bang for your buck. These carports are affordable, durable, and easy to use, and there are options for every circumstance, whether you need a little shade when washing the car to all-around protection throughout any weather.

Rowlinson Shelterlogic 10x20 Round Style Shelter

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Rowlinson ShelterLogic Round-Style Shelter

The Rowlinson Shelterlogic Round-Style Shelter is another easy addition to this list of the best temporary carports. Its super sturdy and stylish construction make this a fantastic option if you don’t have a garage and are looking for an affordable way to protect your vehicle. And it even features a distinctive round design, giving it an attractive, modern aesthetic. Its frame is made of 35 mm thick tubes, providing stability and giving the shelter a solid feel. The layered woven polyethylene cover offers UV protection to keep your vehicle’s paint job looking new.

The shelter has Ratchet Tite technology, so you can adjust the cover tension in seconds. And its built-in Easy Slide Cross Rail system ensures even, constant tension. The carport comes with a double-zippered front panel for easy opening and closing and a solid rear panel to keep things inside safe from the elements. When you buy this unit, you’ll receive everything you need to get started, including anchors, foot plates, and ratchets.

The assembled product weighs 71 kg, so the shelter is best used as a semi-permanent option as the weight gives the structure heft but makes it a bit difficult to move once set up.

Key Features

  • Ratchet Tite technology allows for fast adjustments
  • Double-zippered front panel for extra protection
  • UV protection keeps your car’s paint shiny and new


  • Assembled dimensions: 300 x 610 x 240 cm
  • Weight: 71 kg

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Outsunny 3 x 6m Heavy Duty Carport Garage Car Shelter Galvanized Steel Outdoor Open Canopy Tent Water UV Resistant Waterproof, White

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Outsunny Heavy-Duty Carport

The Outsunny Heavy-Duty Carport is an ideal option if you’re looking for a temporary carport that’s sure to last for years. In addition to being super easy to assemble, this unit features poles made of thick galvanized steel to ensure it stays put after assembly. You can attach the steel footpads to the ground for a more secure, semi-permanent structure. For those of you without an indoor garage, this carport can be a lifesaver. Its tough, waterproof canopy also offers UV protection — ideal for keeping cars out of the elements. With a peak height of 2.6 meters, the carport has more than enough room to comfortably house even tall vehicles.

The shelter’s open design keeps damaging rain and sun from directly reaching your vehicle while at the same time allowing visibility so you can keep an eye on your car from the comfort of your home. Setting up the carport takes minutes thanks to the included connectors and built-in spring buttons — just snap the frame together, and you’re all set. Elastic ball straps and tie-down pegs for securing the carport are also included in the box.

Key Features

  • Waterproof material to keep your car safe in any weather
  • UV protection will help increase the lifespan of your car’s paint
  • Galvanized steel frame is durable and designed to last for years


  • Assembled dimensions: 2.9 x 5.95 x 2.6 m
  • Weight: 35 kg

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mcc direct - 3x3m Pop-up Gazebo Waterproof Outdoor Garden Marquee Canopy NS (Beige)

Overall rating :  4.3 / 5

mcc direct Waterproof Popup Gazebo

The MCC Direct Waterproof Popup Gazebo is an attractive portable shelter that’s perfect for keeping your car protected from rain and damaging UV rays. While this popup gazebo looks like a good place to hold an outdoor party, it does a better job of keeping your car safe. It features double-taped seams to ensure that water doesn’t leak through during pesky rain showers, and it comes with four weight bags to ensure the shelter stays put in heavy weather.

The gazebo’s frame comes pre-assembled, so you only have to pull it out of the storage bag and engage the instant locks. We really like that the process is so quick and easy. Even attaching the fabric roof and sides is a breeze because they all feature velcro for simple installation. The carport’s hardened brackets and joints prevent the frame from bending and ensure long-term durability. No matter where you’re setting up the tent, you’ll find a color (choose from blue, green, and beige) that’s perfect for the area.

Key Features

  • Instant-lock frame allows for fast installation
  • Double-taped seams work hard to keep water out
  • Detachable walls for extra protection during inclement weather


  • Assembled dimensions: ‎300 x 300 x 280 cm
  • Weight: 17.5 kg

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Palram Canopia Vitoria 5000 Carport Grey - Robust Structure for Year-Round Use

Overall rating :  4.4 / 5

Palram Vitoria 5000 Carport

The Palram Vitoria 5000 is a simple but durable carport that’s perfect for keeping your car out of the run and direct rain. This elegant structure features an aluminium frame that won’t rust or corrode and polycarbonate panels that block UV rays that can make your car’s paint chip or fade. The carport’s gently sloped roof directs water to its sides, where integrated rain gutters move it away. This shelter doesn’t come with side walls, so if you don’t want your car getting wet at all, you’ll want to look at other options.

This carport measures 9 feet wide and over 7 feet tall, so it’s big enough for cars, trucks, and SUVs. It’s heavier than many other options on this list of the best temporary carports, but it’s not really designed to be moved repeatedly (though you can, if you need to). Instead, it comes with anchors so that you can attach it to concrete or brick for long-lasting use. If you live in an area that gets snow, you’ll be pleased to know this unit features a snow load capacity of 20lbs/ft2, so you can count on it to keep you and your car safe.

Key Features

  • Durable aluminium frame won’t rust or corrode
  • Polycarbonate panels designed to keep UV rays away from your car
  • Build-in gutters direct water to the ends of the carport


  • Assembled dimensions: 240 x 290 x 500 cm
  • Weight: 109 kg

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KCT Portable Carport Shelter Large Waterproof Gazebo Garage

Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

KCT Portable Carport Shelter

The KCT Portable Carport is one of the best temporary carports if you need all-around coverage for your auto. (And when the car is out, you can use this versatile gazebo tent for garden parties!) Its waterproof polyethylene fabric provides tons of protection from the elements. The carport will keep your car free of bird droppings and pollen, plus its side walls will keep water spots off your paint when inclement weather blows in.

It comes with a steel frame for a sturdy feel. You can use it in all types of weather, but note that it’s not suited for especially heavy storms with lots of wind. The frame’s powder coating doesn’t allow rust to take hold, extending the life of the carport. With an assembled size of 3 x 6 x 2.6 m, the carport has plenty of room for a car, plus a little more if you need to store accessories or a few boxes. And most importantly, you have tons of room to pack and unpack your car or truck right in the carport. The carport comes with pegs and tie-down ropes you can use to secure the shelter and instructions to make set-up super easy.

Key Features

  • Waterproof cover and sides keeps your car dry
  • Coated-steel frame is durable and long-lasting
  • Pegs and tie-down ropes included for safety


  • Assembled dimensions: 3 x 6 x 2.6 m
  • Entrance dimensions: 2 x 1.8 m

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vidaXL Garage Tent Carport Tent Vehicle Tool Shed Storage Shelter Car Gazebo Portable Item Marquee for Bike Outdoor Canopy PVC Green

Overall rating :  3.9 / 5

vidaXL Tent for Vehicles

The vidaXL Tent for Vehicles is a fantastic option if you’re looking for sturdy, practical, temporary outdoor storage. Measuring 2.4 x 3.6 m, the shed has enough room for a large truck or SUV. With a peak height of 2.4 m, there’s also tons of room for tall storage shelves — perfect for all the accessories you need to keep your car running in tip-top shape.

Its galvanized steel frame features 32 and 35-mmr diameter tubes for stability. And its waterproof 100% PVC cover keeps out the rain, making the carport an ideal storage location — its sloping design ensures that water flows down the sides and away from the interior of the structure. The walls and roof are made of thick, durable material to keep the wind where it belongs: outside. And the included elastic tighteners help minimize drafts by creating tight seals at junctures.

You can drive your vehicle out of the large open front, just roll up the cover and attach it to the carport’s roof using the built-in ties. There’s even a small mesh-covered window that provides ventilation so you can use the shed as a temporary outdoor workshop.

Key Features

  • Galvanized steel frame is durable and sturdy
  • Roll-up front for easy access to the interior
  • Water-resistant PVC keeps rain away from your car


  • Assembled dimensions: 2.4 x 3.6 m
  • Weight: 64.35 kg

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Why Do You Need a Temporary Carport?

There are lots of reasons why you may choose a temporary carport over something more permanent.

One of the biggest motivators is the price — temporary shelters are a lot less expensive than building a new structure. Even if you choose the most elaborate temporary carport, you won’t spend more than a few hundred pounds, whereas construction of something permanent will cost you thousands.

With temporary carports, you also have time on your side — they take minutes to install, whereas building a structure could take several days. Not to mention, you can take down a popup carport whenever you’d like and even move it to different areas of your property.

Permanent carports are undoubtedly built to last. While you may not get decades out of a temporary carport, it’s not uncommon for them to last several years. Considering their cost, this is a fair trade-off. Sometimes, the frames of the best temporary carports will easily outlive their canopies, and you can just buy a replacement cover when that happens.

How to Choose the Best Temporary Carport

When shopping for a new temporary carport, the most important things to look at include size, ease of assembly, durability, and how much protection they offer.


One of the most important considerations when shopping for a temporary carport is its size — you have to choose one that’s large enough for your vehicle and any related supplies, or it won’t be useful at all. Thankfully, many popup gazebos and other temporary shelters are just the right size for cars, so they’re a perfect multi-use option.

To be sure, choose a gazebo that is at least as long and as wide as your vehicle, with an extra foot or two of clearance on every side so that you can open doors, access the boot, and open the hood. If you plan to store a storage shelf or toolbox with your vehicle, it’s best to choose a carport that’s at least twice the width of your vehicle.


Many temporary carports are very easy to assemble. Some come with popup frames, and then you just have to attach the roof. Those that are designed to stay in place longer may require more manual labor. Some use galvanized pipes that you’ll insert into brackets and elbows.

What kind of temporary carport you choose depends largely on what you need it for. If you’re looking for very-temporary shelter to wash your car, for example, a popup offers the fast convenience you need. If you need something that will stay up throughout the seasons, choose one that can be anchored to the ground.


Almost any canopy can make it through one season. But is that good enough for you? If the answer is no, you need to make sure you purchase one that has the durability to last years.

In terms of durability, there are two aspects you need to look at: the carport’s frame and its cover and side walls (if it comes with them). Look for a frame that’s made from galvanized steel or that has been powder coated for extra strength and to prevent the formation of rust. For the cover, choose one that’s made from a heavy-duty, waterproof material. You’ll enjoy a longer life if you also find one that’s UV-resistant.


Think about the kind of protection your car requires. If you aren’t worried about a little rain but don’t want the sun to eat away at your paint job, a temporary carport with a heavy-duty canopy will likely be sufficient. However, if you want to keep your car as clean as if it was inside a garage, you should look for a carport that also comes with side walls and a zippered opening at the front.

Temporary Carport FAQs

Do I need planning permission for my temporary carport?

Whether you need planning permission for your temporary carport will depend on your local ordinances. However, you generally don’t need permission if your carport meets the following requirements:

  • Is not attached to the house — must be completely free-standing
  • Is for domestic use only — no selling or working out of your carport
  • Is within the boundaries of your property and isn’t larger than half the size of your propertyIs not situated at the front or side of the home that faces the roadIs no more than 4 m tall

What else can I do with a temporary carport?

Temporary carports look a lot like gazebos — some actually are repurposed gazebos — so you can also use them for any activity that you might use a gazebo. This includes outdoor parties and get-togethers.

Can I use a temporary carport all year long?

Some temporary carports are designed to last several years, but they’re not really meant to be permanent structures. For starters, they’re not very safe in bad weather that includes strong winds. If you live in an area that regularly experiences bad storms, you’ll soon tire of having to take down your carport.

But if you need shelter from the hot sun or to keep your car out of view of the neighbors, a temporary carport is a great option. They’re also great for washing and waxing your car as they’ll keep you out of the sun and keep the wax from drying too quickly.

How long does it take to assemble a temporary carport?

It depends on the style that you choose. Popup carports typically take minutes to install. In most cases, you’ll pull out the frame, attach the roof, and then extend the legs. If you choose a carport that requires more manual installation, you can expect to have it up within an hour — and much sooner if you have a friend who can help.

For our DIY enthusiasts, here’s an easy and cheap project. We salute you!

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