Best Solar Panel Pergola: Our Top UV Powered Pergolas

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These days many people are going solar and are taking advantage of the benefits of residential solar energy.

Adding solar panels to your pergola will produce most of the energy your home needs.

Which reduces how much energy you’ll need to buy from your utility company plus decreases your carbon footprint.

Solar panels absorb direct sunlight and convert it into electricity. Every panel comprises solar cells that produce direct current or electricity.

However, you must have a pergola at home, solar panel kit, inverter and a battery.

First You Need To Buy Or DIY A Pergola

Best Solar Panel Pergola: Our Top UV Powered Pergolas 1

The Arbor Garden Solution pergola is the perfect size for solar panels. You will need your wooden structure to have enough space for the panels. It features pressure treated wood and has a life span of fifteen plus years.

Moreover, you have the option of leaving it freestanding or attach it to a structure. The Abor pergola is easy to assemble since it is pre-cut and ready to use.

It is a beautiful wooden structure that will allow you to add solar panels to the roof. This can lower your carbon footprint and decreases your utility bill.

Choosing The Perfect Solar Panels For Your Pergola

To have a complete system that will generate energy, you must have the following components.

  • Solar panels.
  • Roof mount.
  • Inverter.
  • Battery
  • Power Meter.
  • Disconnect switch.
  • Dc and AC electrical cables.

Now, let explain why you need these materials

Solar panel– The solar panel generates DC (direct current) however, to use the electricity produced by the solar panels.

You’ll need to have AC (alternate current) which is the current used by your home and the power grid. The Eco-Worthy is an excellent, durable and beginners-friendly solar panel. It is perfect for your pergola.

Inverter– An inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC currents.

The solar panels are connected to the inverter into groups that are called strings. The Power Inverter by Novopal is easy to use and works like a charm.

The battery stores the electricity that is generated from the solar panels. The Superbatt is a highly trusted and one of the most reviewed product on the market. It has a two warrant for peace of mind.

Power-meter– The power meter measures the electricity production from the solar panels.

For the AC to be distributed to the panel or your house an electrical panel with the necessary switches, circuits breakers and wiring must be installed.

If you live in a sunny area and wants to reduce your electrical bill, then solar panels may be the perfect choice for you. It is a costly option, but it will be beneficial in the long run.

Now, that I have given you the basic idea of installing and having a pergola with solar panels. You should be able to have one that generates enough energy to power multiply items in your house.

The pergola I mentioned above can fit at least three-plus solar panels and this may even power your entire home.

How cool is that!

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