Should You Buy or Hire A Gazebo?

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Should You Buy or Hire A Gazebo? 1

Deciding whether to buy or hire a gazebo can be a tough call for anyone.

Really, it depends on what your needs are.

If it’s a small event, for example a BBQ party or exhibition then you can get a popup gazebo with sides for fairly cheap. These come in all sizes, so you can could facilitate large events with the Airwave Large Gazebo (6m x 3m).

Or perhaps you require something a bit more versatile, for small events, casual picnics and exhibitions, the Coleman Event Shelter is a great investment.

Anyway, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed by questions exploding in your head about which is right for you but the decision must be made!

A. Buying a Gazebo

Buying a brand new gazebo might seem like an impractical option but you might want to know the pros and cons before you discard the idea.

Advantages of buying a gazebo

  • Quality

When it comes to buying gazebos, you must realize that all gazebos are not of the same quality and it often boils down to the manufacturer. Like every other product, some manufacturers have built a reputation for making quality gazebos that are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

By purchasing a brand new gazebo, you are in control of the quality of the product you want as you can ask for recommendations from those you know and make use of reviews online to get the best quality. You don’t have to worry about renting used gazebos that might give you troubles when you try assembling them because you already made sure that it the perfect choice for your big day.

  • Warranties

Another advantage of buying a brand new gazebo is that you get the warranties attached to it as the first owner. It will serve as an insurance against any defects that might occur for the period of the validity which is usually a year or more. Warranties serve as a guarantee that any imperfections or quality issues during use which are not your fault are the manufacturer’s responsibility.

The manufacturer bears responsibility by replacing defective tents or by refunding the sum you paid without replacement. You get to have peace of mind which is something renting gazebos cannot guarantee.

  • Ownership

Many people develop an attachment to things used for their beautiful moments and it’s not any different with gazebos. When you buy a brand new gazebo, you don’t have to return it since it’s now yours. There’s always something special about being able to point to an item you used for your ceremony as it helps to relive the memories.

  • Profit

Rather renting gazebos for different occasions, what if you can actually make a decent profit from it by renting it out to other people? It is a means of passive income that allows you to make some money while still retaining ownership of the gazebo. You can rent it out in a package with the lights and decorations you used during your event. In fact, you could recover the sum you invested in the gazebo over time while still using it for your other events.

  • Convenience

Planning an event isn’t an easy task as a lot of things need to be properly coordinated since unforeseen happenings can occur. For instance, what if the gazebo provider is late? What if the gazebo develops a fault during setup? There are many things that can possibly go wrong with rented gazebos.  You can leave out renting a gazebo from the things to do and direct your energy to other critical things by investing in one. That way, you won’t have to be dependent on others for your event to go without a hitch.

Disadvantages of buying a gazebo

  • Expensive

The foremost reason why many people are reluctant to buy a gazebo is that it is an expensive option. For instance, the average cost of a fully round or oval gazebo is $2000 and the prices can go significantly higher. Additionally, you will need to decorate and add extra essentials on your own.

  • Setting up

Brand new gazebos require some time and effort to set up, and not everyone has the luxury of time or energy. However, you can opt for a cost-effective alternative by asking your friends and family to help with the setting up.

B. Renting a Gazebo

Renting a gazebo has always been a favourite route for many but there are a few hidden benefits and drawbacks too.

Advantages of renting a gazebo

  • No computation

Choosing the right size of the gazebo can be hard but you don’t have to worry about it when you rent a gazebo. All you need to do is tell the rental provider the number of guests you’re expecting and they will help you do the math since they have an experience offering such services. There’s no need tapping away on your calculator repeatedly in a bid to get the computations right. It also eliminates the possibility of buying a gazebo with a size that doesn’t fit your needs.

  • Convenience

Shopping can be very demanding for many people and if this includes you, renting a gazebo can save you the need to go shopping for the gazebo that fits your specification. Renting can be an especially good idea if you’re planning an event as it frees up some time for planning other things.

  • Cost-effective

You don’t have to let the cost of buying a brand new gazebo scare you as renting one can be significantly lower than buying one. If you’re operating on a tight budget, renting is the most economical route.

  • Labour-free

When you rent a gazebo, the rental provider bears the responsibility of transporting the necessary items to your location and will set up the tent for you. After the event, they will also take care of the disassembly, making it easy to clean-up after the wedding. You don’t have to think about manpower!

Disadvantages of renting a gazebo

  • Limited options

Gazebo rental providers often have a range of gazebos, even the sought after wooden gazebo kits, but there’s a chance you might not like the ones they have. You can either use any of the available ones or look for another rental company but there’s no guarantee that you will like what they offer too. This can alter your dream event since you’re limited to the choices you’re presented with.

  • Dependency

You have no absolute sense of control when you use rental services which leave you to depending on them. What if they arrive late at the scene or it takes them too long to set up the gazebo? While these scenarios are possible, there’s practically nothing you can do about it other than do things around their time schedule.

  • Unpredictability

Most business owners are usually friendly and accommodating but you never can be sure of what to expect on the big day. A perfect day can be ruined by people who are difficult to work with. The staff might take too long to reply on the big day itself or mix up your event with another’s.


Buying or renting a gazebo is a decision that shouldn’t be taken in haste as they both have their upsides and downsides. It depends on personal preference and your specific setup.

As an example, apply common sense to your purchasing decision. If it’s something you’re going to use consistently, all year round like a BBQ shelter then you should invest in this. Alternatively, if it’s just for a one-off event – rent it!

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, you can make a decision that suits your personal situation. Now you decide, are you looking for a temporary carport or event shelters?