Do I Need Planning Permission for a Gazebo?

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If beautiful weather often sends you outdoors, you might consider installing a gazebo. These types of outdoor buildings offer you protection from sun and rain while you enjoy your time in your garden. But before you start making too many plans, you have to ask yourself an important question: Do I need planning permission for a gazebo? The answer to this question will determine how you proceed with your project.

 do i need planning permission for a gazebo

Planning Permission for a Gazebo?

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The good news is that in most cases, you do not need planning permission for a gazebo.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but the guidelines below will give you a good idea about whether you’re safe to start building.

Where is the property located?

There are some areas in the UK that (rightfully so) require planning permission no matter your construction plans. If you live in a protected area — think national park, World Heritage Site, or AONB — you’ll need to file for planning permission before you build a gazebo, or any structure for that matter.

If you don’t live in such an area, continue to the next point.

What is your land usage like?

Look at your home and how you are using the land around it. Is more than 50% of it covered in outdoor buildings, such as sheds, summer homes, or pergolas? If so, you’ll need to file for planned permission before you start construction on another garden building. However, don’t be surprised if you are denied. Most likely, you’ll need to demolish an existing building before you can build something new.

If you aren’t using more than half of your land for outdoor buildings (and the addition of your new gazebo won’t exceed this limit), you can continue to the next point.

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Where are you placing your gazebo?

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Gazebo? 2

So far, so good. At this point, you’ve confirmed that there are no land usage restrictions that are preventing you from building a gazebo. Now you have to ask whether you need planning permission for a gazebo based on your construction plans.

At this point, you need to think about where you plan to construct your gazebo. Unfortunately, there are some areas that are off-limits. For example, you cannot build a permanent gazebo at the front of your house. The Permitted Development Rights forbids outdoor structures from being constructed forward your principal elevation; that is, the front of your home. Another restriction that may be at play based on your specific location may be a particular distance from a road or highway.

Planning to put your gazebo in your back garden? You’re probably okay to move forward to the next point. However, if there is any doubt, you should check with your local council.

What is the size of your gazebo?

You’ve reached the last consideration — congratulations! The last thing you need to consider is the size of your gazebo.

As stated previously, outdoor buildings cannot occupy more than 50% of your property, so if you’re planning to build a gazebo that will push you over this limit, you’ll need to reconsider.

Assuming you have no trouble with land use, you need to see how close the gazebo will be to boundaries with neighbors. If it is to be situated within 2 metres of a neighbor, the height of your gazebo cannot exceed 3 metres. If you’re not within 2 metres of a boundary, the height can be increased to 4 metres. If you’re planning for anything taller, you’ll need to seek planning permission before you can continue.

Hopefully your gazebo project doesn’t require planning permission; that means you can get started right away. But even if it does, that doesn’t mean you’ll be turned down. After inspecting your property and reviewing your plans, the planning commission may very well allow construction to proceed. At the end of the day, the council’s job is to ensure your property stays safe and that your neighbors aren’t inconvenienced by your construction.

If you have any doubts about whether your gazebo project requires planning permission, be sure to inquire with your local council. Failing to do so may result in you having to demolish your brand new outdoor building.


Do I need planning permission for a popup gazebo?

In most cases, you do not need planning permission for temporary structures, such as popup gazebos. This is especially true when the structure will only be up for a short period, such as during a party. However, if you’re unsure of your local ordinances (or you plan to leave the temporary gazebo up for more than a few days), it’s better to seek advice from your local council.

Is it hard to build a gazebo?

Building a gazebo can be easy, especially when you use a ready-made kit. These kits come with all the materials to build a gazebo from the ground up, with detailed instructions so that even beginners can put together a professional-looking structure. Depending on the kit you choose, you can construct a gazebo in as little as one day.

Are ready-made gazebos safe?

Ready-made gazebos are generally safe. To be sure, stick with reputable brands and be sure to follow installation instructions carefully. In most cases, gazebo construction is at least a two-person job, so ask a friend or family member to help out. Even if you’ve never built a gazebo before, you can generally get the job done within a weekend, so it won’t be long until you’re enjoying the comfort and beauty they bring to your garden.

What are gazebos made out of?

Most gazebos are made from wood or metal. If you decide to go with wood construction, be sure to choose pressure-treated lumber so that it will resist rotting. If you’d rather construct a metal structure, the best material to look for is aluminum. It’s strong and usually resists corrosion and rust.

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