Outdoor Pergola Blinds in the UK

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If you’re shopping for outdoor pergola blinds in the UK, you’ve no doubt seen that you have plenty of options. When deciding on which is best for your needs, you need to focus on quality and features to ensure the blinds perform as you expect.To help you make this important decision, we’ve reviewed top sellers to bring you this list of the best outdoor pergola blinds in the UK. These blinds are attractive, effective, and made to last.

Let’s start with the benefits, although, perhaps you know them already. Feel free to skip to the juicy part.

outdoor pergola blinds uk

Benefits of Outdoor Pergola Blinds in the UK

UK weather can be unpredictable. One day you might deal with tons of sun, while the next may bring rain or blustery weather. Outdoor pergola blinds allow you to better enjoy your pergola year round, no matter what outdoor conditions might be like. They also offer a measure of privacy and can add a stylish touch to your outdoor living space. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using outdoor pergola blinds in the UK:

  • Protection from the sun. Your pergola blinds can shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh glares, but they will also protect your outdoor furniture from excessive exposure to UV rays, extending their lives.
  • Protection from the rain. When you choose a waterproof option, your pergola blinds can keep you dry while you’re having a meal with friends, reading a book, or just enjoying some fresh air.
  • Keep bugs away. If you purchase pergola blinds that tightly seal off the sides of your space, you can keep annoying pests out of your face and out of your food.
  • Add beauty and style. As pergola blinds are available in many different styles and colors, you don’t have to settle for a utilitarian look (unless you want to!) You can choose from colors and materials that complement your living space or bring a pop of excitement — the choice is entirely yours.

Outdoor Pergola Blinds (Reviewed)

Here are our picks for the best outdoor pergola blinds in the UK. These are high-quality, functional pieces that are perfect for our constantly changing weather.

KDDEON Hand-Woven Natural Reed Curtains,Bamboo Roller Blinds with Lifter,Partition Blind Sun Shade,Light Filtering/Anti-Uv/Retro/Waterproof,for Outdoor/Indoor,Customizable (50x60cm/20x24in)

Overall rating :  4 / 5

KDDEON Hand-Woven Natural Reed Roller Blinds

The KDDEON Hand-Woven Natural Reed Curtain is an ideal way to add style and comfort to your pergola. This curtain is made of natural reed and adds a neutral, textured look to covered garden spaces. Natural decorations are all the rage, making this a fun, on-trend option you can use to add a bit of character to your space. While perfect for keeping the heat of the day at bay, it still allows you to enjoy outdoor views.

It’s waterproof, so go ahead and enjoy that summer rain — the curtain will keep your space nice and dry. It also offers UV protection to shield you from too much sun exposure. You can also use it as a decorative accessory, door curtain, or even a sunshade, and thanks to its versatile mounting options — you can hang it top-down or sideways.

And it comes with a handy drawstring that lets you adjust the curtain until it’s just the right length to meet your needs.

Key Features

  • Drawstring height adjustment lets you decide its coverage
  • Made of natural reed that’s eco-friendly and attractive
  • Top or side installation for use in all kinds of situations


  • Available in sizes from 50 x 60 to 146 x 350 cm

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LIFONDER Patio Curtains Outdoor Blinds - Heavy Turquoise Grommet Blackout Drapes Privacy Windproof Outside Curtain Panels for Canopy/Pergola/Canaba, Teal, W52 by L84 Inch,1 Pc

Overall rating :  4 / 5

LIFONDER Privacy Blackout Outdoor Curtains

Thanks to its combination of functionality and style, the LIFONDER Privacy Blackout Outdoor Curtain is an easy pick for our best outdoor pergola blinds in the UK. It comes with grommets for easy hanging and an attractive contemporary look. And since they’re weather-resistant, you won’t have to worry about the grommets rusting and staining the curtain.

Fading is always a concern when you’re dealing with fabric exposed to the sun, but you don’t have to worry here — the curtain is made of fade-resistant material to keep things looking great for years.

The curtain’s thermal insulation and wind proofing help keep outdoor spaces comfortable and protected from the elements. It can even block up to 95% of the heat generated by direct sunlight, so no more worrying about bringing the party inside because of a bit of nasty weather.

Because the Lifeonder Privacy Blackout Outdoor Curtain muffles noise, it’s a fantastic option for anyone searching for a sound-limiting solution — enjoy the great outdoors in peace and quiet!

And the curtain’s suede-like fabric is soft, attractively textured, and comes in several colours, including taupe, coffee brown, and teal, giving you tons of decorating options.

Key Features

  • Soft, fade-resistant, suede-like material is attractive and durable
  • Available in a variety of colors, including taupe, coffee brown, and teal
  • Noise and heat reduction improves your outdoor living space


  • Available in sizes from 52 x 84 to 52 x 108 inches

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A-Express Black 20oz Heavy Duty Thick Waterproof Canvas Fabric 600D Outdoor Cover 2X Meters

Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

SONGMICS Outdoor Side Blind

The SONGMICS Outdoor Side Blind is an ideal solution when it comes to protecting your privacy. Once installed, this retractable shade screens your pergola, gazebo, or patio from your neighbour’s view. It even comes with a handle that makes opening and closing a snap.

The awning can require a bit of installation, depending on how you want to use it. Mount the poles in the provided footplates without securing them to the ground, or attach the awning directly to outdoor walls if you’re interested in using it long-term in a specific place.

The mounting plates and screws you’ll need for either installation method are included in the box. Although, you’ll definitely need a few tools if you’re planning to attach the mounting plates to brick or concrete.

The poles and housing are made of iron, so you won’t have to worry about wobbles after a week of use. And you’ll never have to spend hours on maintenance, thanks to the rust-resistant powder finish on all included metal parts. Another major benefit this curtain offers is adjustability: You can change the height from 90 to 180 cm in seconds.

Key Features

  • Offers temporary or permanent installation options to suit your needs
  • Rust-resistant poles and housing will last for years
  • Adjustable height offers you the protection and privacy you need


  • Measures 185.5 x 21 x 13 cm (multiple sizes available)
  • Weighs 9.55 kg assembled

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Outdoor Clear Tarp Curtain Waterproof - Weather Resistant Patio Clear Curtain for Pergola, Porch, Gazebo, Cabana/Indoor With Rustproof Grommets (4' x 7')

Overall rating :  5 / 5

Covers & All Outdoor Clear Tarp Curtain

The Covers & All Outdoor Clear Tarp Curtain is a great solution for anyone looking for see-through weather protection for their pergola or gazebo. Properly installed, it can keep the gas grill on your gazebo dry or protect party goers from cold breezes. It’s super easy to install, thanks to the rust-resistant grommets at the top and bottom.

This wind and snow-proof curtain is a must if you’re planning on entertaining year-round outdoors — no one wants to pack everything up and head inside every time there’s a threat of rain.

And the tarp even comes with air vents to ensure that your guests stay comfortable when your pergola is entirely enclosed on cold or rainy days. And best of all, you and your guests can still enjoy the views of your garden because they’re not obstructed in the least. Of course, this curtain isn’t the best option for privacy, but you can hang additional curtains and decorations to obscure the view if you’d like.

Key Features

  • Rain, wind, and snow-resistant curtain lets you enjoy your outdoor space all year
  • Clear vinyl lets in light and allows you to enjoy unobstructed views of the outside
  • Air vents keep you and guests comfortable no matter the weather


  • Measures 304.8 x 213.36 x 0.03 cm

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Coarbor Outdoor Roll up Shades Blinds for Pergola Porch Balcony Deck Roller Shade Screen 4'W x 6'L Hollow Out Brown

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Coarbor Outdoor Roll-up Shades for Pergolas

The Coarbor Outdoor Roll-up Shade for Pergolas is a versatile sunscreen that’s attractive and easy to install. The shade is made of 185GSM premium mesh fabric and features a striped cut-out pattern that provides privacy while allowing light to shine through to the interior of your space.

We particularly loved the soft pattern of sunlight created by the shade — it adds a breezy, timeless feel to any outdoor space.

Available in two shades of brown, the shade is a good choice if you’re interested in adding a bit of protection from the elements to an outdoor space with a traditional look. It’s made of tough polyethylene to ensure durability — nothing is worse than finding a product you like, only to have it start fraying after a few months.

The pulley design makes rolling the shade up and down super easy and ensures even movement. Assembly is also quick and easy; just screw the rods together and mount the pulleys. Everything you need to get up and running is included in the box.

It even comes with two tie-downs that you can use to keep the shade safe from children and pets.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty polyethylene material won’t rip or fray
  • Available in two shades of brown to complement your space
  • Pulley design for smooth action when opening and closing


  • Available in multiple sizes from 4 x 6 to 8 x 6 ft

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BPIL Natural Peeled Reed Screening Roll Garden Screen Fencing Panel Wooden (Size 1X4m)

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

BPIL Natural Reed Outdoor Panels

These BPIL Natural Reed Outdoor Panels are some of the most affordable options on our list of the best outdoor pergola blinds in the UK. The curtain is incredibly versatile — you can use it to divide your outdoor space or have it double as a fence. Alternatively, hang the screen from the roof of your pergola for an attractive sunshade.

The shade is a great choice for creative projects: You can cut it into all kinds of fun shapes with plain heavy-duty scissors. At 85% opacity, it lets in enough light for you to enjoy your outdoor space, minus the intensity of direct sunlight. And you can always double the screen if you’re interested in more protection.

The panel’s material is naturally water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about mold and water damage. As for convenience, it rolls up just like a carpet, making it incredibly easy to transport and store. When it comes to installation options, the sky’s the limit. Use wire, nails, screws, cable ties, or whatever you have on hand to secure the shade.

Key Features

  • Naturally water-resistant so it’s not affected by rain
  • Multiple installation options so you have total control
  • 85% opacity lets in enough light to enjoy your outdoor space


  • Measures 180 x 40 cm

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 Choosing Outdoor Pergola Blinds in the UK

When shopping for the best outdoor pergola blinds in the UK, you need to think about the various styles, sizes, and modes of operation.


Outdoor pergola blinds come in many different styles, ranging from bamboo roller blinds to clear plastic curtains. When choosing blinds for your outdoor space, you need to consider what you’re trying to achieve and what it will take to match the surrounding area. This means you need to look at features like material, colour, and opacity.

When it comes to materials, you can choose from natural options that are made from bamboo, reeds, and wood, or you can pick man-made materials like plastic, vinyl, polyester, and metal. Generally, natural materials won’t last as long as man-made ones, but they offer a classic look that plastic and vinyl just can’t beat.

Whether you choose natural or man-made materials, you have a range of colours from which to choose. Pergola blinds made from reeds and wood are available in both natural and stained colours, so you can pick the wood shade that best compliments your area.

When you opt for a man-made material, you have even more options. You can choose fabric curtains and vinyl panels in nearly any colour you can imagine– from earthy tones to bright hues. You can even decide on clear panels that are devoid of colour and completely see-through.

Opacity is another style choice to think about. Are you looking for pergola blinds that offer privacy? Do you want shade from the sun or protection from rain? If you want to keep to yourself, you can choose curtains or panels that are entirely opaque. Conversely, you can also pick mesh fabrics that allow for some exchange of light and views or clear blinds that will help keep you dry while not obscuring your view at all.

Placement and Size

If you have a pergola that gets tons of afternoon sun, you may only want blinds that cover one or two sides of your structure. This will keep you comfortable by keeping the sun out of your eyes and preventing sunburn.

You might also pick just one or two panels if your pergola backs up against a neighbour’s property or is situated against your own. On the other hand, if your pergola is in the middle of your garden, you might decide to purchase blinds for each side; this allows you as much privacy or weather protection as you want.

In addition to placement, you also need to think about size. If you need sun protection, you might choose pergola blinds that extend to your waist or knees. This is long enough to block sunshine, but not so long as to darken your space.

However, if privacy is a concern, you might choose blinds that run from the top of the pergola to the ground. For more control, look at adjustable blinds that let you decide just how much coverage you need at any given time.


The last thing to consider when shopping for pergola blinds in the UK is their mode of operation. The most common options include roller or pull-up blinds that you can raise or lower through use of a pulley system; curtains on a rod that you can pull from side to side and stationary panels that hang from your pergola’s beams or extend from one side.

Roller blinds and curtains allow you to position your pergola blinds as you see fit. You might lower your blinds or pull your curtains closed when you need privacy or protection from the sun or rain. Conversely, you might pull them up or aside when you’d like a fresh breeze or some extra sunlight.

Stationary panels generally offer increased privacy or protection from inclement weather. You might permanently place opaque panels on the sides of your pergola where you don’t want others looking in. Clear vinyl panels are a good option when you want to keep rain or bugs out.

Outdoor Pergola Blinds in the UK FAQs

What style of pergola blinds should I choose?

You should choose pergola blinds based on the situation you’re trying to address. For example, if the sun is in your eyes when you’re trying to entertain friends, you need an option that blocks those strong UV rays. Natural reed blinds accomplish this task well, while still allowing in plenty of light and maintaining a stylist look.

On the other hand, if you’re concerned about bugs or rain, you’ll need a durable set of blinds that closely match the dimensions of your pergola. Clear vinyl panels are perfect in this situation. They offer the protection you need, without obscuring your view of the outside world.

How do I install pergola blinds?

How you install your pergola blind will depend on the style that you purchase. Roller-style blinds may come with hardware for mounting. Bamboo shades and some styles of stationary panels may be nailed directly to your pergola’s beams. Curtain-style blinds typically require that you install a rod, while other styles of stationary blinds are mostly freestanding. For the latter, you might install poles or brackets to support the blinds.

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