What is a Gazebo?

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Are you’re looking to add that little bit of extravagance with a large dose of class?

Making the correct decision could mean you’ll be relaxing  in a Gazebo, Pavillion or Pergola, or having a delightful Abor in your garden.

people eating and drinking under a gazebo

Let us help you make the right decision.

First of all, it can be very confusing and difficult to decide exactly which outdoor structure will best enhance your property both aesthetically and usability wise.

Maybe you’re wanting to entertain guests with food to go, warm drinks on a chilly evening or if you fancy impressing your guests and learning how to make cocktails.

Would you prefer to try and create a quiet, tranquil retreat that can be provided by adding a gazebo?

Maybe, you would you much rather purchase an arbor that can be wrapped in vines or branches.

Or finally, a simple Pavillion structure over a patio?

[pullquote align=”normal”]It’s all depends on how much free space you have available in your garden [/pullquote]

flowering arbor

There are also other things to take into consideration, such as:

  • The number of people using your new garden structure
  • The activities it will be used for
  • What equipment shall be used underneath it
  • Total area you’re prepared to use
  • The possible effect on neighbors

The list could be endless…..

There’s nothing worse than spending your savings on something that will be an eyesore for you or your guests.

What is a Gazebo

Technically, a Gazebo is meant to be a ‘ room or shelter’ and an isolated structure that is of intent to provide you with a panoramic view of the surrounding area with little or no obstruction.

That sounds technical, but basically, I’m stating the obvious…..

[pullquote align=”normal”]It needs to provide you with a sheltered place to go and relax where you can take in the surrounding views unobstructed. [/pullquote]

It really should be everyone’s intention when either building or purchasing a gazebo to offer a tranquil place in your garden.
These areas should enable you to fully relax and preferably provide total seclusion from the 100 mile an hour rush of the 21st century.

Let’s go back in time

In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s,  the gazebo became a very popular item of luxury in the Victorian and Edwardian gardens.

However, in the middle of the 20th century, their popularity began to decline as people opted for porches and/or open-air decked areas.

and back to the present….

Building your own Gazebo from scratch can be very difficult however, a gazebo kit can now be bought and getting a few ‘practical friends’ around who know their way around a hammer and nails and you’re laughing….mean that you may have to pay someone to erect it for you as they can be very heavy to construct, as well as very tiresome to try to fathom how to build one.

Or you could pay a local builder, it’s completely up to you.

As with any structure of this type, it may not be easily affordable therefore loan or finance may have to be taken out.  However, financing a new gazebo can easily accrue many inquiries on your credit report so that’s where effective credit inquiry removal can help


Well, it’s India…..

If you’re thinking why India?

Then think of the sweltering heat and piercing midday sun and the desperate inhabitants trying to escape it.

You will soon realise why this type of structure was so popular.

The Indians had these structures in their gardens together with pooled areas of water and both really complimented each other.

Gazebos, Pergolas, and Pavillions all offer a fantastic place to take time out and relax or to let your hair down and entertain guests or close family.

Pavillions are generally very simple, rectangular wooden structures that have a pointed slat roofing.  Normally,  this sturdy structure is set on a base of concrete or paving to offer much more strength.

This is needed for permanent outdoor pavilions of this kind because they have to resist the very harsh wintry conditions, year in year out.

An Elegant Arbor?

Arbors over time, have actually changed in their function.  During Egyptian times their ancient paintings clearly depict vine-covered structures that certainly look like the Arbors of today.

garden arbor with path

However, it wasn’t until the Romans got a whiff of this and literally churned out lots of versions of the original Arbor, similar to the designs we see today, that it really took off.

In those times these structures normally provided protection from the searing heat.

Nowadays, you will see garden Arbors being used as an entrance and normally has a garden path running through it.

Like the one in the picture

Arbors are the perfect blank canvas for creative gardeners.

Gardeners love nothing more than planting those eager to climb vines at the bottom of the Arbor and watch them work their magic.

In the spring and summer months, they truly can be the centrepiece of your garden.  Don’t get me wrong, during the winter months they can often look like something from a Harry Potter film with their wire, twig like vines.

vine covered arbor
The difference between an Arbor and the Trellis is that the Arbor is designed to be able to withstand the much heavier weight of the Vines as opposed to the trellis where it’s recommended to use lighter weight vines and fragrant flowers.


Pergolas are used to cover walkways and to provide shelter for seating areas.

garden lattice pavillion

They are extremely popular for use as a cover for a hot tub.

These types of structure are also often attached to a building.

These rectangular shape, often four-legged structures with a flat roof are characteristic of pergolas.

As mentioned, one of the easiest ways you can point out a pergola is through its roof.

Typically consisting of horizontal planks of wood, Pergola roofs are most commonly flat and open.

It’s not unusual to house a hot tub in one of these types of structures but you must ensure that it’s done by professionals.  I actually own one of these pergolas (not the one in the picture) and have a hot tub plumbed in.

Sometimes its just nice to pay extra knowing that something is going to be done properly rather than having to figure it out for myself.

Garden Parasol

One of the more popular items in 2018 has been the garden parasol.  This simple product is effective at shielding your seated guests from the piercing sun and doesn’t take up a lot of floor space unlike other outdoor building.

Check out my reviews of which I believe to be the best 5 Cantilever parasols on the market and what you’re buying and what they can do…

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