Oppikle Gazebo 3×3 Review & Buyers Guide

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Oppikle Gazebo 3×3

Enjoying your home’s outdoor space is great fun during the summer months but in the winter, most gardens and backyards are often neglected. Harsh weather conditions, high winds and cold temperatures can make spending time outside a rather uncomfortable experience. 

One would rather be curled up in a blanket than spend time outside no matter how beautiful the evening may be. However, for us outdoor enthusiasts, that doesn’t have to be the case! 

The Oppikle 3×3 Gazebo is an inexpensive, practical and extremely versatile solution for an outdoor shelter that offers plenty of space and ample protection from nature’s elements.

Oppikle 3×3 Gazebo Quick Review

oppikle gazebo review
Overall rating :  4.2 / 5

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By now, you should have a pretty good idea of the size, budget and type of gazebo that you are interested in. Let us take a look at how the Oppikle 3×3 Garden Gazebo stacks up and whether it is suited to your particular needs.


  • Portable folding design
  • Protects from both the rain and sunlight
  • Large size
  • Plenty of customisable options
  • Excellent value


  • Not recommended for use during high winds or heavy rainfall
  • Less durable than other alternatives

Why Buy The Oppikle 3×3 Over Other Gazebo Options?

There are plenty of gazebo options out there, so why choose the Oppikle over the rest of the competition?


In terms of size, the Oppikle has the following dimensions: 300 x 300 x 260 cm / 9.8 x 9.8 x 8.5 feet (L x W x H). The size is large enough to accommodate a group of 8 – 12 people. The Oppikle also offers 3 different height settings ranging from 1.8 – 2.0 meters. This is useful as lowering the shelter during high winds can help to give it greater stability and strength. 


The Oppikle is a folding garden gazebo with a frame made from aluminium. The  canopy is made from 210D Oxford fabric with a silver coating on top for added protection. 


Pop-up gazebos and folding gazebos are by far the most convenient and easy to assemble shelters that one can buy. One person can set up the Oppikle 3×3 but it is highly recommended that two people assemble it the first time round. The assembly can be done fairly quickly without the need for any tools. Once folded, the entire gazebo packs into the carry bag that comes along with your purchase.

The Oppikle also offers several customisation options whereby four fully adjustable and removable side panels can be added and removed for better stability and increased protection. This adaptability and versatility are what make the Oppikle 3×3 Gazebo perfect for just about any outdoor event!


What about the way it looks? Well, the design of the Oppikle is quite traditional, unlike the more modern design styles that you get with brands like Coleman. However, the Oppikle does come in nine different colours. Even though it is a boxy design, it still looks great in any outdoor setting.

Protection & Versatility

The frame comprises six roof struts and six anchorable feet that give it its stability and rigidness. The rings in the corner also allow for lines and posts to be attached in order to give the gazebo further strength and stability in windy and rainy conditions.

The polyester canopy also offers up to 99% protection from harmful UV rays and the material is also waterproof. The 2 sunroof sidewalls and 2 door walls can be easily added on and removed, allowing one to customise the gazebo to suit any environment. 


The Oppikle 3×3 is one of the most cost-effective solutions for a spacious outdoor shelter for summer parties and family gatherings. Its portability and ease of set up also means that is great for camping holidays and outdoor retreats. For under £150, this gazebo can fit any homeowners’ budget and it can make spending time outdoors that much more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for an upgrade and can splash out a bit more, we’d recommend investing in a Coleman event shelter.

Product Features

Included in the box:

  • 1 x Sun Canopy Top
  • 1 x Powder Coated Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • 4 x Guy Ropes & Posts
  • 2 x Zipper Side Panels
  • 2 x Center Door Panels
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x User Manual

Top Features:

  • Large size
  • Great Value
  • Easy to assemble
  • 4 Side walls for added protection
  • Portable and relatively lightweight
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant steel frame
  • 9 colour choices to choose from

Customer Opinion

The Oppikle has plenty of amazing reviews from nature lovers who have used this versatile gazebo for a variety of different purposes. The product has an Amazon rating of 4.1 with about 80% of customers giving the product a rating of 4 or higher. The majority of customers are extremely pleased with the product’s performance in relation to its price. However, if you live in a particularly windy area, this product might not be best suited to your needs. This is because the side walls have no bottom fastenings. This means that they will flap around in high winds even with the velcro fastenings in place.


If wind and adverse weather are a constant in your neck of the woods, you might want to consider other more stable and permanent gazebo options. But what if the Oppikle seems like the right fit for you? Is it the best gazebo that you can get in its class? Let’s find out by checking out a couple of close alternatives.

The All Seasons 3×3 Gazebo is quite similar in design when compared to the Oppikle. It has the same folding pop-up design as the Oppikle and it looks quite similar in terms of looks. The only real visual difference is the roof, which in the Oppikle is much flatter than the one you get in the All Season.

There are other similarities too in terms of size, height and weight. However, the Oppikle offers a lot more in terms of versatility with its added sidewall feature. On the other hand, the All Seasons gazebo is made from tougher materials designed to withstand much harsher weather conditions.

The ABCCANOPY 3×3 Pop Up Gazebo is the other alternative that you can find within this price range. This gazebo’s most amazing feature is its adjustable half awning that offers you that extra area of shade for hot tub gazebos.

Final Verdict

Having an outdoor shelter in the form of a gazebo is no longer a tall order for homeowners. With manufacturers like Oppikle, Coleman, and All Seasons on the market, owning your very own garden gazebo is easier than ever. 

At Windproof Gazebos, we strive to provide the best information possible for those seeking to reconnect with nature. The Oppikle 3×3 Gazebo does just that!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gazebo

Investing in an outdoor gazebo has many advantages but choosing the one that best suits your needs is easier said than done. With plenty of options out there and prices ranging from £100 – £10,000, knowing what you are looking for is vital to save both time and money.

For homeowners like myself that have large backyards and plenty of open space to enjoy the weather and views, investing in a gazebo makes a lot of sense. 

A gazebo allows you to spend more time outdoors even in less than ideal weather conditions. During the summer, they offer respite from the sun and with modern options like the Oppikle 3×3, you also get a ton of convenience and versatility. Not to mention that it costs a mere fraction compared to other alternatives.

Before we get into a detailed review of the Oppikle, let us take a look at some of the most important things you need to know before you set out to buy a gazebo.


Size is important. No point getting a gazebo that is too small or too big for your needs. Ask yourself, what do you need the shelter for? Hosting parties? Camping? How many people do you ideally want the shelter to hold? Do you need room for storage? All of this matters! Always measure the area where you intend to place your shelter as that can also help determine how large of a shelter you can actually accommodate.


Gazebos can be made from a variety of materials. Inexpensive solutions such as the Oppikle are made from a combination of metal and high-quality polyester. Other material alternatives include bamboo, pine, brick, wood and even concrete. However, these options can set you back a fair sum of money.

Ease of Assembly

If you are looking for a gazebo that requires only one person to put up, take down and store then pop-up gazebos are the ultimate solution. These collapsible shelters can fold up easily to a compact portable size, making them ideal for trade shows, parties, events and market stalls as well as for residential purposes.

Aesthetic Appeal

A gazebo in the backyard or garden area should ideally add to the outdoor aesthetic appeal of your home. Always look for gazebos that come in multiple colours with customisable options to boot.

Level of Protection

 In what weather conditions do you intend to use the shelter in? Do you live in an area that is prone to high winds or heavy rainfall? Maybe you live in a region that is blessed with plenty of warm sunny days? All of this needs to be taken into account before you jump to a buying decision.