Metal Gazebos: Best Sturdy Picks for Your Garden

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A gazebo is a beautiful addition to your garden, and with a metal gazebo, you don’t have to take it down during the winter. They add value to your property and perfect for outdoor parties.

Usually, these extra strong gazebos are expensive compared to pop-up they and are easy to maintain. As a result, you don’t have to worry about continually assembling and dissembling your gazebo. While most people prefer custom-built gazebo, this takes up time and is very costly. Similarly, all the metal gazebos I mention below you will find them in the UK.

Before I mention my top picks, I would like to explain what is polycarbonate panels as I used this word often in my review.

What is Polycarbonate Panel?

Most permanent hardtop gazebo roofs are made from polycarbonate panels, and customers ask what does this means?

Let me explain polycarbonate panels is a strong plastic-like material that is lightweight and can withstand high temperature yet still maintaining a low heat.

Did you know polycarbonate panels are used to constructed police shields? It is practically unbreakable.

Here are the top picks for the best metal gazebos, you will find all my choices in the UK.


Palram Martinique 4300 Garden Gazebo Reviews

Palram Canopia Martinique 4300 Garden Gazebo - Robust Structure for Year-Round Use

The Palram Martinique 4300 is a beautiful gazebo that provides 100% UV protection.

Its stylish bronze glazing of the roof allows the perfect amount of natural light, reducing glare while keeping the roof panel from discoloring, fracturing and becoming brittle.

They are great for hot tubs, BBQ or just relaxing outdoors four chairs and a table fits comfortable which make this a focal point for parties and events.

Yes! The roof is vented to increases air circulation allowing wind to flow through this remove hot air. In the winter the ventilated roof stop icicles build up.


Is It Fully Vented?What cause ice build up? Without vents at the edge of the roof, heat is trapped under the panels. When combined with the heat from the ice they melt and rolls down to the side of the roof.

This cause icicles to form but with the Palram 4300, the air vents help warm air to escape before it melts.

Integrated Gutted System

The Palram convenient gutter system protects your gazebo from water-related damages.

Is the Structure Strong? 

Very strong the frame is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, and laser cut galvanized steel connectors for better stability.


  • Ridge Height: 274.5cm.
  • Width at base: 295.5cm.
  • Roof Material: Polycarbonate.
  • Roof thickness: 6mm.

Other Features

  • Powder coated.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Maintenance free gazebo.
  • 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels.
  • Anchoring and foot-pads included.

I’ll give the Palram Martinique 4300 a rating of 9.5 as you can see it is stable and will last a long time this gazebo has a ten years warranty. Relax in luxury knowing that this is money well spent.


Panana 4x3m PERMANENT GAZEBO Reviews

Panana-B 3 x 4m Waterproof Gazebo Garden Party Tent Marquee Canopy with 4 Side Panels Green

The Panana is one of the cheapest gazebos on the market. Don’t let the price fool you this metal gazebo has the features to make it on my list. Just as the Palram Martinique 4500 this gazebo is built from polycarbonate roof that can withstand any weather.

These extra strong gazebos measure 4.3m which are very spacious with a priced that is below £600.00 you can wine and dine in luxury. It is the perfect size to fit at least seven people without feeling cramped especially with the UV protected curtains down.

The Polycarbonate RoofIt’s a pity this gazebo doesn’t have a vented roof what can I say for the price, I didn’t expect it to have them, but the polycarbonate roof is lightweight and regulate heat.

A metal gazebo with side curtainsAt first glance you’ll notice how beautiful this gazebo’s curtains are, you’ll love how it matches with the metal structure giving your gazebo that added style yet still keeping bugs away, buffer strong winds and UV protected.

Easy To AssembleAssembling is super easy with two people- build time is 4-6 hours.

The Dimensions

  • Height: 260cm.
  • Width: 300cm.
  • Depth:300cm.
  • Length:400cm.
  • Roof Material: Polycarbonate.
  • Roof Thickness: 6mm.

Other Features

  • Powder Coated.
  • Water-Resistant.
  • Sturdy.

Cons- Needs ventilation.

I’ll give this gazebo a nine just for the price it has most features of an expensive hardtop, and I know it will look lovely in your garden or patio.


Runcton Polycarbonate Square Gazebo Brown

No products found.

If you are looking for the best metal gazebo in the UK that is under £600.00, you will love this. Similar to the Panana you’ll find the same features, but it’s tight in space.

The dimension is 3m x 3m most customers find this to be perfect but if you are looking for a bigger gazebo in the same price range buy the Panana.

Close the curtains and turn this into an enclosed dining area you’ll sure to enjoy the experience. As you can see from the picture above four lounge chairs and a table fits nicely.

Privacy Curtains+Mosquito NetWith the Runcton gazebo, you don’t have to buy the net separate it is lightweight and sure to keep bugs and insects away.

Black all the way!The color of this gazebo and net is black with brown curtains it matches with every garden surroundings and the perfect size for your hot tub.

How Stable?Very stable comes powder coated to prevent rust, made from durable steel and is anchored securely to the ground.


  • Height: 263cm.
  • Width: 300cm.
  • Depth: 300cm.

Cons: Needs to disassemble in stormy conditions

Bottom LineHands down these three extra strong gazebos are the best in the market and will last you years to come with minimal to no maintenance. You can find all of my choices in the UK.

What Makes An Extra Strong Gazebo?

If your metal gazebo can withstand hash weathers such as winds, tornado, and other conditions, then you’re in gear. A quality gazebo must last you years with little maintenance.

Some other features include:

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