Best Hot Tub Gazebo (Top 5 Enclosures for Your Spa)

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hot tub gazebo

If you have a spacious backyard or patio, adding a canopy over a hot tub can be a fantastic way to add value to your outdoor space while also having the perfect shelter over your head as you relax in your tub. 

A hot tub gazebo not only shields you from direct exposure to the sunlight but it also prevents others in the neighbourhood from invading your privacy.

For those looking for temporary shelters or enclosures for your hot tubs, we’ll also include good value options.

Best Pop Up Gazebo For Hot Tubs

If you’re looking for pop up shelters for your hot tub, here’s our top picks.

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Best Pergolas for Hot Tubs Comparison

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Tub Gazebo Product Reviews

Now that we are up to speed about the kind of pergola that might be suitable for your outdoor space, let’s have a look at the different types of built-in outdoor gazebos or jacuzzi pergolas out there in the market. 

toolport garden pergola
Overall rating :  4.3 / 5


  • 180g/m² polyester tarpaulin roof with machine tapered seams and additional PU coating for 100% water protection with a 30+ UV protection factor. 
  • Sturdy steel tube foundation with a phosphate and powder coating for added stability and protection against both corrosion and the weather.
  • Quick and easy to assemble thanks to the high quality-connecting click system
  • Four side curtains attached with rings for easy drawing and closing. 
  • Since the roof is round, the raindrops roll off the roof without pulling it and damaging the foundation with added weight.


  • Setting it up is not a one person job. It requires at least two people or more.

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  • Pre-cut pressure-treated corner posts made of redwood timber with rot-resistance for up to 15 years
  • Rafts are constructed with high-quality construction grade CLS C24 timber for stability and durability
  • 2.7m long posts to give you extra space for concreting them into the ground without losing much height. 
  • Wood-coloured posts provide added value to your landscaping and have a fresh look


  • Posts come with one screw-hole only and they tend to become loose when the whole structure is assembled and put together
  • Little to no wind protection for your hot tub. We would recommend combining this with a decent gazebo heater

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  • The timber is pressure treated for extra durability and stability along with a 10-Year Protection against fungal decay and insect infestation
  • Each post has an extra brace at the bottom for added stability and structural durability
  • High-quality thick timber pergola construction to withstand adverse weather conditions like rain and windstorms etc.
  • 140mm x 45mm roof framework supported by thick posts for a robust structure


  • Relatively expensive compared to the other robust structures available at a lesser price

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  • Aluminium and steel construction with grey-powder coating for durability and stylish appeal
  • 110 mm triangular corner posts sturdily support a grey polycarbonate roof frame
  • Solid grey-coloured curtains with matching nets keep dust, mosquitoes and flying insects at bay while offering privacy
  • The smoky grey roof has a royal appeal while offering great water and wind resistance


  • The structure is too big and heavy to be assembled by one person. Requires two or more people to set it up
  • The assembly of the frame itself requires about 6 hours
  • Securing the gazebo to the ground requires additional support that is not provided

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  • Easy pop up gazebo to take down. No assembly required
  • A temporary shelter from the sun, rain and other environmental elements
  • Gives the option to remove or add walls for added comfort
  • Easy to carry as it can be packed down and carried in a case. You can take it to outdoor picnics or set it up on any flat surface over a portable tub
  • Offers handy pockets for storing your valuables and small bathing accessories
  • Comes with a carry case 


  • It might not offer the same wind resistance as it claims

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Hot Tub Gazebos Buying Guide

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gazebo

A number of factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding what may be the best hot tub gazebo for your backyard or patio. Some of those factors have been elaborated on below.

Structure and type

Hot tub enclosures come in varying types depending on the frequency of your hot tub use, the surrounding space in your backyard, the design of your patio, privacy, and the amount of sunlight that you prefer to endure during the day time. 

If you use your hot tub occasionally, the best hot tub pergola structure that you can go for is the pop-up structure. However, for long-term use, you may want to consider building a permanent structure using treated wood for the construction. This type of wood is known to resist water and brace better against the impact of any weather. 

Some people choose PVC-coated material for their hot tub enclosure but this choice of material is most suitable for rainy areas. This is as a PVC roof rolls off water droplets easily and it also doesn’t absorb water. 

Architectural elements 

You can’t just put any type of structure over your hot tub. If you are keen on the aesthetic of your outdoor space, you should carefully look for a good match for your hot tub. 

If your outdoor space is decorated with patio accessories, your hot tub pergola design must also complement your outdoor décor. Your decision to get a pergola must also include temporary seasonal factors in order to get the best enclosure for your hot tub.

Privacy from prying eyes

If you are the kind of person who likes to have a quiet time in a hot tub with zero intrusions from anyone around you, it’s best to go for a pergola that ensures maximum privacy

An end-to-end enclosure also keeps prying eyes and street noise from interrupting your comfort and ruining your experience. 

You can use either solid panels between your hot tub and the exposed space or go for shades or drapes that can give you privacy while also allowing air to pass through. 

Types of Hot Tub Enclosure

Pergolas come in various designs and types, giving you a wide number of options to add a great look to your outdoor space. Some of the best hot tub pergolas include a retractable canvas shade, geometric screens or etched roof screens. 

While the main function of a pergola is to give you a roof over your spa or hot tub, some pergolas come with added value and comfort options. For example, the rectractable roof pergola is extremely popular in certain parts of the UK.

For example, you can add seating and storage around the structure so then you can relax and dry yourself while being comfortably seated and have everything you need within easy reach.

The most popular material choices for wooden pergolas are redwood, oak, cypress, and teak. These structures are built to offer maximum protection from the sun and rainwater.

Hot Tub Gazebo FAQs

What should you look for in a great hot tub enclosure?

In a nutshell, a hot tub enclosure should be well designed for easy access, a waterproof wood or aluminium surface, and good insulation.

If you want to make sure that your hot tub enclosure is well insulated, you should look for a ‘thermal mirror’ surface insulation system. If you prefer an aluminium frame, make sure it has complete coverage on top.

Complete coverage will protect heat from escaping from the sides and roof of your enclosure. Low-cost materials like vinyl can let some cold air flow right into the middle of your hot tub, which we don’t recommend!

Lastly, look out for products with UV protection so the sun won’t cause discoloration or deterioration of any coating.

What is a Pergola?

hot tub pergola

Pergola is a large canopy built on a framework consisting of vertical wooden posts and an open-lattice roof.

They are decorative structures that not only offer distinctive architectural value to your outdoor space but also clever functionality with the aim of adding privacy around your hot tub without compromising the look and appeal of your backyard.

Thus a pergola as a hot tub shelter can help to add enormous aesthetic value not only to your hot tub but also to your outdoor space. The wide range of designs is tailor-made to suit any backyard or patio setting. You can choose from rustic pergolas with stone details or even ones with silky drapes that cover the hot tub in an exotic and elegant way. 

Hot tub gazebos come in various types and shapes, you have retractable roof pergolas and aluminium pergolas. So choosing the one that is best depends largely on your taste, preference, and the design of your backyard or patio. 

Since a pergola is pretty much like a gazebo, choosing which one is best for you isn’t rocket science. However, a few considerations should always be taken into account in order to get the best value and product to enhance your hot tub experience. 

Why choose a pergola as hot tub enclosures? 

When you need a little shade, but not too much, it’s time to pick up your pergola. Not only does this offer the perfect amount of sun coverage for both chilling in and being out on hot summer days; with privacy options available as well! Add that finishing touch to make any house complete!

Well there are many reasons such as keeping away from sunlight which can be harmful or just getting some relief if you don’t have air conditioning at home; also adding an aesthetic value because most homeowners love having their homes look nice so by putting one where ever needed will do the job.