Halloween Gazebos: How To Spook Out Your Garden Gazebo

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I love Halloween for two reasons: because it is always fun for the kids, and decorating indoors and outdoors is so much fun. Luckily for you, I enjoy hanging scary lights and curtains to my gazebo.

Also, I love doing a lot of art and craft and shopping for those things gives me a ton of ideas. That’s why I have organised five ideas that will get you and your gazebo in the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween Lights Ideas For Your Gazebo

Lights is an excellent way to add a scary atmosphere to your gazebo on October 31st. They create the perfect contrast between the dark theme of the holiday, and it looks brilliant.

For people to see your Halloween decoration, you need a lighting source. The Preup outdoor lights are very versatile, and it’s a magnificent way to brighten up your outdoors and gazebo.

Depending on the size of your gazebo you may need at least two bundles as one comprises 15 bulbs but overall a quality light.

Halloween Lantern Sets &Pumpkin Lantern Light Battery Operated

Halloween Gazebos: How To Spook Out Your Garden Gazebo 1

What is Halloween without a scary pumpkin? This smiling pumpkin set comes with twenty pieces of paper lights. Hang this around the roof of your gazebo to add extra lights for a scary feel.

Simpdecor Pumpkin Lantern is a very detailed, long-lasting and full of lights. It features mercury glass; the shape is like a pumpkin and will light up your gazebo with 10 LEDs.

Skelton Set For Halloween

Skeleton is the perfect decoration for Halloween and is a brilliant way to give your outdoor a creepy look. The thin white appearance will spook all of your guests.

The Ilovefancydress skeleton is a very versatile decoration you can add a few around your yard and gazebo. The full set includes a skull, leg bones, hand bones and more.

One great thing about this decor is all the bones are connected so you can hang by a door or your car, to scare anyone who is entering your home for Halloween.

Halloween Spider Web Cotton Decorations

Halloween Gazebos: How To Spook Out Your Garden Gazebo 2

Spider web will give everybody the creeps when you hang a few in the corner of your gazebo. This makes spider web decorations the perfect choice for your gazebo on October the 31st.

Miuline has an extra-large web, it is durable, reusable and goes with every Halloween theme. Add a dose of creepiness along your gazebo sides or the roof. The web itself is white, and it accessorized with black spiders.

Giant Hairy Spider with Light Up Eyes will give your guest a fright for Halloween. It has huge 40-inch legs with light-up eyes and is a perfect addition to a dimly lighted gazebo. You can also combine it with the spider web I mention above for a completed look.

Zombie Halloween Gnome

Halloween Gazebos: How To Spook Out Your Garden Gazebo 3

Decorate around your gazebo with zombie gnomes and give your guest a huge fright. The undead gives your collections of decor that added scare and make your guest feel like it is grabbing their foot.

The design Toscane Zombie is 29 x 20.5 x 26.5 cm has one eye closed and wide eye expression. With blood soak teeth, green shirt and long white beard.

Add creepy hands by Design Toscano near to your gazebo, I could not resist adding this to my list. I love the arms wriggling out of the ground to give your guest a zombie-fy time.

Ghost To Decorate Your Gazebo

Ghost is a classic Halloween decoration and has been around for many years. So if you will scare your friends this Halloween, add a ghost to your gazebo.

Yes, you can hang the Willkey ghost in your gazebo. It will create a real impression with guests and friends. Make sure it is under the roof of your gazebo because you want to keep it out of the elements.


Halloween can be expensive but not for us- grab some of your old decorations and add some cheaper new Halloween decor and scare all your guests every time they pass near your gazebo.

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