4 Best Gazebo Weights (For Legs)

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If in a hurry, we would recommend the Industrial Grade AbcCanopy Gazebo Weights they are the best in their price range and are very good value.

Best Gazebo Leg Weights

There are 3 main types of gazebo weights. Cast iron, sand bags and fillable plastic leg weights.

These weights can anchor down your gazebo and prevent it from blowing away.

Our product recommendations below will cater for all thicknesses and shapes of frame legs.

So, there should be one to suit you.

Meaning your search for decent gazebo leg weights is finally over. 

Types of Gazebo Weights

best gazebo weights

Gazebo Leg Weights Compared

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Let’s get stuck into the individual product reviews. And rest assured we’ve tested all gazebo weights on this list.

Gazebo Leg Weights
Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

1. ABCCANOPY Gazebo Leg Weights – Best Overall 

The advantage of this type of gazebo weight is the leg strap. It uses Velcro to attach to virtually any size of frame leg (15 to 50mm). 

Pro tip: Don’t use sand, dirt or stones. Instead, fill water bottles up with sand or water. 

To do this, I suggest in the days and weeks leading up to your event to save any pop bottles that you may use.  Ideally, you’ll need 4 bottles and the very large 4 litre Coca-Cola bottles will fit perfectly into the bags.

This tip makes filling the weight bags much easier and tidier and will add a maximum weight of 16kgs or thereabouts, as generally speaking you are talking 1kg per 1 litre of fluid. Sand bags are commonly used on event shelters.


  • Can anchor down a gazebo on any surface
  • Can add 16kg+ when filled
  • Can be used on gazebos with sides


  • Not always available due to high demand

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4 Best Gazebo Weights (For Legs) 1
Overall rating :  4.3 / 5

2. Airwave Gazebo Leg Weights – Best Plastic 

The Airwave plastic leg gazebo weights are ideal to fix around your pop up gazebos. Please make note that these have been designed to secure shelters with a max pole diameter of 25mm. They can even be used for your banana parasol bases and come as a set of 4.

They are ideal to give your gazebo that extra strength and stability in breezy weather. Also, they can be filled with water or sand.

Once filled you can expect each to weigh approximately 8kgs (water) and 11 kgs (sand).

If you are particularly concerned about anchoring your gazebo, you may also want to consider combining use of these weights with gazebo wind bars.

Pro tip: We recommend filling with water. It’s so much easier to pour away after use. And better for the environment (win-win).

Pro pro tip: When filled with water, add some washing up liquid. This avoids a stale water and plastic smell when emptying.


  • Ideal for hard or soft surfaces
  • Very easy to fill & empty
  • Can add between 8 & 11kgs when filled
  • When filled with water it’s very easy to dispose of and store these gazebo weights for next year


  • Makes connecting sides awkward at times
  • Bigger than looks in image, some may not find aesthetically pleasing
4 Best Gazebo Weights (For Legs) 2
Overall rating :  4.9 / 5

3. Cast Iron Weighted Feet Gazebo Weights – Best Commercial Grade

The tagline for the product is “More Strength, Rapid Anchorage, Faster Set Up!” and that sums these gazebo weights up better than I ever could.

Boy are these heavy duty. These will give your gazebo extra stability instantaneously. They are particularly good for weighing down barbeque gazebos.

Check Latest Price

Please note the dimensions. They fits legs hexagonal or square and diameters 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.

If you’re in a windy part of Britain, spend the extra and get these for peace of mind.

Pro tip: They are stackable. If you’re particularly concerned, invest in more quantity for more anchoring.


  • Ideal for hard or soft surfaces
  • Will add up to 52kg of weight
  • Well made and easy to connect


  • Difficult to transport (don’t put your back out)


How much weight do you need to secure a gazebo?

This depends on the weight of your gazebo. This will likely be determined by the size and the material. It’s possible to find out the weight of a gazebo from a store if you have any nearby, alternatively, message the manufacturer online. Let us know if you want help with this, we have good relations with most manufacturers in this industry.

Otherwise, it should be at least 2-5kg per square foot for most materials, with 7kg per square foot being a conservative estimate for an average metal frame with vinyl surfaces and 5-15kg per square foot for cedar.

Ultimately, you want to be adding at least 30kg of gazebo weights to your gazebo in order to secure it. We recommend 50kg.

How do you strengthen a pop up gazebo?

A pop up gazebo is designed for quick assembly that can used infrequently. It is not intended to be a permanent fixture, and will fall apart after repeated use and take down if enough stress is put on it. A few ways to reinforce the frame are with wooden stakes driven into the ground around it, or heavier ropes tied securely through eyeholes that connect to each leg of the frame from 6-8 points on each side.

Wrap Up & Discussion

We hope our guide has helped you make an informed purchase of gazebo leg weights. They are, no doubt, the most effective ways to protect your gazebo from the wind but there are other methods.

Now we’d like to turn it over to you:

What was your favourite tip from this guide?

Or maybe you have a suggestion for gazebo weights or a question to ask?

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