Gazebo Weights – 3 Types of Leg Weights for Gazebos

Firstly, there are 3 main types of leg weights for gazebos that can anchor down your pop up and prevent your gazebo from blowing away.

My product reviews below will cater for all thicknesses and shapes of frame legs.  Therefore, there should be one to suit your gazebo meaning your search for a decent leg weight is over.

Choose your preferred type of weight below.

Airwave Gazebo Leg Weights

These Airwave Gazebo leg weights are plastic leg weights that can be attached by fixing them around the bottom of the legs of your gazebo.

This set of leg weights are incredibly easy to fill and connect to your gazebo legs and they’re suitable for the Airwave Gazebo as well as many other brands of gazebos.

You can buy them in sets of 4 and they are ideal to use on any of the range of Airwave gazebos or a pop up gazebo with a maximum leg diameter of 30mm.

Airwave Leg Weights x4

This set of plastic leg weights are available from the manufacturer of the very popular Airwave gazebo range.

So you can fully expect that they know their stuff…

They are particularly ideal to give your gazebo extra strength and stability in breezy weather.

These screw on weights are plastic containers that can be filled with either water or sand.  Should you decide to fill with water then you can expect each weight to weigh 8kgs each or alternatively, if you fill with sand then you can expect 11kgs per weight.

Personally, I find it much easier to use water as its much simpler to just pour it away after use.

The extra weight they provide helps to anchor your gazebo down and prevent it from lifting into the air, whilst also ensuring that the legs cannot shift side to side, helping to prevent buckling or snapping of the frame.

Pros’ & Con’s

  • Ideal for hard or soft surfaces
  • Very easy to fill & empty
  • No tools required to build
  • Well made
  • Heavy duty
  • Can add between 8 & 11kgs when filled

  • Makes connecting sides awkward
  • Bigger than looks in image

My Advice

These weights are very easy to use which makes them a great addition as a gazebo accessory.  They ensure that you can use your gazebo in poorer weather conditions by making it much more sturdy and robust.

I double checked whether they could be used for any of the Airwave gazebo range and it was confirmed yes by one of their representatives.

Clarification of suitability

Just for clarification, the range of Airwave gazebos include the following sizes;

  • 2x2m
  • 2.5mx2.5m
  • 3x3m
  • 3x3m no sides
  • 4.5x3m
  • 6x3m
  • and bigger…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t own an Airwave gazebo as they will still fit your gazebo as long as the maximum width of the frame leg is no more than 30mm.

Reasons to Buy

No damage to the surface…

Quite often when looking for extra sturdiness, people will attempt to drill holes into their decking or patio to anchor down their gazebo.  Well, there’s no need now, you can leave your surface intact.

Easy to use

These leg weights are simply clamped onto the legs of the frame and fastened together with a screw that pulls both sides of the weight together and easily tightened with a plastic head.

No tools are required to assemble this product together.

Easy to fill

The weights have a clip on top to enable easy filling of the container.  The clip fits tightly to ensure no leaking of whatever you filled the weight with.

When I filled my set of weights I added a little bit of washing up liquid at the end just to stop the water spoiling and giving off a stale plastic smell when the clip was next opened.

Alternatively, if you fill with sand it will add an extra 11kgs per weight

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All Seasons Leg Weight Bags

All Seasons Leg Weights Bags x4

Sometimes it can be a little awkward deciding what type of weight to use to anchor down your gazebo.  However, do not worry anymore… These leg weight bags will suit any shaped frame leg as you attach them via the velcro straps, so worry no more…

This set of leg weight bags are made by the gazebo manufacturer, All Seasons.

That doesn’t mean that you can only use them on All Season’s gazebos.

These weights can be used on virtually any gazebo on the market where you have the room to wrap the velcro around the legs.

You don’t even have to buy any sand or dig up any dirt as I’ve got a great trick that will save you money and prevent you getting dirty.

Check the ‘My Top Tip’ section below

Pros’ & Con’s

  • Can anchor down a gazebo on any surface
  • Simple to fill & empty
  • Strong & durable
  • Lightweight and good quality
  • Can be used on gazebos with sides
  • Can add 16kg+ when filled

  • Velcro is white

My Advice

These All Season’s leg weights are a fantastic but simple set of weight bags that are ideal for to stabilising your gazebo.

They are easily wrapped around your gazebo legs with the attached velcro straps and then can be filled with either sand, dirt, stones or water (see below re water).

My Top Tip

To make filling your weight bags easier here’s my top tip.  Do not use sand, dirt or stones, use bottles filled with water or pop…

To do this, I suggest in the days and weeks leading up to your event to save any pop bottles that you may use.  Ideally, you’ll need 4 bottles and the very large 4 litre Coca-Cola bottles will fit perfectly into the bags.

This tip makes filling the weight bags much easier and tidier and will add a maximum weight of 16kgs or thereabouts, as generally speaking you are talking 1kg per 1 litre of fluid.

Reasons to Buy

Very Simple To Use

Once purchased they arrive as a set of 4 bags with velcro attached that just need materials placing inside.  That’s it, then you’re ready to go.

If you follow my advice and use large pop bottles it makes everything so much cleaner, tidier and more professional looking.


Once you’ve used them just take the bottles out and they are ready to use again on your next trip.  If they do get dirty you can wash them on a 30 degrees wash in the washing machine, then hang out to dry.

Easy to fill

I’ve mentioned that I prefer to use water bottles to add extra stability but you can use sand, dirt or stones or even bricks if you can get them in.

However, be careful as using sharp objects may tear the bag, that’s why I recommend the bottle technique.

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Cast Iron Weighted Feet – Screw on Footplate

First of all, boy are these heavy duty…  These foot plates are especially ideal for hexagonal or square leg gazebos with a diameter of 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm.

Here’s more about them below

Cast Iron Weighted Feet by Crocodile Trading
When these get delivered to your door I really hope your postman or woman have had 3 shredded wheat…

They’ll be literally carrying 52kgs of cast iron…lol

Once they are attached to your gazebo they will offer more strength and resistance against bad weather than any of the above leg weights.

However, as also mentioned, they are not as practical as the other weights.

With them being very heavy means they are also difficult to lift and transport unless you have something special up your sleeve…

Here’s a quick guide on how many weights you’ll need

4 Weights = Any gazebo up to 3x3m

4 Weights = 4.5 x 3m gazebo

6 Weights = 6m x 3m gazebo

Don’t forget though...  You can buy more and stack them on top of each other for added stability and strength of your gazebo

The extra weight they provide helps to anchor your gazebo down and prevent it from lifting into the air, whilst also ensuring that the legs cannot shift side to side, helping to prevent buckling or snapping of the frame.

Pros’ & Con’s

  • Ideal for hard or soft surfaces
  • Extremely Heavy Duty
  • Very Durable & Long Lasting
  • Easy to Connect
  • Well Made
  • Suitable for many types of gazebo
  • Will add up to 52kg of weight

  • Difficult to transport

My Advice

If you require extra strength that is not possible with either of the first 2 types of gazebo weights then I would recommend buying these Crocodile Trading leg weights.

Don’t forget to check that your gazebo legs fit the requirements of between 30mm to 50mm before you purchase them.

Another tip, although it’s more common sense than anything else is please don’t buy these for a cheap gazebo as you’re wasting your time.

These weights stop your gazebo shifting side to side and from taking off…  They will not make a cheap gazebo into a decent one!

Reasons to Buy

I’ve pretty much summed these cast iron weights up.  If you need to add a ridiculous amount of extra stability to your gazebo and you have a way of easily transporting them around then don’t hesitate in buying these plates.

If you’re still undecided just read the above info again as basically, I can’t add anything else to this section.

If you do need more info, click on the button below to view on Amazon.

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