Gazebo Spare Parts: Where To Find Them

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If you want to give your backyard an upgrade a gazebo is a great way to start. It’s the perfect place to entertain guests outdoors, relax, and even do some yoga.

Finding pop-up gazebos spare parts are one of the hardest things you can do. Most of the time, I’ll throw in the towel and buy a new pop-up, this is my third gazebo in ten years. So, I understand the struggle! When a gazebo is broken, it’s hard to fix. However, some spare parts come in handy for just this.

I will start by introducing you to some replacements for the most popular gazebos in the UK:

All Seasons Spare Parts And Replacements

Unbeatableoffers Replacement Metal Leg– This is a replacement leg for a 3x3m gazebos. It’s of high quality, and you can use this part for any brand of gazebos, you can strip this leg in the original fitting with ease.

unbeatableoffers Double Cross Bar 78.5cm– If the wind has messed up your crossbar, then this is an excellent crossbar replacement. Works best on a 2.4m pop-up, the frame is sturdy and can withstand any conditions.

All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 6m Gazebo Frame– This steel frame is expensive, however, if you don’t want to buy a new pop-up and your frame is damage then, this is a perfect choice. The frame is waterproof and has three height settings and rust-resistant.

AirWave Spare Parts and Replacements


AirWave 3×3 Pop Up Gazebo Replacement Feet– Made by the same manufactures of your Airwave gazebo, it’s the perfect replacement for your pop-up if the wind has destroyed your gazebo feet. Some customers claim that it’s better than the original fitting.

AirWave 3×3 Gazebo Replacement Center Roof Moulding– If the wind has destroyed your center molding, then this the perfect replacement. It’s a bit expensive for a plastic piece but it better than buying a new pop-up.

AirWave WindBar Replacement End Clips- A windbar is an essential part of the gazebo. It protects your pop-up from being blown away from the wind. This spare part replaces any broken end chip, and these chips get the job done.

Airwave gazebo replacement canopy– Depending on the size of your gazebo, you can buy a universal canopy like the Nischi cover replacement. Customers are satisfied with their purchase and say it can withstand the elements.

Also, the Primrose Garden Gazebo Replacement Roof Canopy fits a 3m x 6m gazebo. It features 500 deniers and sealed tapered with excellent protection from the rain. The velcro attachments of the canopy offers a secure fit for your gazebo frame.

Outsunny Replacement Parts

Outsunny Canopy Replacement Roof 3×3- The replacement canopy roof is waterproof and has velcro straps to snap to your metal frame with ease. It’s from the same manufacturer, so it’s of excellent quality. The Outsunny roof is made from high-quality polyester cloth and has a unique design for roof ventilation.

Outsunny Side Panel Replacements 3m– This side panel has velcro straps for secure attachments and water-resistant. It doesn’t have to be a replacement since some pop-ups don’t come with a side panel, making it a great addition to your gazebo.

Greenbay Gazebo Replacement Parts

A Green Bay Mosquito Net– A mosquito net is an addition, not necessarily a replacement, but I recommend that you buy a net to protect your family from those pesky flies. The Green Bay mosquito net is strong and sturdy and can withstand any condition.

Pop-up Gazebo Crossbars

A crossbar supports your gazebo so it can stay erected during heavy wind and rain. If your crossbar sustains any damage, then it is time to replace it. As I mentioned above, the Unbeatable Double Cross Bar is a great option.

However, if you can’t access this brand, the Crazy Offers is an excellent alternative. You would only need this crossbar spare if you owned a 3x3m gazebo, so pay attention to these minor details.

Spare Parts For Gazebo Frames

A frame props up your gazebo and keeps it steady. Frames are a critical part of your pop-up, and without it, your gazebo is no longer useful. Like a plastic sliding bracket connects to the crossbar and slides up to the leg when your pop-up is erected. You can find them here.

I buy my All Season 3x3m pop-up gazebo spare parts at, but you can buy yours at any store that is convenient for you.

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