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Last Updated On: April 20th, 2019

If you’re looking for gazebo lights then you’re in the right place.

Our experts spent 14 hours testing and curating this list of the best lighting for gazebos.

Let’s get into it..

First up for review is the Copper Wire String Lights by Lighting EVER.  First of all, we’ll give you a quick overview of this product, a list of features and then get into the scrutiny afterwards.

What are these String Gazebo Lights?

Gazebo lights copper

These string lights are a very bright indoor or outdoor lighting option.

They measure 10 metres in length and in total have 100 very small lights that actually emit lots of light that can easily illuminate a very dark area of your home, garden or structure.

The copper wire ensures that these lights can be easily wrapped around beams and structures that you want to light up.

Another benefit of the copper wiring is that when wrapping or tieing your string lights up the lights can be attached and twisted very securely as the copper is tough and once twisted will not unwrap or unravel itself.



Main Features
Gazebo Lights - Best Lighting for Gazebos 1Gazebo Lights - Best Lighting for Gazebos 2
  • Waterproof – This set of string lights can be used outdoors due to the IP65 level of waterproofing.  Technically speaking, the copper wire can withstand a powerful jet of water and is dust tight.
  • Safe & Secure – The low current and enameled copper ensure that the copper wire is insulated and will not overheat.  This means you can enjoy your event with peace of mind.
  • Easily Bendable – The copper string wire is very bendable which means when it comes to hanging or bending around structures it is very versatile and easy to adapt to most objects.
  • Instantly Ready To Use – The package is delivered ready to use.  All you need to do is attach the plug to the connector on the lights section and you’re good to go.  It literally takes 10 seconds….
  • Ideal for Indoors & Outdoors


The Lighting Forever string lights are a very bright, mains powered copper string light and are a fantastic piece of equipment.  They can be used for a variety of purposes and as mentioned before, they are nice and bright, as well as being waterproof, 10 metres in length and extremely lightweight.

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Mains Powered String Lights – Lighting Forever

The first string light up for review is the mains powered copper string lights by Lighting Forever.  

Lighting Ever - 10 Metre String Lights

Why Did We Order This Light?

Quality, community reviews and the product is fit for purpose – lighting up a gazebo.

Lighting Ever Lights after unpacking

First Impressions on Assembling?

Fairy Starry String Lights after unpacking product

We’ll be perfectly honest.

We were expecting a thick rope/chord with larger bulbs on it…

But these are lightweight and awesome.

Were We Impressed?


Below is the video promised, it’s the first video.

And the lights in action..

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Buying gazebo lights or a new outdoor light doesn’t have to be difficult, however, with so many different to choose from it does get overwhelming at times!

Not anymore…..

We’ve reviewed what we believe to be the best outdoor lights available to buy.  We’ve also included several different kinds of outdoor lighting such as mains powered, solar powered, battery operated and lots more outdoor lighting

We’ve reviewed 3 products from every category of outdoor lighting.

Here goes…

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Outdoor Gazebo Lights – Mains Powered

Below are 3 mains powered lights that are fine to use to light up your gazebo or at least the area around your gazebo.

No.1 - Tomshine Mains Powered String Lights

tomshine outdoor string lights

What you will receive

  1. 1 x 25ft cable for lights
  2. 25 bulbs for the cable + 3 extra as spares (28 in total)
  3. User manual

You will receive everything you need to have a working set of lights therefore, it’s just a matter of connecting everything together and you’re set to go.

Features Include

  • Capability – These Tomshine string lights are more than capable of lighting up your gazebo or garden area leaving you to relax or party until late at night.  You also have 3 extra bulbs in case you break one or one goes out.
  • Water Resistant – This product comes with an IP44 rating and this means that it is ‘protected from water spray from any direction’.  Therefore, this means that they can resist rain but would not recommend leaving them outside permanently.
  • Size – With 25ft of lights you really can cover a large area and with the possibility of buying a further 2 extensions to cover a much larger area.  I would certainly recommend buying the extension cable for this product too.
  • Easy To Hang – Every bulb has a clip attached to it which means that these lights really are very easy to hang up.  This simple feature is not always available from other brands.
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