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If you’re looking for gazebo lights then check out these real product reviews.

Product Review Guide

Believe it or not, I have bought every one of the lights reviewed below, therefore, all my reviews are honest and unique.

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Copper Wire String Lights

First up for review is the Copper Wire String Lights by Lighting EVER.

I’m going to talk you through all the features, what these lights can be used for and how easy it was to order and my delivery experience.

Here goes…

Main Features

  • Waterproof
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Very Easy To Hang
  • Cool To The Touch
  • Very Bright
  • Shock Resistant


Features Explained


The copper wire has an IP65 rating which means it can be immersed in water, hence meaning it is waterproof.

The power adapter and the connection area between the adapter and copper wire is IP44 which means that it can resist water exposure such as; drizzle and rain etc.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Due to its waterproofing, these lights can be used indoors and outdoors giving you lots more possible uses.

Safe & Secure

The low current and enameled copper ensure that the copper is well insulated and will not overheat.

This means you can enjoy your event with peace of mind.

Easily Bendable

This very versatile item can easily be bent, twisted, hung or draped on a wide range of objects and structures.

The copper wiring can easily be bent and adds a level of strength to the string lights when trying to wrap or shape round objects.

Ready To Use

It’s basically a case of plug and play…

Literally, on removing from the box you can have this set of string lights ready to use in just 10 seconds.

Best Uses

Ideal for:
  • Decorative purposes
  • Christmas trees
  • Around windows and doors
  • Decorate objects
  • Pathways
  • Hedges & Bushes
  • Ideal to help light up garden
  • Ideal to hang outside gazebo

Not suited to:
  • Solely to light up rooms

My Conclusion

These should not be used solely to light up a room.

However, I’m glad I purchased these lights as they can be used for decorative lighting or mood lighting.

10m string lights by lighting forever

They are a very handy accessory to have to hand.

Whether you decide to hang them around the outside of your gazebo, light up a pathway, twist them around a washing line, shape them around a bush or hedge, or hang around the edge of a window or Christmas tree.

The list of uses really does go on and on…..

At this price and versatility, you cannot afford to be without them.

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My Ordering Experience

When I placed my order it was the week of ‘Black Friday Sales’ and I thought I’d make the most of my Amazon Prime membership too.

Heres’ the details.

deliver details & order confirmation

As you can see, my order was placed on the 24.11.17, I received notification that my order would be delivered on the 27.11.17 and in fact, my product was delivered a day early.


Delivery of Product

The product arrived packaged with another item that I’d purchased that Thursday too and they both came in this Amazon box, as you can see below.

Amazon Delivery Box


The image above is the delivery box once I’d removed the contents.  The box and its contents were very well packaged and there was no damage on any of the boxes or to the contents of boxes.


Pros & Cons of Ordering on Amazon

  • Easy To Order
  • Nice Price
  • Delivered Before Due Date
  • Pleasant Driver
  • No Damage
  • Light Package
  • Well Packaged

  • Delivered @ 7 pm

** I wasn’t unhappy with the delivery time, it’s just that normally my products arrive much earlier in the day.  Also please bear in mind that deliveries can be attempted right up to 9 pm.


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Mains Powered String Lights – Lighting Forever

The first string light up for review is the mains powered copper string lights by Lighting Forever.  See what I unearthed and don’t forget I’m being 100% honest and this item was purchased using my own money….

Lighting Ever - 10 Metre String Lights


Why Did I Order This Light?

Well, I had to start somewhere, so why not a set of lights that were on offer due to Black friday.  There were also lots of positive comments on Amazon so I wanted to see just how true they were.

This is me holding the box below.

Lighting Ever Lights after unpacking

First Impressions on Assembling?

Fairy Starry String Lights after unpacking product

I’ll be perfectly honest.

I was expecting a thick rope/chord with larger bulbs on it….

But admittedly, I didn’t read the product description and it never promised the above.

The description is exactly what I’d received, so fair play to the supplier.

Was I Impressed?

I was kind of waiting for disappointment after expecting a bigger product but as you’ll see in the video further down,  they are actually surprisingly bright for such small lights.

Was I impressed? Yes,

Product In Action (Video)

Below is the video promised, it’s the first video I’ve made so go steady with the comments….

And then the big turn on….

Honestly, it was way smaller than I imagined BUT WAIT…

It wasn’t mis-sold, it was me not reading the product description.

Here’s a video of me unravelling it and plugging it in.


How Did The Lights Arrive?

Amazon Delivery Box

The lights came in the traditional Amazon box.

If you’ve ordered from Amazon before you’ll know exactly what I mean but for those that haven’t it was emblazoned with Amazon on it and about the size of a shoe box.

It also had Amazon Prime tape to seal it.

How Long Did Shipping Take?

The product came 1 day early and on a Sunday.

WOW, I’ve never had anything delivered on a Sunday but I was surprised and delighted and if I hadn’t of been at home it would have been left around the back in my designated, safe place.

The reason it came so fast is that I am a member of Amazon Prime.

If you don’t know what it is, basically, it’s a membership and for a subscription fee, you can get quicker delivery for a number of products that must qualify for prime.

Don’t worry you can sign up when your on Amazon if you’re interested or click the banner below.