Gazebo Care: The Do’s and Don’ts of gazebo ownership

Last Updated On: April 20th, 2019

damaged gazebo

First of all, we all know that our gazebos aren’t going to last forever, right?

What we do want though, is to make sure that it lasts longer, especially if you’ve bought an expensive one.

There are lots of simple measures you can take to ensure that your pop up canopy lasts longer than it’s supposed to.

Let’s go…

Do not leave outdoors permanently

I get emails all the time asking this question.  It’s one of those questions that actually really grates on me and here’s why.  Pop up shelters are meant to be temporary, hence the name.

See how quickly this one is built.

The reason that these types of instant covers were so popular in the 80’s and right through to 2018 is that of the simplicity of build.

The above video lasts just under 2 minutes and it’s easily built within that time.

So, why would you want to leave it up?

Because, normally, we just can’t be bothered, we’ll take the risk or we’ve had too much to drink.

That’s why and rant over!

It’s also tied into the next few reasons too.

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Sun damage

The sun causes damage in several ways but the main 2 reasons are;

  1. Colour bleaching / Fading
  2. Decreases waterproofing


Pretty self-explanatory really.

As with most things that are left in the sun, damage can occur.

Over time if you leave your pop up shelter in your garden after the event and subject it to the powerful rays of the sun, bleaching will occur.

sun bleaching

Bleached Hair by Sun

Decreases Waterproofing

Avoid leaving your gazebo set up in direct sunlight.

I know we don’t get loads during the spring to autumn months in the UK but we get enough to seriously reduce the longevity of your canopy’s waterproofing.

It’s the ultraviolet rays that do the damage, so even leaving it out for long periods when the sun isn’t blasting down will still fast-track the end of your gazebos ability to keep you dry.

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Find a cleared space to pitch

Everything may seem tidy and organised but double check where you’re going to pitch your gazebo.

clearing for pitching gazebo

Rocks & Branches

The material is tent-like and can be torn very easily and you need to make sure there are no small rocks, cones or branches/twigs laying around.

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Keep Pets Away (If possible)

I know this is easier said than done and it’s probably going to be the most disliked section of this post.  However, dogs can very easily damage your gazebo whilst playing.

You may have the most obedient dog there is (hasn’t every owner, cough…) but this can still happen to you and then you’ll be, Gazeboless…..


Jamie is the Founder and Editor of the Windproof Gazebos. He's had a lifelong love affair with outdoor furniture and a fascination with gazebos. He's been known to assemble gazebos (for good friends) just for the satisfaction and has a tendency to hurt himself while testing them out in the garden.

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