The Best Garden Swings for Adults

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If you like to spend time outdoors, a garden swing is a necessity. These highly functional pieces of furniture give you a spot to relax, whether you’re reading a good book, conversing with friends, or just unwinding.

The best garden swings for adults offer solid construction, unparalleled comfort, and good looks so you can enjoy them anywhere around your home.

Note: Also, you might find it strange that we had to distinguish “for adults” but garden swings are usually associated with kids play equipment.

Anyway, let’s dive in shall we? 

best garden swings for adults
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If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your garden, consider installing a tree swing. Tree swings provide a charming and engaging outdoor play experience for both adults and children, bringing back memories of simpler times.

The Best Garden Swings for Adults

Here’s our list of the best garden swings for adults. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy comfortable seating for all of your outdoor adventures.

Angel Living Swing Chairs,3 Seated Canopy Swing, Metal Hammock Swinging for Outdoor Garden Patio 169x110x152cm (Green)

Overall rating :  4.4 / 5

Angel Living 3-Seater Canopy Swing

This Angel Living 3-Seater Canopy Swing is on our list of the best garden swings for adults because it’s perfect for enjoying the great outdoors in comfort and style. With enough room for three adults (weight limit 240 kg), it offers comfortable seating for small gatherings and plenty for when you’re relaxing on your own.

The garden swing bench comes with an adjustable, UV-protective sun cover to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your skin, and it has a matching seat back and cushions.

You can choose from a variety of colours, from bright reds and yellows to more conservative options such as grey and khaki, making it simple to match the current look and feel of your outdoor space.

Made from polyester, the sun canopy and cushions are super easy to clean — saving you time and effort. And because the swing weighs just 19.5 kg, it’s light enough to move from place to place, even after assembly.

Key Features

  • Washable polyester canopy and cushions for easy maintenance
  • UV protective canopy keeps you safe from the sun
  • Adjustable shade cover so you can position it as you please


  • Measures 169 x 110 x 151 cm
  • Weight limit: 240 kg
  • Assembled weight: 19.5 kg

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Angel Living Swing Chairs,3 Seated Canopy Swing, Metal Hammock Swinging for Outdoor Garden Patio 169x110x152cm (Green)

Overall rating :  4.8 / 5

SORARA Luxury Garden Swing

The Sorara Luxury 3-Seater Swing Chair will bring just the right amount of classic flair to your garden, backyard, or pool. It features anti-slip, rubber-coated feet to keep the swing in place, even during enthusiastic use. Next, it has a steel frame with a weather-resistant powder coating that’ll keep rust at bay. The box includes all the tools you’ll need to put your new swing together — and the set-up process is a snap.

If you’re in the mood for a serious outdoor lounging session, the adjustable canopy is just what you need to keep comfortable as the sun makes its way across the sky.

The canopy and cushions are available in brown and black, just right if you’re looking for something classic and traditional. It even comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence that you’re spending your hard-earned money well.

Key Features

  • Anti-slip rubber-coated feet prevent movement during use
  • Adjustable sun canopy keeps you comfortable throughout the day
  • Water-resistant steel frame with applied powder coating for durability
  • Includes two-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Measures 195 x 125 x 180 cm
  • Assembled weight: 53.5 kg

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Outsunny 3 Seater Canopy Swing Chair Garden Rocking Bench Heavy Duty Patio Metal Seat w/Top Roof - Black

Overall rating :  4.3 / 5

Outsunny 3-Seater Canopy Swing Chair

Putting the Outsunny 3-Seater Canopy Swing Chair on our list of the best garden swings for adults was an easy decision — it hits all the high notes with sturdy construction, tons of room, and lots of fun colors. At 21 kg assembled, the swing is heavy enough to feel sturdy yet light enough for two people to move around easily.

You and two of your best friends can get close on the bench built for three, or you can grab a pillow, throw your feet up on the handy armrest, and treat yourself to a well-earned nap. It also comes with a slightly tilted padded backrest for maximum comfort.

The heavy-duty springs that ship standard with the swing ensure a notably smooth, relaxing motion. The cushions and sun cover are made of water-resistant polyester and come in a rainbow of colours, including green and coffee — there are even fun, multi-coloured striped options. The sun canopy offers UV protection so you can spend the entire day enjoying the great outdoors without having to worry about catching too many rays.

Key Features

  • Comfortable, slightly angled backrest ensures your comfort
  • Weather- and UV-resistant sun shield protects you when it’s sunny
  • Available in green, coffee, brown, grey, and more


  • Measures 172 x 110 x 152 cm
  • Weight limit: 200 kg
  • Assembled weight: 21 kg

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Furinno Porch Swing, Wood, Natural, one size

Overall rating :  4.1 / 5

Furinno Tioman Porch Swing

This gorgeous Furinno Tioman Porch Swing will make a lovely addition to any outdoor space. It features stunning meranti wood and has been treated with teak oil for greater colour depth and durability. Thanks to its natural materials, it easily blends among trees and grass, so you definitely won’t feel as if you have a gaudy piece of furniture creating an eyesore.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say it makes you feel as if you’re on a tropical island, but it definitely invokes feelings of calm nature. Best of all, the teak oil offers protection against water, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the swing in when it rains.

The swing’s two-seater bench is suspended by heavy-duty chains that are made to last — you can swing and sway without fear of shaking or annoying noises. The garden bench swing measures 160 cm wide and has a weight capacity of 156 kg, so there’s definitely enough room for two adults.

If you’re heading out on your own, bring a couple of pillows, and you can easily recline for a relaxing afternoon. As the swing weighs just 24 kg assembled, you also have the freedom to move it as you please.

Key Features

  • Beautiful dark red meranti wood offers a stunning look
  • Teak oil treatment for extra durability against water
  • Heavy-duty chains for solid, long-lasting support


  • Measures 160 x 165 x122 cm
  • Weight limit: 156 kg
  • Assembled weight: 24 kg

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SUNMER Swing 3 Seater With Detachable Canopy, Garden Swing Cushioned Seat, Waterproof Fabric, UV Protection, Made With Strong Powder Coated Steel Frame - Black

Overall rating :  4 / 5

SUNMER 3-Seater with Detachable Canopy

The Sumner 3-Seater with Detachable Canopy earns a place on our list of the best garden swings for adults specifically because of its detachable canopy. It’s one of the few swings on our roundup that allows you to completely remove the sunshade, making it perfect for enjoying those gorgeous sunsets. If a day in the sun is more your pleasure, you’ll be able to relax outside for hours without worrying about getting burnt — the adjustable sun guard offers plenty of UV protection. It’s even made of waterproof fabric to keep you nice and dry during those inevitable surprise summertime showers.

As the swing features a heavy-duty, alloy-steel A-frame, you’ll never have to worry about it feeling wobbly. It also comes with an all-important powder coating to limit rusting.

Its detachable foam cushion is both durable and comfortable. When you notice that the weather is about to take a nasty turn, you can quickly remove it for easy storage. 

Key Features

  • Adjustable and detachable canopy for customized use
  • Solid construction thanks to a steel A-frame
  • Removable cushions for easy cleaning and storage


  • Measures 170 x 115 x 155 cm
  • Weight limit: 200 kg
  • Assembled weight: 18 kg

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3 Seater Garden Swing Chair - Seat Hammock Swinging Metal Terrace Canopy Bench | Swing Chair Awning Glider 3-seater, Relaxing Outdoor Garden Furniture (Grey)

Overall rating :  4.3 / 5

BARGAINSGALORE 3-Seater Garden Swing Chair

The Bargainsgalore 3-Seater Garden Swing Chair is another strong contender for the best garden swing for adults — it offers a nice combination of style and functionality. If a traditional conservative look is what you’re after, this garden bench seat is the place to look. 

Its canopy and cushions are available in black and grey, two classic colours that are easy to incorporate into your outdoor space. Both the sunshade and the cushions are made from an attractive polyester Oxford cloth blend.

The swing’s overhead canopy tilts so you can protect yourself from the sun with just a quick adjustment. A ruffled sun guard and A-frame design give the swing a traditional feel. The swing is made of alloy steel, so you can count on it to offer years of dependable service. It’s also super easy to assemble, so you can have it up and running in no time..

Key Features

  • Alloy steel construction for years of use
  • Adjustable shade keeps the sun out of your eyes
  • Available in black or grey for a classic look


  • Measures 175 x 110 x 155 cm
  • Seat dimensions: 132 x 50 x 50 cm

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VonHaus Textoline Swing Seat with Canopy - 3 Person Garden Swing Chair with Sun Shade, 3 Seater Garden Swing, Swing Bench for 3 People - Canopy Garden Swing Seat for Outdoor Balcony, Patio & Terrace

Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

VonHaus Swing Seat with Canopy

This swing seat with canopy from VonHaus is on our list of the best garden swing chairs for adults because it offers a sleek, modern look. You’ll find plenty of straight lines on this swing, as well as a lovely slate color that’s as appropriate for a patio as it is nestled in the grass.

Unlike other swing chairs on this list, this one offers seating and backing made from textilene fabric. This gives the garden bench swing an airy, lightweight look and springy comfort. The fabric is also super easy to keep clean — just give it a quick wipe when you see dirt or debris.

The swing’s contemporary lines continue up its full length canopy, a curved sun shade that provides relief on those hot summer days. Its frame is made of heavy-duty steel with a powder coated finish that offers extra durability.

You’ll also find no-slip feet to keep you steady on hard surfaces. The swing offers seating for three people, so it’s perfect if you like to entertain or spend lots of time outdoors.

Key Features

  • Modern garden bench swing with canopy is perfect for year-round use
  • Textoline fabric is springy and easy to keep clean
  • Includes two-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Measures 177 x 122 x 155 cm
  • Assembled weight: 20 kg

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Choosing the Best Garden Swing for Adults

Thanks for making it this far! Are you ready to buy a garden swing?

Before you commit to anything, please take the following into account. Here are some of the things you need to consider to ensure you pick a swing that fits your needs and lifestyle.


By far, size is the most important element when shopping for a new garden swing. In terms of size, you’ll want to look at seating capacity and weight limit. Seating capacity refers to the number of people that can comfortably sit on the new garden bench swing.

Most swings are made for two or three adults, but if you’re a larger person, you may find that those swings marketed as three-seaters will work better as a two-seater in your household.

Along with seating capacity, you also need to take care to note the weight limit for any chair you purchase. Some chairs that claim to fit two adults may have a weight limit of as little as 90 kg, which means they’re actually better suited for children than adults.

In most cases, the best garden swings for adults will have weight limits that far exceed your needs, but you’ll want to double-check just in case.


Once you’ve decided on how many seats you’d like, it’s time to think about the style of swing you’ll invite into your garden. Bench-style swings are versatile because they allow you and others to sit as you please, with your feet on the ground, with legs crossed, or even with legs kicked up so you can take a bit of a nap. A little less common are garden swings that feature separate seating for each user. These types of swings may have padded or contoured seats and dividers that clearly define seating, making it difficult for you to sit in any way but with your feet facing forward. On the plus side, they do tend to be quite comfy, so if you don’t plan to nap outside, they’re a good option.

Beyond seating configuration, you also need to consider the overall style of garden swing. One of the most popular styles features a metal frame with cushioned seats and backrest. However, you can also choose from wooden swings, with and without cushions, as well as metal or wooden swings with fabric seating and backing. When deciding between the various styles, you’ll want to consider how much cushioning you prefer and how much work you might want to put into keeping things clean. For example, cushioned swings offer the most plush comfort, but they require regular cleaning to prevent dirt buildup. On the other hand, wood and fabric aren’t as soft, but they require far less maintenance.


Some garden swings offer features that improve their functionality and comfort. One of the most popular is a canopy. These integrated shades can typically move or tilt to ensure you always stay out of the sun. They’re a must-have if you plan to put your garden bench swing out in the garden where there is nothing else to shield you from UV rays.

Removable cushions are another valuable feature. As cushioned materials will naturally hold dirt, it’s extremely helpful to have the opportunity to remove them for easy cleaning. Having removable cushions also offers you the chance to make easy repairs or upgrades when needed.

Less common features include cup holders and trays, but they can definitely add value to your setup, especially if you like eating outdoors. Another feature to look for is a convertible swing — one that changes from bench to bed so that you can take a proper nap when the weather is perfect.

Garden Swings for Adults FAQs

Where can I put a garden swing bench?

You can put a garden swing bench anywhere you have the room and need for one. They’re typically found in back gardens, either on a patio or out in the grass. And because most of them are relatively lightweight, you can move them around your space as often as you’d like. But a small piece of advice: If you’re placing your swing away from the house, consider buying one with a canopy so that you’ll have protection from the sun’s harsh rays. 

Do I need to clean my garden swing?

The materials from which your garden swing is made will dictate how often you need to clean it. Those made with cushioned seats generally require more frequent cleaning as they’ll accumulate dirt faster. Depending on how your garden swing is made, you may be able to pull the cushions off and clean them with a hose and mild soap. Those swings made from wood, metal, and heavy fabric don’t generally need cleaning, unless they develop mildew, rust, or other stains.

How do I assemble a garden bench swing?

Your garden bench swing will come with assembly instructions. Most are pretty straight-forward and don’t require a lot of effort. Essentially, you’ll assemble your seating area (if needed), assemble your frame, attach the seating area to the frame, and then install your canopy, if included. Depending on the style you choose, you can expect to have your garden swing chair assembled and ready for use in about an hour, and the only tool you may need is a screwdriver or drill.

If you’re asking this question from a DIY, ‘from scratch’ perspective, then we salute you. In reward for your initiative, enjoy a DIY garden swing video from our friend April Wilkerson. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make one!

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