Blue Metal Gazebo by Deuba (Toscana)

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Blue Metal Gazebo by Deuba

When it comes to metal gazebos Deuba the company, really can walk the walk.

The metal framed outdoor gazebo is very sturdy and the dark blue colour really does compliment the shiny metal frame.

Read more about the Toscana from Deuba below

Key Features

  • Glamorous & Classy Look
  • Very Strong & Robust Frame
  • Has Air Vent & Side Walls
  • Can be Fully Enclosed
  • Can stay outdoors all year round

Deuba Metal Gazebo

Deuba Gazebo Tuscany Metal Frame 3.5m Side Walls Included Round Outdoor Sun Shade Canopy Awning Blue

As with most Deuba products, this outdoor metal gazebo is very well engineered with all the strength in the right places and then complemented with elegant blue curtains it’s a real show stopper.

The dimensions are 3.5m in diameter (which is 11 1/2 ft) which gives you plenty of covered floor space.

Whilst the total height is 2.74 metres (just under 9ft) and an entry height of 1.82 metres which is a little under 6ft which should be fine for most people to enter comfortably.

As with most outdoor gazebos that are kept permanently outdoors, it can be a bit tricky to build.

The awkwardness is mainly due to the heavy duty frame, 6 frame legs, and 12 roof struts but on the other hand It’s one of those ‘once it’s up it’s up’ scenarios, so I don’t really see it as a major issue.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy it.

What’s in the box?

You will receive:

  • Metal Frame
  • Blue Roof Canopy
  • Blue Side Panels / Curtains
  • Tent Pegs


Diameter:  3.5m

Total Height:  2.74m

Entry Height:  1.82m

Colours available

There is only 1 colour choice for this gazebo and it is blue.

Main Features

Strong & Sturdy

As with most gazebos that are expected to resist poor weather this gazebo is a hardy piece of equipment.  The holes in the legs mean it can be screwed down into decking if necessary or another hard surface which ensures further stability and sturdiness.

Detachable Curtains

The blue curtains look great when connected to the gazebo and can also closed should the weather become a little chillier.

Air Vent

A lot of gazebos don’t come with air vents but a benefit of having this feature ensures that in hot weather there is adequate ventilation to prevent overheating and also to provide fresh air to prevent smells lingering.

Can Screw To Decking

As mentioned in the first main featured section, this gazebo can be screwed downto further improve its strength and therefore increases the amount of potential uses for it due to its stability.

Ideal Uses

Normally, you’ve already decided what you’re going to use your new gazebo for but here’s a few ideas below.

  • Chilling in the garden
  • Entertaining friends
  • Hot tub gazebo
  • Outdoor pool cover
  • Children’s play area

In a nutshell

Deuba Gazebo Tuscany Metal Frame 3.5m Side Walls Included Round Outdoor Sun Shade Canopy Awning Blue

Another rather nice metal gazebo from Deuba that once again ticks virtually every box that needs ticking.

Strong, sturdy, can resist a short shower and provide privacy for your event whilst looking very classy and elegant, what else do you want or need?

Again, it’s another Deuba that isn’t easy to build but a quick call to a mate or a family member to give you a hand and it’ll be up in no time at all.

Don’t forget to unclip the curtains when the colder months start approaching to prevent them making noise flapping or being destroyed by very bad weather.

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