Coleman Event Shelter Review

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coleman event shelter reviewThere is no better setting for an event, barbeque or party than nature itself.

Being surrounded by the refreshing open air, freshly trimmed grass and plenty of plants and flowers make for a perfect backdrop for a relaxing and memorable evening outdoors.

Having a beautifully kept garden and not being able to enjoy it to its full extent is simply a shame.

That is why many of us outdoor enthusiasts love to have some form of outdoor shelter that allows us to sit back and relax in our own backyard or garden sheltered from nature’s elements.

This is where the Coleman Event Shelter comes in. For those of us who don’t want to spend an arm and leg constructing a gazebo, pergola, patio or even a ramada, this event shelter offers a convenient and inexpensive solution that allows one to spend more time enjoying nature while still having some creature comforts.

A Comprehensive Review of the Coleman Event Shelters

As a homeowner and a passionate gardener, I tend to spend most of my time outdoors tending to my vegetable garden, telling the kids to behave, mowing the lawn or working on some project or another in my backyard. To me, being outdoors is revitalising. It makes me feel alive and free.

I know it’s sad. Right? 🙂

Many of my friends who share a similar passion for gardening and being outdoors, in general, tend to feel the same way. That is why I decided to start Windproof Gazebos. It is a platform that aims to help all of us outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers spend more time doing what we love.

Anyway, let’s get into the actual event shelter review.

Coleman Gazebo Event Shelter Review

coleman event shelter

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Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

When it comes to event shelters, there are plenty of options available. But none are quite as popular as the Coleman Event Shelters. Not only is Coleman a reputed brand name in the outdoor niche, but the style, elegance and design of the shelter help to set it apart from the rest of the competition. Its curvy design is not just for show either. The shelter is engineered to easily withstand breezy conditions or even bad weather should it seek to spoil the fun.

This makes it one of the most “Windproof Gazebos” on the market. That curved design is great for deflecting the wind.

Of course, they are plenty of other options available out there that offer even greater protection from the elements but those types of shelters can often look ungainly in your yard or garden. After all, the whole point of being outside is to be exposed to nature and this event shelter does that with both style and practicality.


  • Easy to assemble – it takes no more than 15 minutes! (we timed it)
  • Offers sufficient protection from both the sun – SPF 50+ UV guard
  • Stylish, elegant design
  • Able to withstand strong windy conditions with ease
  • Fairly inexpensive (for the quality)
  • Large coverage size – 20.2m sq of UV protection


  • Isn’t 100% waterproof – it depends on the use case

Features & Benefits

So, what do you get with the Coleman Gazebo? The product comes in three different sizes depending on your need: Medium 10 ft (3m), Large 12 ft (3.65m) and Extra Large 15ft (4.5m).

Included in the box:

  • Steel powder coated poles
  • Heavy-duty polyester flysheet
  • Guy ropes and pegs
  • Storage side pockets
  • Velcro fastening tabs
  • Instruction guide
  • Webbing guylines
  • Carry bag

Optional Extras: The Coleman Gazebo also has customisable options that include adding groundsheets, sidewalls, doors, windows and more.

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Now that we’ve taken in the detailed review of the Coleman Gazebo Shelter, let’s take a look at the important things that you need to know before buying any type of event shelter.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Event Shelter

Hosting an outdoor event isn’t easy by any means.

Nature, as we all know, is unpredictable and thus no matter what outdoor event you are planning or where you are planning it, you are likely going to need some form of shelter to protect you and your guests from the sun, wind and even rainfall.

event shelter tips

Before you head out and buy an event shelter, there are certain things that you must consider. These include:

1. The number of people using the shelter

If you are planning on hosting an event with lots of people, you may want to consider investing in multiple event shelters so as to not be restricted by space. Knowing the number of people that will be using the shelter will help you get an idea of the size and quantity of shelters that you will need to accommodate them all comfortably.

2. The setting where the shelter is to be placed

This includes taking into account several things such as the type of ground the shelter is to be placed upon, the area or space available and whether the ground is level or not. Other factors also have to be considered such as climatic conditions and other environmental hazards (low hanging branches, wildlife, etc).

3. Convenience & Ease Of Use

If you intend on using your shelter for different purposes, it is always wise to invest in a product that is easy to put up and take down.

4. Weight, Dimensions & Material

You don’t want to be lugging around a shelter that weighs a ton and takes up a ton of space. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise by opting for flimsy materials either. Finding the right balance is the key.

5. Ventilation & Other Features

  • Does the shelter allow for enough airflow?
  • Does it offer adequate UV protection?
  • Can the frame take the wear and tear of being outdoors?

All of these features and more can also help lead you to make the right decision for your outdoor shelter needs. Every situation is different.

Why Buy The Coleman Over Other Gazebo Options?

The Coleman Gazebo stands out as certain features make it a suitable choice for most outdoor events, shows, festivals and camping. The shelter is extremely easy to set up and should take no more than 15 minutes to assemble and erect.

The frame is made from steel and powder coated in order to make it corrosion resistant. The canopy, on the other hand, is made from durable UV resistant polyester and is designed to offer protection against both sunlight and light rain.

coleman steel frameuv protection coleman

So far as ventilation is concerned, the gazebo has vents at the top of the shelter to allow hot air to escape. The vents on the top also act as a safety measure by preventing the tent from being blown over during high winds.

The gazebo’s large size also means that you get plenty of shade area (20.2m to be exact) and lots of room to store your essentials.

If you are looking for an affordable, durable and beautifully designed gazebo that is large enough to host a small outdoor gathering, then Coleman is definitely an option to consider. Not only is it a lot more convenient to set up than other traditional shelters, its ingenious design and features also make it a lot more practical and pleasing to the eye.

fire protection coleman

The final party piece of the Coleman Gazebo is its versatility. The shelter can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its large size, relatively lightweight and easy assembly make it the ideal outdoor gazebo to host picnics, BBQs, events, live shows, parties and so much more.

The shelter can be set up on pretty much any surface whether that be grass, sand, mud or even concrete. And that’s not all. The Coleman also offers plenty of customisation options with a range of accessories that will allow you to construct an outdoor shelter according to your needs.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

The Coleman Gazebo has had many positive reviews from customers all over the world. The product has an Amazon rating of 4.5 with many customers having given a 4-5 star rating for the product. The negative reviews found online are few and far between which is a testament to the product’s durability and value.

What Are The Alternatives?

If not the Coleman, what else? Luckily they are plenty of options out there for outdoor gazebos that may be better suited to your desired needs.

Take the AllSeasonsGazebos for example. This premium pop up gazebo has a more traditional design and comes with a heavy-duty canopy that is 100% waterproof and UV resistant. The gazebo also comes in five sizes and seventeen different colours to suit your garden decor.

Being a pop-up gazebo and a good quality one at that, it does not require any form of assembly or poles to click into place. After the initial assembly of the canopy, one simply has to fold and unfold the gazebo to the desired width and height before securing the structure using leg weights or tent pegs. However, being a pop-up gazebo, it is susceptible to damage from high winds and it is not suitable for being placed outdoors for extended periods of time.

If you are looking for a smaller gazebo that is lightweight and ideal for travel or camping, the Lumal and Outdoor Pop Up Gazebo might be a better alternative.

You can also check out the ABCCANOPY pop-up gazebo for a quick comparison. This shelter offers the option of an awning that helps to provide added shade and rain protection.

Event Shelter FAQ

How do you clean Coleman event shelters?

A Coleman Event Shelter should be disassembled and washed with soap and water. Remove all of the tent stakes to the point where they are entirely removed from hem of the fabric. Mix a small amount of dish detergent into hot water, then fill up that section of the basket until it is half to three-quarters full. It also depends on what type of cleaning you’re doing – for example, certain types of dirt can take an extra scrubbing with water, soap and baking soda or vinegar. Grease should be tackled by wiping it down before cleaning.

Ultimately, apply common sense. Don’t damage your event shelters unnecessarily! Got any other tips? Let us know!

What is a Coleman shelter?

Broadly speaking, Coleman shelters are tents with a zipper on the bottom, designed specifically for emergency scenarios. Like many other outdoor gear companies, Coleman has been making the same shelter design for decades making it possible to camp outside even after bad weather has arrived. It’s the UK after all!

Broadly speaking, Coleman shelters are tents with a zipper on the bottom, designed specifically for emergency scenarios. Like many other outdoor gear companies, Coleman has been making the same shelter design for decades making it possible to camp outside even after bad weather has arrived. It’s the UK after all!

coleman gazebo camping

For the history nerds, a Coleman shelter is one of the original designs for a survival shelter. Covers made from nylon, polyurethane, or PVC because they offer protection against cold and rain. They can be purchased online or found in many sporting-goods stores.

What is an event shelter for?

Simply put, an event shelter is for events. You might need an event shelter at a different time of year than you would need it at a different location.

For instance, if you live in the hot summer climate and your flood risk isn’t anywhere near your home, then an event shelter won’t really be necessary unless you plan on holding any type of outdoor party or hosting any long-term guests.

If you live in the Wintery climates, though, then an event shelter will be necessary to provide adequate protection against cold temperatures outside and potential hail damage.The best time to think about buying one is during the Springtime before potential weather conditions are here.

Our Verdict

Even though there are plenty of alternatives available, if what you need is a large-sized event shelter that is affordable, practical, durable, convenient to set up and able to withstand high winds and light rain while still looking elegant and classy, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Coleman Gazebo.

Let us know how you get on in your search for a decent event shelter. We love to hear from our readers.