Best Cheap Gazebo: 4 Low Priced Budget Shelters

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cheap gazebo

Generally speaking, people tend to regard cheap gazebos as poor quality.

We will attempt to dispel that myth by finding cheap shelters at the lowest prices (within reason). 

Our team were able to source and test 6 different brands from respective manufacturers or bought 2nd hand. 

Read on to find out what we determined as the best value cheap gazebos on the market.

4 Cheap Gazebo Recommendations (Comparison)

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cheap popup gazebo
Overall rating :  4.2 / 5

1. MCC Pop up Gazebos – Best Overall

This MCC Gazebo looks smart when it’s built and comes in a choice of 7 colours, subject to availability. We got the black model as it goes with most outdoor colour schemes.

As far as pop up gazebos or cheap event shelters go, this does the job. One thing to watch out for is erecting and placement of this gazebo in windy conditions. Here are some tips on how to secure your gazebo from the wind.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to build
  • Extremely good value


  • Won’t stand up to very windy conditions without suitable leg weights


If you’re planning on using it during the summer months and the weather forecast looks particularly nice then I’d definitely recommend you using this gazebo. It’s great for predictable and stable British summer weather.

It comes at a very low price and can provide pleasant shade whilst also having the ability to shelter when necessary. 

autobaba garden gazebo
Overall rating :  3.7 / 5

2. AutoBaBa Garden Gazebo Tent – Best Value

AutoBaBa is a strange sounding brand of pop up gazebos. Our guess is this is sourced from China and private labelled. But you’re here for the cheapest gazebo on the market and we hereby present you with the best value option.

We’ve bought and tested gazebos from supermarkets and bargain chains. This is a superior option because of it’s price and durability. 

We find this low rating slightly unfair. At this price range, lower your expectations with any sort of shelter, marquee or canopy. This is a cheap pop up gazebo with decent ratings.

At the time of writing, there are over 1,153 ratings giving this an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Easy assembly
  • Includes sides


  • Frame isn’t very sturdy
  • Tarpaulin is quite thin (have duct tape handy)


The AutoBaBa garden gazebo cannot be faulted for the price and is ideal for your garden, camping, BBQs and parties to provide you with a refuge from rain. Or provide a shelter.

Just don’t expect it to do much more than this. 

Redstone Outdoors 4 Sides Gazebo 3 x 3 Metre 2 Sides with Windows Garden Marquee
Overall rating :  3.4 / 5

3. Redstone 4 Sides Gazebo 

The Redstone 3x3m gazebo is a low priced gazebo that offers great value for money by having just as many features as many of the higher priced gazebos.

With this Redstone gazebo, you are buying a gazebo that can protect you from the odd shower whilst also able to offer protection from the sun.

It comes with everything you would normally expect from a gazebo including frame, sides, guy ropes and pegs, however, the only downside is the one colour choice.


  • Surprisingly strong (but don’t leave outdoors overnight without weights attached)
  • Easy assembly
  • Includes gazebo sides


  • Not built for very windy conditions
  • Reinforcement may be needed


This really is a decent gazebo for the price. I normally agree with the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’, however, this gazebo seems to offer that little bit more than could ever be expected.

To say you’re getting a shelter that comes with sides, pegs, guy ropes, and a carry bag, you really can’t go far wrong. It’s also really easy to connect together

Obviously, you must err on the side of caution when it comes to the type of weather you’re going to subject it to.  However, as long as the wind isn’t strong and the rain is light then you have a gazebo that should easily last 2 to 3 years.

cheap sun canopy

4. Kookaburra Shade Canopy (4 x 3m) 

If you’re thinking that 3m x 3m cheap gazebos generally have a bad reputation then you may be tempted by this.

This very versatile, strong and waterproof shade can be used for a wide variety of purposes whilst also the shape of it means it can go in even the smallest of gardens.

We would advise you to buy the Kookaburra sail shade if you’ve decided against a gazebo and want something as reliable and affordable. 


  • Effective UV and rain protection
  • Simple setup
  • Can be installed anywhere


  • Fixing kit will be required
  • No wind protection from sides


At this ridiculously low price, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s a shade sail that can stop you burning in the sun whilst also keep you dry.  You can also improve its effectiveness of keeping you dry by tilting the angle. Also, because there are no sides – it makes a decent BBQ canopy option.

By making the angle of the slope steeper then the run-off for the rain will be quicker and more effective. You will need a fixing kit.

Cheap Gazebo: Buying Guide & FAQs

How to build a gazebo cheap?

One of the best ways to build a gazebo on a budget is to buy a pop up gazebo. These can be erected in less than an hour by one individual and can be bought for less than £50. We do not recommend building your own gazebo unless you are an experienced builder. 

Video on How To Build a Gazebo Cheap (Step-By-Step)

Wrap Up

cheap gazebos

We hope you’ve taken something away from our buying guide to the cheapest pop up gazebos on the market. 

PS: If you’re willing to stretch your budget slightly further, we would highly recommend the Maximus Gazebo or the Gorilla Gazebo. These are both great value options which don’t compromise on quality.

If you have any comments or tips for our team – feel free to get in touch. We love hearing from our readers, especially about the best price gazebo they could find. We also love a bargain.