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Garden Parasols have always been a popular item in the UK but quite often they have to be bought as part of a patio set.

However, the free-standing Cantilever Parasol is growing in popularity and fast in 2018…

These adjustable free standing garden umbrellas ensure that being in the shade is a real possibility when the sun is blazing down.

We all know the risks of high exposure to the sun on our skin.

You can place them anywhere in the garden, take them on holiday or camping with you and also use them beside the pool.

Check out my 4 recommended parasols below with detailed review guides.

Cantilever Parasols with Base or Without

Below is a list of the varying sizes with reviews of outdoor umbrellas to help you decide which one to buy.

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Jarder Parasol Set

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Alice's Garden

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Jarder Roma 3M Parasol Set (Luxury Version)

About this Product
This Jarder Parasol set is my preferred choice when it comes to creating your own shaded area whether its in your garden or another location.

It is Jarder’s most expensive model but has some great features that similar types of garden parasol don’t.

For me, one of the best features is that once you’ve bought this item there is nothing else to buy (unlike other brands).

This makes things much easier and to be honest its a good feeling knowing that there are no hidden costs after buying it.

So What Will You Receive

Here’s what you’ll receive when you buy from Amazon.

  1. 3M Parasol Umbrella
  2. Heavy Duty Frame
  3. Base for Stability
  4. Canopy Cover
  5. Choice from 4 colours

What’s so good about it?

There are lots to like about this portable parasol but here are my 5 preferred features.

Easy to Build

These garden parasol sets can sometimes look a little daunting to build but that simply isn’t true.

The first time you build it will be your longest and after that, you’ll wonder why it took you so long the first time.

It literally takes me 2 minutes to set mine up now.

Will keep you dry

Raining in summer picture

Normally we buy our garden umbrellas to shade us but if you live in the UK like I do, then you know there will probably be a passing shower at some point.

Well, worry not…

The fabric is 250gsm which put simply weighs 250 grams per square metre.

To help you understand the standard of waterproofing, most decent waterproof pop up gazebos are around this level, so, even though you’ve not bought it to keep you dry, it will if required.

Sturdy Base

The fact that a base is included is a huge positive.

Quite often, for reasons I don’t understand, some companies supply the umbrella but without the base. CRAZY…

The base is quite simple, they’re 4 large separate pieces of plastic that form a slab that just slots over the feet of the stand. Once filled with water they weigh approximately 60kg and form a solid and excellent support for the umbrella (Important).

Fill them with water as its so much easier than trying to fill with sand and can simply be tipped away after use.

Easy To Adjust Shade

shade from sun

The umbrella is huge at 3m and can eliminate the sun for long periods.

The ability to easily adjust the canopy means that you can also follow the sun as it moves.

There is a foot pedal at the base of the frame so that you can simply press and the swivel the canopy to your desired position.

Superior Quality (Premium)

Everything about this Jarder parasol set screams out high quality.

Whether it’s the material used for the canopy, the excellent cover to protect the product when not in use or the aluminium pole that is the backbone of the garden shade.

The fact that this parasol has a higher price tag seems irrelevant because all the features it has far outweigh the extra cost of buying the product.

Technical Specs & Details

Parasol Max Height (260cms)

The maximum height of the parasol is 260cms which is 2.6 metres high therefore there is plenty of room for standing upright underneath (8.5 feet).

Base Details

The base is in 4 sections and each section measures 50cm x 50cm and is 7cm high.

Each section can be easily filled with water as there is a plug situated at the side of the base itself.

Each base when empty weighs just 2kgs but once filled with water they add a total of 60kgs which adds a huge amount of stability to this cantilever parasol.

The Cover

The quality of the cover is very important as this increases the longevity of the entire product.

The cover is 100% water resistant and has 8 eyelets and a chord included so once you’ve finished with it you can simply wrap it up until future use.

There are 2 air inlets or outlets if you want to call them that to help prevent moisture which will prevent mould growth.

There’s nothing worse than having to scrub the canopy before you use it next time.

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