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5 Best Wooden Pergolas


Even though they have their own downsides, wooden pergolas come with a number of advantages, which are good reasons to favour them. Generally, they cost less than aluminium pergolas, they are more resistant to wind damage, and they are easy to fix when damaged.

best wooden pergolas

Best Wooden Pergolas: Our Top 5 Picks

If you’re looking to buy a wooden pergola, this post is for you. Here, we review the five best wooden pergolas on the market — carefully handpicked based on durability, material quality, buyer reviews, design, manufacturer trust, price, and other important factors.

1. Sculpted Wooden Garden Pergola Kit

Sculpted Wooden Garden Pergola Kit - Exclusive Pergola Range - Largest on Amazon - Light Green or Rustic Brown Finish (3m x 3m 4 posts, Light Green (Natural))
17 Reviews
Sculpted Wooden Garden Pergola Kit - Exclusive Pergola Range - Largest on Amazon - Light Green or Rustic Brown Finish (3m x 3m 4 posts, Light Green (Natural))
  • Take your backyard from ordinary to amazing using the Arbor Garden Solutions Pergola - Arbour. Adding a pergola to your lawn turns an overlooked space into a wonderful outdoor room, and this unit brings a natural hint to the area.
  • Its four, 4'' x 4" (finish 90mm x 90mm) legs support the top and stays rigid using of six 2" x 6" main beams, the natural wood color enhances your landscaping easily also available in brown finish (Please see our other listings).
  • The redwood posts are supplied at 2.7m long to give the customer the option to concrete them into the ground, finishing the structure at 2.3m high, or the posts can be cut down to 2.3m for it to be a free-standing structure.

Starting off this list is an affordable wooden pergola that offers a fantastic experience of indoor comfort while living outside. The Sculpted Wooden Garden Pergola has a great design and the quality of the material is impressive. Its 4 x 4 inches legs support the top and are firmly held in place by six 2 x6 inches while its light green or rustic brown finish (depending on the one you choose) adds character to any area.

Thankfully, this pergola kit is easy to assemble and set up, all thanks to the detailed set of instructions that come with it, but you might need an extra pair of hands when it comes to the leg installation. You will also need a socket set and screwdriver to assemble this product but all the screws and bolts you will need come with the kit but you will need an extra screw for the diagonal supports as there’s only one screw hole and it might become loose when you put the pergola into its final position after building. Additionally, you can add a canopy to it if you wish to, plus you have no reason to worry about the longevity of this product as it is made from pressure-treated timber to give it maximum durability.

On a general note, this product looks good and has the sturdiness necessary to resist surprises the weather might bring. For the amazing quality that this item offers, it’s surprising that this pergola kit goes for a low price.


  • Easy to assemble and erect
  • Great wood quality
  • Available in two colours


  • Need two people for installation

2. Forest UPARTLHD Ultima Pergola Arch

Forest  UPARTLHD Ultima Pergola Arch, Large
47 Reviews
Forest UPARTLHD Ultima Pergola Arch, Large
  • The large ultima pergola arch provides a grand structure to frame a garden walk-way or entrance
  • Traditional roof batons create a sturdy structure
  • Width between posts is 218 cm

The Ultima Pergola Arch is perfect for creating a centrepiece for your garden as you can use it to divide your garden into different sections. They’re particularly useful for introducing height to your planting and are equally ideal for climbing plants, from roses to wisteria and clematis. Aesthetically, this pergola arch can help create a stunning garden entrance or walkway.

Since you will be using the Arch for your garden, the material has been pressure treated with anti-fungal preservative to give confidence that are durable and will not rot. In fact, you can expect the Arch to last for 15 years against rot and fungal decay. Each garden arch has an estimated time for installation of a few hours and you can do it all by yourself.

Going further, the pergola has a base dimension of 136 x 270 x 244.8cm while the contemporary straight lines are complemented by classic arched supports and lattice panels. It’s important to note that the items of the product are bulky and you will need to clear space in your garden in preparation for the delivery. Although the manufacturer states that the product is easy to assemble, it takes a couple of hours to set it up, even with two persons.

In all, this arch is an incredible pergola kit and it is supplied with 19 parts plus the screws as well as instructions. It comes unpainted, so you can personalise it and what weatherproof paint and style to use. It meets two critical needs: add extra beauty to your garden while also introducing height to your planting. A wooden pergola that’s this good at this price is a rarity and a truly beautiful opportunity.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • 15 year guarantee
  • Well designed


  • Not easy to install
  • No predrilled holes
  • Parts are sometimes incomplete

3. Rowlinson Square Top Arch

Rowlinson Square Top Arch
96 Reviews
Rowlinson Square Top Arch
  • trellis sides
  • presure treated
  • Natural timber finish

If you’re still looking for a great wooden pergola to buy, the Rowlinson Square Top Arch is another excellent option for you to consider. It is a fantastic addition to any garden and makes for an elegant sitting nook as well as screening an unwanted view. The flat oriental style roof plus square gives a beautiful perspective to any garden, creating a base for a dramatic display of roses or clematis or any other climber in your garden.

It also comes with a natural finishing that allows you to paint colour of your choice as well as pressure treatment against rot and fungal decay. The lattice sides are perfect for plant support. You can even use the arch to create a tunnel or walkway, build an archway between parts of the garden or simply add vertical height.

Coming to the installation, this is quite straightforward and you’re unlikely to experience any difficulty if you’ve handled a DIY project before. All necessary screws are included and there are clear instructions accompanied by step by step diagrams to help. It might help to drill pilot holes as it’s impossible to fix in the screw without doing so but all the joints are well prepared and should fit at the first attempt. An electric drill is heavily recommended.

Although the manufacturer advised that the wood has been treated, some users have complained of receiving their delivery all covered in bright green little blobs. If your purchase arrived that way, just coat them with fungicide and then give them two coats of teak oil.

Overall, it’s hard to not fall in love with the Rowlinson Square Top Arch as it’s sturdy and durable with a great design that makes it a gorgeous addition to any garden. Since it’s really heavy construction, it weighs tons and this means you will need two people to get it upright. You can also expect it to stand on its feet and remain unmoved for years even in windy conditions.


  • Very sturdy
  • Great design


  • Might arrive in green mould

4. VidaXL Arbour Rose Arch FSC Impregnated Wood Outdoor Patio Climbing Plant

vidaXL Arbour Rose Arch FSC Impregnated Wood Outdoor Patio Climbing Plant
152 Reviews
vidaXL Arbour Rose Arch FSC Impregnated Wood Outdoor Patio Climbing Plant
  • Material: Pinewood, green impregnated(FSC certified)
  • Rot-resistant
  • Dimensions: 150 x 50 x 200 cm (L x W x H)

This high-quality wooden arbour/rose arch brings extra elegance to any garden and is sure to become the focal point. It’s also ideal for roses and other climbing plants as it creates a stable base for them so you can have a beautiful seating area in summer. You can also use it to create a tunnel or an imposing entryway into your garden.

As per the quality of the wood, this Arch was made from FSC-certified green impregnated pinewood as the name indicates, meaning it is durable, sturdy and resistant to rot and decay. The manufacturer states that the material used is durable and doesn’t require thorough maintenance. That doesn’t mean the wood can’t show imperfections since it is a natural product; instead, it means it has been pressure treated for resistance to rot.

All the accessories needed for installation are included in the entire package and at no extra price. The screws are made from galvanised steel which indicate that they will maintain quality throughout the years regardless the weather. Going further, you will be thoroughly pleased to know that you can easily install it by yourself as all the required equipment comes with the package, and the instructions have been clearly outlined with illustrations and well-detailed steps.

To sum it all, this arch is sturdy and looks fantastic but it does have its flaws. For examples, there are no drill holes and the four mainframe wood poles are about a foot shorter for those who might want to use concrete to hold it in place.


  • Great wood quality for its price
  • Can be installed by one person
  • Affordable


  • Tatty sawn edges
  • No drill holes
  • No fixings
  • Short length of uprights

5. Festnight Wooden Garden Pergola Rose Climbing Trellis

Festnight Wooden Garden Pergola Rose Climbing Trellis 2x2x2 m
9 Reviews
Festnight Wooden Garden Pergola Rose Climbing Trellis 2x2x2 m
  • High-quality pergola will make a great, decorative addition to your garden or other outdoor space
  • Forms a stable base for roses and other climbers
  • Create a lovely seating area in the summer. It can also be used to create an imposing entryway

The Festnight Wooden Garden Pergola is a perfect choice for DIY gardeners looking to add a flower or plant bed to their garden. This raised bed has an understated, rustic design with sturdy construction, and will bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor living space.

Crafted from high-quality, FSC-certified impregnated wood, this pergola is durable and sturdy against harsh weather conditions and also rot-resistant. This model is guaranteed to last for many years while maintaining the same quality. Thanks to the unique roof design, it offers warmth and protection in cold weather.

This model has been designed with trellis on the side panels and fences which so you can add climbing flowers with ease. They act as a durable base, meaning you don’t have to worry about the decorations even in high or tough weather conditions.

Assembling this unit is quite easy because all the accessories are included in the delivery, especially if it is installed by two persons. You can also paint it with any colour that matches your garden or style as the material is smooth, allowing for easy painting.

Overall, the detailing of this pergola is flawless and the quality of the design shines effortlessly. The assembly is straightforward and can be put together in a few hours provided you have someone to help. Worth mentioning is the sheer sturdiness, durability and heft of the pergola which communicates that it was made to last several years no matter the use or weather. This makes it a great buy due to the value it delivers.


  • Smooth material for easy painting
  • Doesn’t require thorough maintenance
  • Easy to assemble for two people


  • Shipping sometimes arrive damp
  • Difficulty in getting ground support spikes for the four main piles

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