Best Temporary Carport & Garages

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Outsunny Temporary GarageAre you looking for a temporary garage to shelter your car, bike, vehicle or to store something else then these popup instant garages will be right up your street.

All I’ll say when it comes to buying an instant garage is that if you go for the cheaper option then there’s a good chance that

Buying a substandard carport will only increase the probability of your pride and joy being damaged as the cheaper the car tent the weaker it will be, generally speaking.


Here are the best temporary garages available to buy just choose the one that’s big enough for you.

  • OutSunny Carport 4x4mReliable company, Very Sturdy & Heavy Duty, Wind & Waterproof
  • House of Tents 4x3m – Well made, Reputable company, good solid structure, Wind & Waterproof
  • FoxHunter 6x3m – Lower priced and good quality but not quite as strong as the above two
  • Quictent 6x3m – Reputable company, heavy duty, wind and waterproof with very high roof

Check out my 4 recommended carport reviews below.

OutSunny Carport – My No.1 Temporary Garage

About OutsunnyBest Temporary Garage

Outsunny is a well-established company in the carport, marquee and gazebo line of business and has a very reputable name in a very competitive market.

This Outsunny carport measuring 4x4m is actually available in 2 other sizes (6x4m and 8x4m) and all 3 sizes are exactly the same design and have the same features, it’s just the sizes that are different and of course the prices.

To check out all of the features view their product listing on Amazon below or continue to my full review.

What will you receive?

package includes
Package Includes

Below is exactly what will be in your package that is delivered to your chosen address.

  • Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Waterproof Polyethylene Canopy
  • Joint Connectors
  • Ropes & Stakes
  • All sides & doors included
  • ISO 9001:2000 standard certified manufacturer.
  • All fixings

Everything you can see in the picture is included in the package.  You don’t need to buy anything else because everything you need is included

Buy The Outsunny Carport if…

  • You need reliable carport that is waterproof, windproof and extremely good quality
  • You want an all year round carport
  • You want the best 4x4m on the market (in my opinion)
  • You want an extremely strong and heavy duty pop up gazebo

Don’t buy if…

This product is not actually a pop up shelter as the poles need to be connected together.  I’ve merely stated the word ‘pop up’ to help you understand just how easy it is to build.

I just thought I’d mention that as I didn’t want to mislead anybody.


  • Waterproof & Rot resistant canopy
  • Very strong frame
  • Removable sidewalls & zip doors
  • Can be screwed down
  • Metal base feet (Use on lots of surfaces)
  • A 5cm overhang of sides**
  • Ropes & Stakes for extra sturdiness
  • Access can be made from either side

Features Explained

Waterproof & Rot Proof

Having a waterproof canopy with waterproof sides is an absolute necessity especially if you’re leaving your new storage shelter outdoors all year round. As you can imagine, leaving it outdoors could potentially lead to the material rotting but this polyethylene material will not rot.

Ensuring that in years to come your temporary garage still look the part and still able to resist unpleasant weather conditions.

Strong Frame

The frame is made up of connecting poles that when assisted by friends are pretty straightforward to assemble.  The poles themselves are heavy-duty and fully galvanised ensuring that you have the highest level of strength available.

Also, the corner joints are also steel (unlike some manufacturers garages) which will offer much more stability and strength to the corner sections, as these areas often come under the most pressure in poor weather.

Removable Sides

This is just very convenient especially in the summer when temperatures start to rise.  The doors and walls can be zipped together and look perfectly fine when you unzip a wall or door and remove it.

You can remove any door or any side at will.

Can be screwed down 

This is one of the most asked questions about temporary garages as it adds so much more strength and stability to the frame and the garage as a whole.

Now you can quite easily screw it into concrete, decking, patio and many other hard types of solid surface.

There are holes already in the metal plate base for convenience.

Ropes & Stakes

Let’s not go too much into these, let me just say please always use the ropes and stakes to tie and anchor down your new shelter.

The ropes and stakes are provided for a reason and whatever the weather, they add a huge amount of protection to the frame joints and legs whilst also stopping it from taking off on very blustery days.

and finally…

Overhang of the sides

This is a great feature and is found lacking in so many temporary outdoor structures.  The overhang is excellent at preventing drafts and when pegged down also adds further strength.

Why Do I Like It?

First of all, we need to remember that although you’re planning on using it as a carport, it can actually double up for lots of other outdoor events such as;

and many more, so in fact, you’ve got a versatile, multi-purpose shelter at your disposal that you can even hire out to get a bit of cash back.

Obviously, it’s well worth taking special care to not dirty the walls especially if your planning on using it for a party at some point.

Once you’ve read this review you can visit Amazon and one of the pictures just to the left of the product image on Amazon will actually show a man hanging (by his hands) from the frame showing just how strong it is.

View my rating below.


This very sturdy carport is quite straightforward to build but once it’s up you’ve got yourself a cracking piece of kit and for a decent price.

There’s plenty of room should you need to drive in and also open the doors, whilst it’s also plenty big enough should you want to work on your vehicle inside it.

Don’t forget, there are 3 different sizes to choose from should you require a bigger carport than the one that is pictured on here.

As always, I recommend that you use all the parts that have been provided, especially the stakes and guy ropes.  These hold the carport down whilst also helping to maintain the strength of the pole frame, especially the top of the frame as they stop the marquee from swaying when it’s breezy.

House of Tents 4x3m – 2nd Best out of 4Best Temporary Carport & Garages 1Best Temporary Carport & Garages 2

House of Tents

House of Tents is another reputable company that is dedicated to providing top class, strong and sturdy outdoor shelters that include; Marquees, Party tents, Pop up gazebos and so on…

Click here to view their entire range on Amazon

This particular garage is smaller than the top rated one above but still provides a very sizeable area for you to with 4 metres in length and 3 metres in width which is more than plenty for most vehicles, even with the doors open.

What will you receive?

package includes
Package Includes

Below is exactly what will be in your package that is delivered to your chosen address.

  • Fully Waterproof 1 piece canopy
  • 38mm Strong Steel Frame Tubes
  • PVC Tarpaulin sides and doors
  • Ropes & Stakes
  • Instruction manual
  • All fixings

Once again there is nothing else to buy to have a fully working temporary outdoor garage.


  • Fully Waterproof Canopy 500g/m²
  • Strong frame with bolt connectors
  • Sidewalls have wind deflectors
  • 100% UV Protection
  • All sides can be removed or rolled up

Features Explained

Fully Waterproof Canopy

The canopy is extremely waterproof and also very strong.  It is very similar to the type of tarpaulin that is found on the sides of lorries and the 500g/m2 means basically that for every square metre of fabric weighs 500 grams / half a kilo.

Strong Frame tubes

The steel tubes are 38mm in thickness and come with connecting bolts that are 42mm in diameter that go straight through the tubes and fastened with wingnuts.

This frame is extremely strong and is incredibly sturdy.

Full U.V Protection

Often in the summer, you will see caution advised about staying out of the sun but certain structures do not offer good enough protection against UV rays.

You can rest assured that whilst your under this canopy you are 100% fully protected against the suns harmful UV rays.

Removable & Roll Up Sides

As with the previous product, you can also roll up or remove any combination of doors or sides without affecting the stability or sturdiness of this marquee.

Why Do I Like It?

This carport by House of Tents is actually their economy version but you can’t tell.  I’d probably say that they call it the economy version due to the fact that it’s one of the smallest carports they do, so, therefore, there are fewer parts and materials involved.

Making it cheaper to manufacture.

To be honest, there wasn’t a great deal of difference between the top 2 but don’t forget, all these carports are recommended, as

View my rating below.


This is a good quality carport that can be left outdoors all year round.  This is a huge plus and normally why quite a few of the cheaper models are found lacking but this instant garage is amongst the best temporary garages on the market.

It’s not particularly difficult to build but can be quite time-consuming as obviously it must be set up properly and securely first time around to ensure it offers full protection to your vehicle. It will tak approximately 1/2 hours with 4/5 people helping to erect it.

Although colours are quite limited, should a slightly bigger carport be ok for you then there are a few more colours to choose from when you get to Amazon.