Best Gazebo Heater To Keep You Warm Outdoors

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Updated January 2022: Due to the lockdown situation in the UK it is a popular time for people to buy gazebo heaters for months ahead. As a result, you will find some of our picks are out of stock. We will update this list regularly.

best gazebo heater

When it comes to outdoor living, an essential product for every homeowner is a decent gazebo heater.

Please note these are more commonly referred to as patio heaters. But we’re looking to heat gazebos!

These allow you and your guests to stay warm on cold nights and create the perfect ambience. And with summer in full swing, these heaters can turn you into the perfect host. 

If you want to know more about some of my favourite, tried and tested, gazebo and patio heaters, keep reading!

Best Patio Heaters for Gazebos Comparison

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Best Gazebo Heater To Keep You Warm Outdoors 1
Overall rating :  4.4 / 5

1. HeatLab’s Gazebo Heater – Best Overall

HeatLab is renowned in the world of outdoor products and goods. This company has been around for years and it prioritises the overall comfort of homeowners and customers.

In doing so, they’ve created a patio heater that is packed with benefits that make daily life easier (heat settings are perfect for most users). See more below.


  • This gazebo heater is versatile. It serves to heat your outdoor space and to provide you with enough light to keep you going through the night. 
  • HeatLab’s patio heater is safe because it has an overheat protection in the heat settings. This ensures that it turns off when it reaches a certain temperature. You can also adjust the heat depending on the weather.


  • Compared to some of the other products on this list, HeatLab’s heater isn’t as stable as it could be. It could wobble a bit in the wind.
firefly gazebo heater
Overall rating :  4.2 / 5

2. Firefly’s Gazebo Heater – Editor’s Pick

Firefly is another big name in the world of outdoor supplies. Their products are made with high-tech materials and they can be found both in-store and online.

This product’s power cord is 5-feet long and it can heat a radius of 9 square miles, making it perfect for get-togethers with friends and family.

These ones are particularly suited to event shelters.


  • This heater is long-lasting. Its halogen heating element can last for 3000 hours
  • Firefly’s patio heater can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you can bring it inside after you’ve used it in your gazebo. 
  • This product is durable and made from stainless steel. 


  • Mine came slightly dented (however, Firefly customer support were quick to issue a replacement)
eco gazebo heater
Overall rating :  4.4 / 5

3. ATR ARTTOREAL’s Gazebo Heater – Best Eco-Friendly

ATR ARTTOREAL is known for creating products that are both efficient and eco-friendly. Their products don’t produce any chemicals, fumes or harmful gases, making them a favorite among homeowners. 

As someone who prioritizes the environment and environmentally-friendly materials, this was a big plus for me.

Here are some more of the pros and cons about this product. 


  • ATR ARTTOREAL’s gazebo heater is one of the most efficient heaters on the market. When faced with wind or environmental circumstances, its infrared heating isn’t affected. 
  • This product also has 3 parasol heating panels, all of which function independently. This makes it incredibly easy to store the heater because the panels fold into an umbrella. 
  • So far as patio heaters go, this is also a product that is easy to adjust. You can use any one of its 3 power settings which will heat up to 12 square feet around the patio heater. 


  • It has a higher price tag. But it’s one of the best patio heaters on the market.

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outsunny gazebo heater
Overall rating :  4 / 5

4. Outsunny Store’s Gazebo Heater – Best Features

Outsunny’s gazebo hanging heater is equipped with an LED lamp for those who also need something to light up their night. 

Personally I liked how adjustable this product is. It comes with chains and hooks to set it at the right height, whereas others have a predetermined height that can’t be adjusted.

 That’s not all I like about this heater though. Here’s the positives and negatives I found.


  • It has a unique design with a black aluminium contour and mesh to protect you and your guests from the heat. 
  • It has two heat settings, 1000W and 2000W. 
  • It has CE certification and is highly waterproof. 


  • The amount of light emitted by this heater may be too much for some customers.

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Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

5. Futura Deluxe Heater – Best Luxury Patio Heater

This gazebo heater is meant to be mounted on a wall, making it one of the heaters that takes up the least amount of space.

It also costs approximately 20p to run per hour and it is made from steel, making it an energy-efficient and durable product. While some will consider this a bit expensive as a maintenance cost, you won’t use it as often as your home heating. Also, the heat output is impressive.


  • This gazebo heater has 3 settings, which are 750W, 1000W, and 2000W. This way, you can adjust the heat of the product depending on how hot it is outside or how much heat you’d like to be emitted. 
  • While it is meant for a gazebo, you can take this product elsewhere. It’s perfect for gardens, balconies and more. 
  • Futura provides customers with a 2-year guarantee for peace of mind. If you discover an issue with your heater within that time, you can contact the support team to get a refund or return the item.


  • This gazebo heater is one of the higher priced options on this list. 

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Gazebo Heater Buying Guide & FAQs

Key Considerations

When you’re getting ready to buy a gazebo or patio heater (we use these terms interchangeably), there are some things that you should look out for beforehand. Here are some of the components that I like to be aware of before buying purchasing a decent gazebo heater. 

Should you buy an infrared or electric heater?

Infrared is a fan-favourite because it heats up quickly and efficiently.

In comparison, electric outdoor heaters take longer to heat up and are more convenient. They are also environmentally-friendly and produce no emissions. Most electric gazebo heaters and lights can last for more than 3000 hours.

What BTU should you be using?

BTU is a measurement of thermal energy and it is used to measure fuel. When looking at gazebo heaters, BTU gives a better idea of how much energy or heat is released from the product. Essentially, the higher the BTU, the faster the area around your heater will warm. 

For 100-150 square feet, it’s generally suggested that you use a heater with 5000 BTU heat output. From here, it’ll go up by 1000 BTU for every increase of 1-100 square feet: 150 – 250 square feet will require a BTU of 6000, for example.

What kind of gazebo heater should you be using?

To know which heater is best for your needs, you’ll first need to know about the different electric patio heaters at your disposal. 

Hanging Heaters

These heaters will take more work to install because they need to be suspended from a ceiling. These are great additions to smaller spaces. Personally I like to include them in gazebos that need more style. There’s also the benefit of not having to put anything on your table, meaning that you can keep your gazebo/outdoor space clean.

Tabletop Gazebo Heaters or Fire Pits

These heaters are best for those who have more space to spare. Since they’re placed on your table or on a flat surface, you should be wary of placing flammable objects around it. Otherwise, the main benefit of having a tabletop heater is that it’s portable. 

Fire pits are slightly different and give off a unique ambience. But they are expensive and awkward to maintain.

Mounted Heaters

These are great products for people who are lacking in space. They’re also ideal for people who are looking for a heater that is aesthetically pleasing and adds style to the gazebo area.

Standing Heaters

Standing gazebo heaters can be used in any area and generally they don’t take up too much space. There is usually a fuel tank in a compartment at the base of the heater and these products can be moved quickly and easily. Usually you’ll find that gazebo heaters of this type have a range of around 40,000 BTUs. 

What to look for in an outdoor heater

Here are some of my favourite features in gazebo heaters.

  • Environmentally-friendly: I prefer products that aren’t harmful to the environment so I always look for this in my gazebo heaters. This is why we stray away from a gas heater for gazebos.
  • Heat protection: For the sake of safety, I try to buy gazebo heaters that have a tip-over switch or an automatic turn-off when the heater reaches a specific temperature. When there is a fire hazard, these switches can also automatically turn off your gazebo heaters.

Gazebo Heater FAQs

Q: Can you put electric patio heaters under a gazebo

A: Yes but you still need to be careful. We have selected the above choices of heaters because they have been designed specifically for outdoor structures and for use on your patio.

With pop up gazebos, we recommend you keep the heater outside of the gazebo. With the more permanent structures such as wooden gazebo kits, it is safer to use gazebo heating. 

The average height of a gazebo or a pergola is 2 – 3 metres. Bear this in mind if you decide to use a different form of heater than the above picks we have suggested.

Final Thoughts & Discussion

Now that you know all about gazebo heaters, you may want to know what my favourite one from this list is (or what I consider to be the best gazebo heater).

Overall, I like Firefly’s gazebo heater electric. It’s eco-friendly, making it safer for both my family and the environment. It has an aesthetic that adds to that of my backyard. Not only this but its durability and versatility make it one of the best products I have on my patio.

One final word of warning would be to please take caution if you intend to use any of these heaters within a hot tub enclosure as the majority of our suggestions are electric based.

If you have any questions that I haven’t answered thus far and want peace of mind, feel free to reach out