Best BBQ Gazebo – 6 Top Picks

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Update May-2021: We are approaching peak times for buying barbecues and BBQ gazebos. As a result, you will find some gazebos on our list are out of stock. We will try and update this page as often as possible and have contacted manufacturers for their comment on inventory.

best bbq gazebos

So you finally decided to have your first barbeque session and have invited your friends and family to witness the special moment. You’ve fired up your grill and begun the processes only for a thunderstorm to suddenly roll in.

Now your entire plan is ruined as everyone scampers indoors for protection from the elements, and there’s still no barbeque to offer your guests.

Rather than have this happen to you again and again, consider getting an BBQ gazebo. It’s an investment.

Best BBQ Gazebos Quick Comparison

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An outdoor BBQ gazebo offers protection from the rain and ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun so you can have a perfect event without any disruption from the weather. We have compiled the best BBQ gazebos that will serve your needs to letter, so be sure to read all the reviews before tapping the “Buy Now” button.

1. Sunjoy Patio Soft Top BBQ Gazebo

Sunjoy Patio Soft Top BBQ Gazebo with LED
Overall rating :  4.4 / 5

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If you want a gazebo that looks simple yet elegant, the Sunjoy Patio Soft Top is a statement piece that fits those preferences. It is a blend of design, functionality, and engineering. It’s more than just purchasing a shade and protection for your grill but also allows for grilling with extra storage and lots of spaces to accommodate your guests.

The canopy is made of polyester to provide stability and keep the structure from flying when it’s windy. It is also two-tiered with venting to allow wind to pass through it and, at the same time durable enough to resist UV rays days out and day in. Needless to say, the canopy is high enough so you don’t have to worry about the heat from your grille getting to it.

Coming to the steel frames of the gazebo, it is made of aluminium which is light for assembling but also solid to provide stable support for the whole structure. It is covered with a powder coating to make it a powder coated steel frame which is extra durable and dust-resistant. However, you will need to purchase weights to ensure the structure stays in place until you want it to move again.

Furthermore, the Sunjoy Patio Soft Top comes with LED lights which have been installed into the top of the canopy so you can grill at any time of the day or night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own lighting if you wish. The bulbs are energy-saving, offering more hours of usage compared to incandescent bulbs as they’re expected to last up to two years. They will need 3 AAAs to for illumination.

Finally, the canopy is waterproof and you can even leave the gazebo out all year long as it was built for all-season use. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a grill gazebo.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Solid and stable
  • Assembling takes less than 1 hour


  • Possibility of the holes to be dented during shipping

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2. Sorara Milano Grill Gazebo 265 x 150cm

Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

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Although the Sorara Milano Grill Gazebo is often overlooked by outdoor furniture shoppers, the value it commands is something you shouldn’t miss. It is heavy duty and protects against unfriendly weather elements so there’s no need to cancel your event. It will shelter you and your guests from the sun and the rain, and will remain standing in the face of fierce winds.

For starters, the Sorara Milano Grill Gazebo is an attractive item that can transform an ordinary backyard into BBQ central. It comes in brown colour alongside a modern styling to match almost any patio or backyard décor. The drapery and canopy are made of top quality 100% solution-dyed polyester which can keep the rain from gathering and pouring in. It rocks an open design that allows for natural ventilation so that the smoke can escape while also blocking excessive sunlight.

It also has a steel frame that is corrosion and rust-free due to its Drylac powder coating as well as a table conveniently positioned on each side which you can use to prepare meals or on which guests can place their food and drinks. The manufacturer claims that each piece of the product has been rigorously tested for durability, and it appears to be so as the gazebo is sturdy and can be bolted it to the ground. Everything you will need to set up the gazebo comes in the package.

One of the upsides of this gazebo is the ample space it provides. Measuring 265 x 150 cm, it provides more shade coverage and you can manoeuvre around the grill. Another bonus point is that it is easy to assemble as most users can get everything done in about half an hour. Overall, this bbq gazebo is worthy of consideration.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious
  • Comes with accessory hooks and spice rack
  • Minimal packing for reduced waste
  • Fire retardant


  • Lacks the conventional vent
  • Expensive

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3. Charles Bentley Steel Grill Gazebo

Charles Bentley Steel Grill Gazebo Outdoor Tent Shelter - Beige and Grey
Overall rating :  4.1 / 5

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The Charles Bentley Steel Grill Gazebo is perfect for a vast array of outdoor events including parties, BBQs, wedding ceremonies, garden fetes and so on. It is available in two colour variants: beige and grey which both look exquisite. The gazebo comprises a two-tiered roof which is a combination of both form and function as it looks architecturally interesting while also allowing for better airflow.

It also features a water-resistant canopy so you can continue with your event even when the clouds empty themselves. The polyester canopy also serves as a shade to protect your guests from the harsh sunlight and keep them cool. This convenient outdoor shelter has a stable and robust steel frame which is powder-coated to prevent rusting. Assembling this shelter is easy and takes only a few minutes. Just extend the legs to assemble it, and when not needed, this compact gazebo can be packed into a carry bag.

Another impressive feature on this gazebo is the 2-side shelves which your guests will find helpful for drinks and snacks during your event. You can use weights on the legs and even install them to your decking or concrete floors.

However, the Charles Bentley Steel Grill Gazebo should not be left exposed to harsh weather if possible as it is not very durable. For instance, while the manufacturer says it is waterproof, some users complain that it gathers water.

Additionally, the cover is not flame retardant which contradicts what you will read on many websites; so if you wanted to use it exclusively for barbecues, have a rethink. Overall, this product is okay for its price.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Pops up for quick assembly
  • Comes with materials needed for assembling
  • Affordable


  • Can’t be left out all year-round
  • Small-sized
  • Not fire retardant

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4. Hand Made Chunky Rustic Wooden Gazebo

Samuel ALEXANDER Charles Taylor Hand Made Chunky Rustic Wooden BBQ Barbecue Shelter Roof Cover
Overall rating :  5.0 / 5

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Lastly on the list is the Hand Made Chunky Rustic Wooden Gazebo which is a fantastic addition to any patio or backyard, and a favourite choice for grill-masters and amateur cooks alike. It has a minimalist and compact design which doesn’t scream for attention but gets the job done, but its dimensions give it little room to accommodate many guests. Also, there’s very little room to manoeuvre around the grill which shows that it’s only ideal for your family or a few friends.

This gazebo is very sturdy as proven by its chunky frame, and it stands up to wear from harsh weather conditions with ease. It is particularly made from solid Scandinavian Redwood, and the framework is made from 28/42mm thick wood while the slats are made from 20mm thick wood. The gazebo has been pre-treated against rot and fungal decay while the roof is fully waterproof so you can continue grilling while it rains. Additionally, the wood is easy to assembly even though you might need a helping hand.

Overall, the Hand-Made Chunky Rustic Wooden Gazebo doesn’t distract from its surroundings, including your landscaping and the delicious foods grilled up beneath it. It is built to last and offers great value for money.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great wood quality
  • Durable 
  • Stylishly handmade


  • Can’t be assembled alone

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5. Angel Living BBQ Patio Gazebo

Angel Living BBQ Patio Gazebo Aluminum Tent Grill Gazebo for Outdoor Garden Party Awning Sun Shelter
Overall rating :  4.8 / 5

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The Angel Living BBQ Patio Gazebo will easily have you feeling like paradise and help you have the perfect event you wish to have. It has a modern stylish design looks fabulous on a patio when secured to the ground. Apart from that, it adds a stunning Mediterranean aura to your backyard while also serving as the perfect area to have a nap or an afternoon tea.

The roof is retractable so you can choose whether you want more or less shade, depending on the day’s weather, and it is high so the smoke from the grill won’t get into it. It doesn’t come with all the extra materials needed for easy assembling, so you will need to purchase these items.

Made from aluminium, the material frame of the gazebo is sturdy to resist wind and other weather conditions. It even has a grey powder coating to prevent the frame from rust so you can expect it to keep standing for a long time after setup. As for the cover, it is made from polyester which is coated to block the ultraviolet (UB) rays from the sun as well as repel water so your event doesn’t come to an abrupt end due to rain pouring in.

One of the drawbacks is here is that the actual size of the gazebo might be a little deviation due to manual measurement. Apart from that, this gazebo is a fantastic choice for personal and commercial use, and all you will really need for this great gazebo are the materials and a few friends to help with the assembling.


  • 2 years warranty, free delivery
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy powder coated steel frame
  • Retractable shade


  • Need to purchase extra materials for easy assembling

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6. Outsunny Garden Outdoor Patio Metal Gazebo

Outsunny Patio Garden Metal Gazebo Marquee Steel Frame with Canopy Awning Tent Water Resistant Cream
Overall rating :  4.0 / 5

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When it comes to pure stylistic points for a perfect event, the Outsunny Garden Outdoor Patio Gazebo is one of the top winners. It has a unique roof that serves as shade from the heat of the sun while also letting in plenty of light, and comes with all the accessories you will need like curtains and anchors.

For starters, this gazebo has a sturdy frame which is made of aluminium alloy, indicating that there are several metals in the frame including durable steel. It will survive high winds and won’t give way when people lean on it. In fact, there’s very little chance that frame will break or bend during use.

Even more, the posts are made of steel so they won’t warp or rot like wood or composite materials. You can install them on your deck on your wooden or composite deck so you can have a beautiful cover without getting a contractor to do it for you. Additionally, it comes with a mesh screen that lets in the breeze while keeping the bugs out so your guests can be comfortable and safe.

Going further, the gazebo comes with side panels which allow for privacy. Your guests can use it as a pool house to change during parties while the roof is made of polycarbonate materials that let in sunlight while shielding you from the heat of the sun so it will never be dark under the gazebo during the day. However, it doesn’t come with vents, but it is still usable for grilling sessions. Overall, this gazebo might have no luxury aesthetics but it gets the job done.


  • Quad shelf design for maximum storage
  • Includes 6 heavy duty hooks to hang grilling tool and other items
  • Easy to clean polyester top
  • Powder coated steel frame to reduce rusting


  • A bit high priced
  • Little canopy space (for a bbq gazebo)

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Wrap Up

BBQ gazebos can serve as a decorative addition to your porch or patio, and the BBQ gazebos above are not just some of the popular ones available today; they’re durable and known to offer great value for money. With the detailed reviews above, you can easily make a quick, yet informed choice before purchasing.

Also, apply common sense when making a purchase decision. You want a BBQ gazebo that is resistant to British weather conditions, fire retardant, has decent ventilation and is able to be anchored easily to your decking or patio.

As a final note, while the focus has been on sheltering BBQs – some of these picks can be applied to other patio related appliances that require sheltering. For example, hot tubs.

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