The Best Artificial Hanging Baskets

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Hanging baskets are an easy way to add a pop of colour to your home and garden, no matter the time of year.

And because they feature realistic but faux flowers, you never have to worry about watering and trimming, or how hot or cold it’s going to be.

The best artificial hanging baskets feature tough materials that will provide you with long-lasting results, so if you’re ready to take on a fun decorating job that will last through the seasons, keep reading.

best artificial hanging baskets

The Best Artificial Hanging Baskets

When considering which products deserved to be on this list of the best artificial hanging baskets, we considered several criteria. The baskets had to be of high quality, both in looks and craftsmanship. After all, no one wants faux flowers that only last one season. We also consider versatility and value. The best artificial hanging baskets will work in many situations and landscapes, and they’ll be priced right.

smart garden hanging basket
Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

Smart Garden Easy Hanging Basket with Artificial Pansy

From Smart Garden, this delightful sight is an easy pick for the best artificial hanging baskets. Within a brown basket measuring 30cm wide is a lovely assortment of purple, white, and yellow pansies and a mess of green vines. These vibrant flowers are perfect for the springtime, but because they require zero maintenance, you can keep them out all year long. They’re a great choice if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your front porch.

This basket full of faux pansies weighs 1 kg and can be hung nearly anywhere, including tree branches. It includes 18-inch galvanized chains that can stand up to all conditions and won’t rust.

Key Features

  • UV and water-resistant to maintain bright, beautiful colour
  • Galvanized chains won’t corrode or rust
  • Gorgeous basket filled with artificial pansies and vines


  • Colour – purple, yellow, and white with green vines
  • Dimensions – 30cm x 30cm 30cm
  • Weight – 1 kg

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GreenBrokers Purple & White 2X Artificial Round Rattan Hanging Baskets Petunias and Decorative Grasses
Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

GreenBrokers Purple and White Artificial Round Rattan Hanging Baskets

The purple and white faux petunias in this pretty artificial hanging basket look so real that guests will do a double-take. And if you’re doing a double-take when looking at the price, don’t panic: This set comes complete with two baskets.

This means you’re getting an awesome value on a pair of stunning ornaments. Nestled in the bundle of petunias is faux grass that really gives this presentation some much-needed dimension. The basket is made of a dark brown rattan, and the chains are silver in color.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this set of artificial hanging baskets would love absolutely lovely flanking either side of your front door. Best of all, it features flowers in various stages of opening for an extra boost of realism.

Key Features

  • Lifelike petunias with bright green leaves and a sprinkle of grass
  • Faux silk artificial flowers with a rattan basket
  • Includes 10-inch hanging chain
  • For use indoors or outdoors


  • Colour – purple and white with green leaves and grass
  • Dimensions – 50.8cm x 25.4cm x 36.2cm
  • Weight – 1.18 kg each

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Best Artificial Purple Lush Lavender Long Leaf Topiary Grass Flower Balls
Overall rating :  4.7 / 5

Artificial Purple Lush Lavender Long Leaf Topiary Grass Flower Balls

You’ll say “wow” when you see these lavender topiary balls from Best Artificial. You’ll receive a set of two with bright purple stems poking through lush green leaves. There’s no basket in sight, but that only adds to the allure — it really looks like these flowers have outgrown their enclosure and been masterfully manicured.

These lavender shoots look exceedingly real, but we assure you they’re fake. That means you can confidently leave them out all year long without having to worry about trimming or watering. Because they’re made of UV-resistant materials, they’ll also stand up the sun to last season after season.

Key Features

  • Stunning topiary balls with bright purple lavender stems
  • Set of two, each measuring 28 inches across
  • Comes fully assembled for immediate use
  • Includes 30cm galvanized chain


  • Colour – purple with green leaves
  • Dimensions – 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
  • Chain length – 30cm

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Dyna-Living Artificial Hanging Flower, Hanging Basket Silk Garland Flower Rose Vine for Home Wedding Outdoor Decoration
Overall rating :  3.6 / 5

Dyna-Living Artificial Hanging Flower Basket with Rose Vines

If you’re hoping to make a big impression, you won’t go wrong with this stunning rose vine basket. Take a look at it, and you’ll instantly see why it’s on this list of the best artificial hanging baskets. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

It features a coconut fiber basket, but you won’t even notice it because the waterfall of bright red roses and lush green vines definitely steals the show. They spill from the basket to cascade down and demand attention.

This artificial hanging basket does require some assembly, so be prepared.

But once you’ve got the faux roses situated in the basket, you’ll rush to hang it outside. Each basket is sold separately and comes with three trails of roses.

Key Features

  • A bright waterfall of luscious red roses and green vines
  • Faux flowers spill out for a total length of 40cm
  • Made of silk cloth and plastic
  • Some assembly required


  • Colour – Red roses with green vines
  • Dimensions – 40.5cm x 18.6cm x 16.2cm
  • Weight – .76 kg

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Artificial Flowers Hanging Planter Out Door, Mixed wild Flowers, Flowers , Basket and Bark
Overall rating :  4.4 / 5

Eternal Bloom Artificial Flowers Hanging Planter with Mixed Wildflowers

If you’re ready to add bold splashes of color to your home, don’t miss this cute artificial hanging basket from Eternal Bloom. It features an enchanting mix of faux wildflowers in every color of the rainbow, along with a few green vines. Made from heavy-duty materials, the flowers and basket won’t fade due to rain or sun.

Included with your purchase, you’ll also receive a bag of bark that you’ll drop into the basket before hanging to give it some extra weight to withstand stronger winds.

The wildflowers in this basket may look delicate, but they bring bold color. And because they’re not real, you don’t have to worry about wilting or trimming. Imagine the pop of color when the weather gets colder.

Key Features

  • Includes wildflowers in a variety of colors and a rattan basket
  • Also includes bark to keep artificial hanging basket from blowing in wind
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Colour – orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow wildflowers with green vines
  • Dimensions – 35cm x 30cm x 30cm
  • Weight – 1.48 kg

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Artificial Flowers Hanging Planter Out Door, Mixed wild Flowers, Flowers , Basket and Bark
Overall rating :  3.7 / 5

Primrose Duranta Artificial Hanging Baskets with Solar Lights

Bring a splash of colour to your home when you hang these beautiful faux primrose baskets. Featuring alluring orange blooms and bright green leaves, this artificial hanging basket screams spring. Better yet, it comes with an array of thoughtful features to keep it looking nice throughout the year.

For starters, you’ll receive a weight to add to your basket. This will help keep it steady in the wind. And to ensure you can enjoy your pretty flowers day or night, the basket comes with a solar-powered LED light. So you don’t have to worry about fussing over the flowers, nor charging the light.

This particular hanging basket with faux flowers has been lab-tested to prove its durability. It was subjected to rain and sun for two years, and it stayed as fresh and cheery as the day it was hung.

Key Features

  • Stunning primrose hangs from a basket made of fibre
  • Includes LED light for a beautiful night-time glow
  • Lab-tested for two years and showed no weathering


  • Colour – orange primrose blooms with bright green foliage
  • Dimensions – 48.6cm x 27.2cm x 22.4cm
  • Weight – 1.96 kg

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Artificial Cone Shaped Hanging Baskets with Yellow & White Flowers and Decorative Grasses
Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

GreenBrokers Artificial Cone Shaped Hanging Baskets with Purple and White Flowers

This artificial hanging basket is unique due to its interesting shape. This set of two features a compact, conical design that fits anywhere. They’re ideal for hanging outside the front door to welcome guests, or you can line a porch with several to create bright dots of color. 

These hanging baskets come fully assembled, so they’re ready to hang right out of the box. They’re made of faux silk and plastic, so they’ll move realistically in the wind. You’ll find a pretty bunch of purple and white pansies in the middle of the basket with tall grass in the back.

Key Features

  • Unique conical shape for extra visual interest
  • Made from faux silk for a realistic look
  • Includes rattan basket and silver-colored chain


  • Colour – purple and white flowers with dark green leaves
  • Dimensions – 25cm x 25cm x 60cm
  • Weight – .75 kg each

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How to Choose the Best Artificial Hanging Baskets

You’re ready to decorate with artificial hanging baskets — you’ve just got to figure out how to choose the best ones for your home. Don’t worry: It’s easy! You just need to think about material, colour, and size.


Artificial hanging baskets are made from a variety of materials. If you plan to hang yours outside,  you’ll want to ensure that the ones you choose can withstand the weather, all while maintaining a realistic look.

When it comes to the flowers themselves, faux silk offers the most realistic look, but it’s not the strongest material so you may notice some fading after a long time in the sun. On the other hand, there are also high-grade polyesters that are super durable and can still maintain an air of delicateness, though not quite like faux silk. The upside to polyester is that it will do a much better job when it comes to exposure to rain and sun. 

When trying to decide which material to choose, you’ll need to consider where you plan to place your artificial hanging basket. If it will be under an awning or otherwise protected, you can confidently select faux silk. However, if your basket will constantly receive direct sunlight, polyester or a similar material would be a better choice.

Hanging Method

The two most common ways of hanging an artificial hanging basket are via a chain or mounted to a wall. Those baskets that hang from a chain are usually more round and three-dimensional, while those that mount on a wall will feature a flat back that takes away some of the fullness.

There are benefits to both hanging methods. Chain-hung baskets can be hung nearly anywhere, including roofs, banisters, verandas, and even trees. Wall-mounted baskets can only be installed where there is a flat surface. On the flip side, wall-mounted baskets hold up better in areas where there’s lots of wind as there is less surface area to catch; hanging baskets need to be weighed down to prevent excessive spinning and flailing.


The next thing to think about is the colour of the artificial hanging basket. While the basket itself is important, it’s the faux flowers that you’re really going to want to look at here. They are the ones that are going to be the centre of attention, so you want to make sure they mesh with your style and personality.

Thankfully, you have plenty of options when it comes to colour, with flowers available in every colour of the rainbow. Looking for something bold and bright? Consider a waterfall of red roses like you’ll find in a basket from Dyna-Living. If you want something more subdued but still colourful, you won’t go wrong with lovely faux pansies from Smart Garden.

When considering colour, take a look around the space where you plan to hang your artificial hanging basket. What colours are already present? Do you want to match those shades or find colours that complement them? If you’re trying to play up a particular area of your home, you might consider something in an entirely different colour than what’s currently around. The colours may clash a little, but the baskets will attract eyeballs, which is exactly what you want.


The last thing to think about is size. You’ll find artificial hanging baskets ranging in size from 20cm to 40cm and more. If you plan to hang several baskets, you might choose smaller ones so as not to overcrowd your area. On the other hand, if you are looking for a couple of statement pieces, you might choose larger ones to fill your space.

When checking out the best artificial hanging baskets, pay particular attention to the dimensions of each product that interests you. You’ll want to take note of the diameter of the basket for an idea of the overall footprint, and then the length and width of the floral spread. Those baskets with hanging vines may need to be hung higher, so this is something you’ll also want to keep in mind.

Artificial Hanging Baskets FAQ

Do artificial hanging baskets look real?

The best artificial hanging baskets definitely look real. Of course, they won’t pass the sniff test when you get close, but that’s okay because they come with so many benefits. You don’t have to water artificial baskets, nor make sure that they get enough sunlight. They also don’t require trimming, and they’ll look just as bright and vibrant in winter as they do in the spring.

If you’re looking for especially realistic artificial flowers, look for those made from faux silk. The material is thinner and allows for more precise detail and movement. When they’re in a basket hanging over your head, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell that they’re not really alive.

Can artificial hanging baskets get wet?

As long as your basket and its flowers are rated for outdoor use, it can get wet. The best artificial hanging baskets are made from water-resistant materials that also resist the effects of UV damage. This means that being left out in the hot sun or during storms won’t affect them. 

How do I assemble an artificial hanging basket?

While most artificial hanging baskets come ready to hang, some may arrive partially disassembled. This is particularly true for larger baskets or those with long vines. However, assembling a basket is easy. First, remove everything from the packaging and allow it some time to air out. The flowers especially may have been compressed during shipping, and allowing them time to regain their natural shape will give you nicer results.

Most artificial flowers consist of stems made out of a harder material and leaves and blooms that attach to the stems using connectors at their base. In most cases, you’ll simply align a leaf or flower with an empty socket on the stem and press together. The leaf or flower will slide on and lock in place. 

Once you’ve reattached all your blooms, it’s time to arrange them in your hanging basket. Look at product pictures for an idea of how the manufacturer intended to have the flowers arranged, but remember that you’re in complete control. If you want to position them differently, you’re free to arrange them as you’d like.
Sometimes, it may seem that an artificial hanging basket isn’t as full or defined as you’d like. In this case, you may want to buy separate faux flowers to add to your existing mix. You can choose flowers of the same colour, or you can create a new look by adding complementary colours or some lush vines and grasses.

Why do my artificial flowers keep falling out?

Artificial flowers will fall out of their baskets when they lack support. This could be a result of the flowers weighing too much or the basket not offering enough grip for the vines and stems. Thankfully, this is a simple problem to correct. To help your flowers stay put, you can tie them to the basket with florist wires. This green wire is easy to twist and bend, so you’ll have no trouble tying off your faux flowers.

If you can’t find florist wire or don’t want to purchase it, you can use similar types of attachments. Plant ties, bag ties, and even plain thread will work.

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