Where & What type of Gazebo to Buy? and more…

Last Updated On: April 20th, 2019

We all take it for granted that everybody knows everything, about everything.  I’m pretty sure Google’s search index will tell you differently though.

Where & What type of Gazebo to Buy? and more... 1

We see forums packed full of answered questions.

You may also be a member of a facebook group and time after time you see people asking the same questions and the same people answering the questions of others.

Below, I will answer your questions about Pop up gazebos.


Please feel free to send me more of your questions that I haven’t covered.

What is an Easy Up Shelter/Gazebo?

Technically speaking according to Wiki, a pop up gazebo or shelter is generally a 2 piece item that is used outdoors to provide a covered area.

Virtually all pop up gazebos are concertina style gazebosWhere & What type of Gazebo to Buy? and more... 2

This means that they easily fold out to build and fold up to pack away.

Over the years they have developed and evolved into more robust structures that can now resist very bad weather and some can even be left outdoors all year round.

As mentioned they are normally 2 piece sets.

The gazebo is made up of a concertina frame which is normally made of varying strengths of steel and then a canopy that can be attached, normally with velcro.

The canopy can consist of varying ranges of waterproofing.

From 100% fully waterproof, water resistant and showerproof.

These are the basics, then it is up to the different manufacturers to add various upgrades in order to tempt you to buy.

Check out the All Seasons gazebos to see a good range of strong and well-made pop up gazebos.

What is the best Type?

I’ve written a very detailed guide to what makes a decent gazebo but as I outlined in the guide, it all depends what exactly you plan on using it for.

All Seasons Gazebo

All Seasons Gazebo

Normally, for people searching for the ‘best gazebo’ they will be more than likely be wanting it to stand up to harsh weather, may want to leave it outdoors either overnight or all year round, whilst also wanting it to last for a number of years.

To have such as a gazebo you would be expecting to pay upwards of £200.

Unfortunately, not everyone has such a high budget.

For those that don’t want to pay a lot you can normally get a cheaper gazebo for less than about £100.

So there are your good quality and also cheaper versions but you may be wondering where you can buy a pop up gazebo?

Where can I buy One From?

Where & What type of Gazebo to Buy? and more... 3

There are lots of places to buy a popup gazebo.

My personal preference is for Amazon as I use their platform regularly to buy lots of items and I’ve never had a bad experience.

Don’t forget that Amazon is a platform that gives businesses the opportunity to sell their products to a large audience.

These products are owned by Amazon they are listed on Amazon and businesses have to adhere to the very strict Amazon policies in order to sell their products on there.

How to build, take down and dismantle?

Firstly, let’s talk about how to erect a pop up gazebo as its always the first thing you do once you’ve purchased one.

Let me just remind you that this guide does not replace your instruction manual and should be used as a basic reminder only.

How to build a concertina gazebo?

I expect you’ve received your gazebo all boxed up with all the pieces required, so let’s go.

Ideally, for your first run, you will need a total of 4 people but afterward no more than a couple of people to build in the future.

  1. Spread all the items you’ve received on your lawn.
  2. Take the concertina frame and each of you grabs a corner each.
  3. Lift a couple of inches from the floor and walk gently backward.
  4. Your gazebo should click into place or something very similar.
  5. Carefully lay the canopy over the top.
  6. You probably won’t need to attach it at this point.
  7. Lift the frame to your desired height.
  8. Once you have it should lock into place.
  9. Now attach the canopy via the velcro straps.
  10. You can now attach the sides if they are included and normally they are also attached via velcro straps.
  11. Attach the guy ropes and pegs

You should now be ready to use your gazebo.

To take down your gazebo just reverse the above process, however, with most pop up shelters you can leave the canopy attached when you pack it away into the bag.

Hope that puts a few doubts to rest and should you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

That’s why this blog is here.

Cheers Shaun

Jamie is the Founder and Editor of the Windproof Gazebos. He's had a lifelong love affair with outdoor furniture and a fascination with gazebos. He's been known to assemble gazebos (for good friends) just for the satisfaction and has a tendency to hurt himself while testing them out in the garden.

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