4×8 Marquee by House of Tents


    Wedding planning or organising a large event can be stressful enough without having to worry about finding a suitable 4x8m marquee.  So we’ve done the searching and reviewing for you.

    What’s in the Box?

    Once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive everything you see in this picture.

    • Extra Strong PVC Tarpaulin
    • Fully Waterproof 1 Piece Canopy
    • 100% Waterproof Sidewalls
    • Entrances
    • Strong Steel Frame & Connectors
    • Ground Pegs
    • Safety Rope
    • Easy To Follow Instruction Manual

    5 Best Features of this 4x8m Marquee

    Main Features

    • Extremely Strong = A Real Tough Cookie

    This 4x8m Marquee by House of Tents is extremely strong mainly due to the steel pole frame and connectors.

    Together, these two items combine very effectively to give you an extraordinary amount of stability, exactly what you need for an important event.

    The tarpaulin canopy and sides are also extra strong, 500g per sqm which is one of the highest qualities available.

    • 100% Waterproof = 100% Dry!

    I can’t really say too much about this.  It’s quite simple, if you’re stood inside this marquee you are not going to get wet.

    Everything about this marquee is geared towards strength and waterproofing so that your event is a success.

    • Easy To Assemble = Ideally 3 or 4 People

    You look at the size of it and it looks daunting to build.

    However, don’t worry it’s absolutely nowhere near as difficult as it looks.  As i’ve said previously, it will probably take you about 20 minutes to put it up the first time and a bit longer to take down.

    Once you’ve put it up though, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times are far easier…. Trust me!

    • Good Quality = 100% Attention To Detail

    The manufacturer, House of Tents are a renowned brand for quality and attention to detail.  Put simply, they do not scrimp on materials and to be honest would you want them to?

    This is often reflected in a higher than average price for their products but the difference is, House of Tents marquees

    The use of good quality materials though is often reflected in a higher than average price for their products but the difference is, House of Tents marquees don’t let you down!

    • Good Value = Sensibly Priced

    I’ve mentioned here about it being good value, although just above I’ve said it’s not cheap.

    I believe that good value is being able to afford something and then getting the best out of it.

    This will hold up even in the harshest of weather conditions and will last for years to come, that’s what I call GOOD VALUE!

    Colours Available

    Unfortunately, there is only the grey and white colours as shown in the images.

    This is not a bad thing though as the colours go great together and make it look very elegant and classy and ideal for a wide range of events.


    If you’re holding a large event then this 4x8m marquee will be fine but first check that you have the room to comfortably construct it.

    Here are the dimensions.

    Highest Point (Apex):  3.1m

    Walk in Height:  2.0m

    Length:  8.0m

    Width:  4.0m

    Ideal Uses

    • Weddings & Wedding Receptions
    • Hospitality events
    • Sporting events
    • Exhibitions
    • Dog shows, etc
    • Changing rooms
    • Fundraising events
    • Family get-togethers

    and the list goes on…..

    Pros & Cons

    Pros & Cons

    • Very reliable & trustworthy piece of equipment
    • Very stylish & elegant
    • Fully galvanised frame for enormous strength
    • Not difficult to build
    • Can be used for lots of large types of events or parties
    • Realistically priced
    • All year round marquee
    • Great customer service
    • Reputable company
    • Cannot be built by 1 person
    • Only 1 colour choice available


    Q.  This marquee is massive, is it difficult to build?

    A.  Surprisingly, this large marquee is pretty straightforward to erect.  Of course, it’s not possible to realistically construct it on your own but with 3/4 people it can be quickly assembled.

    Once you have built it a couple of times you will find the next time you use it you can build it far quicker than previously.

    Q.  Just how strong is it?

    A.  The tarpaulin is very similar strength to the material that is used as the side curtain on a lorry.

    Trust me, if you don’t know, that is very strong.  The frame is galvanised ensuring that no parts are able to bend under pressure.

    Q.  Is this Marquee durable?

    A.  This house of tents marquee is very hard wearing.  Everything provided is either reinforced or just really good quality.  The poles are very thick in diameter which ensures longevity as well as preventing them from snapping or bending.

    The poles are very thick in diameter which ensures longevity as well as preventing them from snapping or bending.

    The tarpaulin is 500g per sq/m which means for every square metre of fabric it weighs 500 grams (1/2 a kg).

    So when it comes to durability there are no issues!



    This marquee is head and shoulders above most of its competitors when it comes to

    1. Strength
    2. Durability
    3. Relative ease of build
    4. Quality

    this is why its recommended.

    Let’s not forget or underestimate the impact of the above features and how integral they are to having and keeping a good product like this.

    I know it is a lot of money to fork out but at least you know that it is money well spent.

    About the Author Jamie Irwin

    Jamie is the Editor of the Windproof Gazebos. He's been known to assemble gazebos (for good friends) just for the kudos and has a tendency to hurt himself while testing them out in the garden. He loves long walks on the beach with his best friend Thor and learning how to cook (badly).