4x4m Heavy Duty Marquee by Crocodile Trading


    This 4x4m gazebo, marquee-type is ideal if you’re looking for a large, waterproof covered area for your guests.

    It’s good quality, looks great and is very durable which in turn will increase its longevity.

    If this sounds like something you need, read further.

    • Very large
    • Use with or without walls attached
    • Looks great
    • Good Quality
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Extremely strong

    Are those the kind of features you’re after?

    4×4 Gazebo by Crocodile Trading

    4x4 Gazebo in whiteThis 4×4 gazebo/marquee is fantastic for large outdoor gatherings.

    With the ability to remove the sides, roll up the doors and also have it as a ‘canopy only’ shelter, it is very versatile, to say the least.

    Unfortunately, it is only available in white but personally, I prefer white for marquees as it creates a much brighter environment, gives off a classier and more professional look.

    I also think that the colour white gives you more usage options

    What you’ll receive

    This is what will arrive at your doorOnce ordered you will receive:

    1. Powder Coated Steel Frame Parts
    2. Waterproof Canopy
    3. All Sides including zip or roll up doors & window sides
    4. Steel base plates for soft or hard ground fixing
    5. All heavy duty nuts & bolts (No spring pins)
    6. Ground Pegs
    7. Guy ropes

    All poles are numbered and complete assembly instructions enclosed to make building it easier.

    Everything you need to shelter your guests is available in this package so therefore, there’s nothing else to purchase.

    Possible Uses

    There are lots of possible uses of this marquee.  You’ve obviously decided what type of event you’re planning on using it for but it can also be configured into lots of versatile styles.

    Such as;

    1. Can be fully enclosed – Especially ideal for bad weather conditions
    2. Canopy Only – Ideal if you’re expecting the odd shower or as a sunshade in scorching weather
    3. Tunnel style – Need entry & exits? No problem just roll up either end to provide a walkthrough
    4. The whole side open – Maybe you’re using it as a charity stall or showcasing at a show?




    The 4x4m Marquee by Crocodile trading is a fantastic piece of equipment.

    There are so many large gazebos on the market that claim to be heavy duty, waterproof and well made but this is certainly one that can back its claims up.

    • Quality Fabric 

    The grade of 240gsm of the canopy is definitely one of the highest I have seen. The gsm stands for ‘grams per sq metre which is the thickness of the fabric

    • Waterproof

    The fabric is then coated with Polyethylene which creates the waterproof seal and together with the good quality, thick fabric, it ensures that you and your guests are kept dry during your event.

    • Heavy Duty

    The steel frame that supports the canopy and sides are both powder coated.

    The screw fix connectors are also steel which ensures that the snapping of any parts of the frame whilst experiencing harsh weather in pretty much non-existent.

    About the Author Jamie Irwin

    Jamie is the Editor of the Windproof Gazebos. He's been known to assemble gazebos (for good friends) just for the kudos and has a tendency to hurt himself while testing them out in the garden. He loves long walks on the beach with his best friend Thor and learning how to cook (badly).