Gazebos, Canopies & Parasols Reviewed By Experts

We review the most popular gazebos available in the UK, Europe & USA. We also spend plenty of time discussing what features you need and how to choose the right model for your garden, and how to get the most out of your gazebo, awnings, shelters and pergolas.

Find out which features are important, the best gazebos for your garden, or the top models for the way you’ll be using it.

Just want the low down on the best pop up gazebo from all of our reviews? Here are our top three favourite gazebos that will work for most people and budgets. We own the Airwave and love it, but any of these three will be great for your own garden or event.

Airwave 2.0x2.0mtr BLUE Pop Up Gazebo, FULLY WATERPROOF with Four Side Panels and Carrybag
Size: 2 x 2m
Avg. Customer Rating
1,286 Reviews
All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo - Black (Standard Sides)
Size: 3 x 3m
Avg. Customer Rating
152 Reviews
Coleman Gazebo, Event Shelter for Garden and Camping, Sturdy Steel Poles Construction, Large Event Tent, Portable Sun Shelter with Sun Protection SPF 50+, White, L - 3.6 x 3.6 m
Size: 3.6 x 3.6 m
Avg. Customer Rating
461 Reviews

Want to read reviews on a specific models to understand the pros and cons and discover if it will work for you?

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About Us

We test out new models from online retailers, or buy and sell them new or second hand so we can review a wide range of models and put together the best advise on which gazebo is right for you.

So if you are looking for a cheap gazebo for a festival, an exhibition quality gazebo to showcase your work outside, or something in-between we can point you in the right direction.

We are based in Northampton and focus on gazebo models available in the UK.

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What to Look for in a Gazebo?

Some gazebos come in dimensions and weights which are more suited to permanent fixture in your garden or patio; others will have nothing but the very basics and are perfect for events, festivals and camping. It’s useful to know what features of gazebos are important for you.

​Think about ​the following factors before you buy:

  • Temporary or permanent – For example, pop-up gazebos are often temporary, while wooden gazebo kits are permanent fixtures
  • Sides or no sides – Will it be used for wind protection (sides) or as a free-standing canopy (no sides)?
  • Weatherproof – Offering protection from the elements of wind, rain and sun (UV)
  • Budget – Are you looking for the best value, best premium or commercial grade?
  • Dimensions of the gazebo – If you are tight on space or will be moving it regularly
  • Additional features – such as mosquito nets, UV resistant side panels, ventilation for smoking, etc.

Types of Gazebo & Shelters

All Seasons Waterproof Gazebos

Gazebos, Canopies & Parasols Reviewed By Experts 6

All Seasons gazebos are extremely strong, well-made, fully waterproof and very reliable. 

Airwave Pop-Up Gazebos

Airwave Pop Up Gazebo 2.5x2.5m

Airwave Gazebos are good value for money, simple to build and available in lots of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Wooden Gazebo Kits

Gazebos, Canopies & Parasols Reviewed By Experts 7

Get the traditional gazebo look. Our team have hand picked a few of the best wooden gazebo kits that you can build yourself. All on this list are well made & solid, from reliable brands, come in kit form and are just great for relaxing in.

Polycarbonate Roof Gazebos

Gazebos, Canopies & Parasols Reviewed By Experts 8

Polycarbonate gazebos are trending at the moment because of their stylish look, UV resistant panels and durability. If you want to upgrade your patio and impress the neighbours, we have 4 hand picked models which we can vouch for.

Cantilever Parasols

Gazebos, Canopies & Parasols Reviewed By Experts 9

The fastest selling parasol of 2019 and 2020 so far. Cantilever Parasols are perfect if you want to adjust the shade and get a wide coverage without a gazebo.  

Coleman Event Shelters

Gazebos, Canopies & Parasols Reviewed By Experts 10

The Coleman shelter is different in style than most other canopy’s available, however, its extremely popular and outsells most brands of gazebos. They are strong & sturdy, stylish, waterproof and reliable.

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