Top Tips: How To Strengthen Your Pop up Gazebo

When looking to erect your gazebo, whether your gazebo has sides or is without them the priority is setting it up correctly to ensure that it isn’t damaged or even worse, blown away.

Below are a few tips that can help you get the best out of your pop up gazebo and hopefully provide longevity especially as they aren’t generally cheap pieces of equipment.

Top Tips on how to strengthen your gazebo

  • Point Your Gazebo Towards The Wind

Before assembling your gazebo always check the weather forecast as this can help prevent your day ending in disaster.  Wondering why?

Well firstly, find out which direction the wind is blowing.  Then point your pop up gazebo in the direction of the wind so the frame is pointing directly into the on gusting wind.

Check the image below.

Point your gazebo frame into the direction of the wind

This will ensure the material sides do not act as sails and prevent them from adding enormous extra pressure to the frame and plastic connectors.

Doing as I stated will ensure that the wind is encouraged to pass by, by creating an ‘aerodynamic’  structure.

Please ensure that wind bars, weight bags, guy ropes and tent pegs are used if provided.

  • Always Used All Parts Provided

Its oh so simple and this applies to most products not just gazebos.  When products arrive at our doors we always (not always, but relatively often) seem to insist on only using the parts we decide we need.

Does this sound like you?  It used to be me but not anymore.

Even on the calmest of days I always recommend using all the strengthening parts that are provided.  They are there for a reason and by now you should know just how changeable the British weather is….

Here’s a video showing you just how easy it is to add the wind bars.

I also mentioned the weight bags but here’s another great tip to add extra stability to your gazebo that also makes adding strength that little bit tidier and more organised.

  • Tips on filling the weight bags

The 4 leg weight bags once filled to the correct level will help keep your gazebo anchored down and prevent the wind from shifting it from side to side, therefore helping to prevent any frame damage.

Leg weight bags

These weight bags are an important factor in protecting your gazebo by helping prevent the frame from snapping and here’s how to use them.

Top Tip

Prior to using your new gazebo, I would advise you in the days or a couple of weeks beforehand that when you next go shopping to buy 4 x 2-litre bottles of Coca-Cola.

Empty the 4 bottles and then fill them with water and place them into the bags.  They fit perfectly and you’ll be surprised just how much more strength they add.

Alternatively, you could use sand, soil or stones but this can get a little dirty and by using the bottles it is a much cleaner and professional way to go.


  • Buy Stronger Pegs & Guy Ropes

The guy ropes and tent pegs that are provided are perfectly adequate.  However, sometimes you just prefer that little extra peace of mind, or maybe you just prefer having a spare set.

Check out these below as they’re stronger and heavier duty.  You can keep the ones originally provided as back up for spares.

  •  How to use Guy ropes effectively

I’ve spoken about effective windproofing above by explaining the use of the Wind bars and also the weight bags.

However, the guy ropes are just as important.

  1. The Wind bars help to support and protect the frame
  2. The Weight bags anchor the gazebo legs
  3. The Guy ropes help ensure that it isn’t blown away by pinning it to the same position.

First of all, let’s be honest the style of a pop-up gazebo is basically like a parachute with poles.

So, therefore, should the wind pick up and none of the previously mentioned pieces of equipment are in use then it will just lift up and blow away.

Therefore, this is where the guy ropes show their importance.

When attaching the guy ropes always ensure that they are angled at 45 degrees, as shown.45 degree angle

This will not only potentially ruin your event but could seriously injure one of your guests or even a passerby.  It’s not worth the risk, just use all the equipment because that’s why it’s supplied in the first place.


What to do when the wind really picks up?

Quite often even the best of weather reports or reporters can get the weather wrong.  In the video below Michael Fish reassures his audience not to worry about the forecasted weather as it wouldn’t happen.

and typically this happened below.  It’s ok Michael, it was only the worse hurricane since recordings began.


Anyway, as I was saying, if the weather does deteriorate and the wind picks up and your gazebo has sides attached then its a case of ‘batten down the hatches’.

That’s right, contrary to lots of opinion the best way to withstand strong winds is to lower all the sides, close the doorway and add any extra supports that you may have such as extra;

  1. Guy Ropes
  2. Roof support bars
  3. Move furniture close to edge of your gazebo to prevent sides and frame from buckling
  4. Evacuate the gazebo should the wind pick up too much


This post will be constantly updated as new methods are found.

Hi there. I love pop up gazebos and hopefully, my passion has helped you understand more about them before buying. Enjoy reading...