Pop up gazebo – Buyers Review Guide

Select your preferred type from the list below.  All of these Pop up gazebos are available to buy on Amazon.

All Seasons Gazebo 3×3

Description This All Seasons Gazebo 3x3 is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a Pop up gazebo that is ...

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2 Primrose 6m x 3m Marquee

Primrose 6m x 3m Marquee

Primrose 6x3 Marquee / Large Gazebo This Primrose gazebo really is the real deal if you're looking for a larger ...

3 Airwave Pop up Gazebo 3x3m

Airwave Pop up Gazebo 3x3m

The Airwave gazebo 3x3 really does seem a cover a whole range of necessities when it comes to needing a gazebo and ...

4 Airwave 2x2m Gazebo

Airwave 2x2m Gazebo

If you're looking for the Airwave gazebo 2x2 then here you are.  Please ensure you read everything there is to know ...

5 Airwave 2.5×2.5 Easy Pop Up Gazebo

Airwave 2.5×2.5 Easy Pop Up Gazebo

I'm pretty sure that before you buy the Airwave gazebo 2.5 x 2.5 you'd certainly like to know everything you possibly ...


Choosing your preferred Gazebo

There are absolutely loads of different styles, brands, features, sizes, and price ranges on the market nowadays.

You can visit a local show, exhibition, campsite, sporting event or go into your garden and look over your fence and see a pop up gazebo in someones back garden, they’re absolutely everywhere.

For the ones that have scrolled down to this section (Hi), we’ll attempt to answer some of your key questions that you have and will hopefully point you in the right direction before deciding to purchase.

We’ll take a look at large and small, strong and flimsy pop up gazebos, and all the varying sizes and features that are available to you, and guide you in to buying a suitable product that will last a number of years to come.

How big should it be? 

The answer to the question can be answered easier once you’ve answered the questions below.

  1. What are you planning on using it for?
  2.  How many people will be using it at a time?

Garden Gazebo

A garden gazebo must obviously fit in your garden.  Whether it’s situated on a patio, tarmac, decking or grass you need to measure the area in which you are planning to place it.  Normally a terraced house or semi detached house owner would choose between a 2×2 gazebo or probably a maximum size of 3×3

Normally a terraced house or semi-detached house owner would choose between a 2×2 gazebo up to a maximum size of a 3×3 gazebo.

Camping Gazebo

Normally, when camping you will have already checked whether you’re allowed a gazebo on site.  Sometimes, certain campsites don’t like you pitching one due to the possibility of it being blown around the site.

It does happen…. and it does happen regularly

If the site is ok with them, then you need to ensure it stays within your plot area that you have been designated as some sites are very keen on you staying within your boundaries.

Dry Work Area

If the dry work area is required at your home then you’ll follow the guide to ‘Garden Gazebo’s’, as this shelter will be used on your own property and you’ll be familiar with the size of the area.

If you plan on transporting one from site to site then you need to decide;

  1. How many workers will it need to keep dry?
  2. How much room your tools will take up?
  3. How much room do you need to work?

Once that’s sorted your closer to buying.

Over the years we’ve come to understand that certain sizes can regularly cover the requirements of certain users, for example.

2×2 gazebo

A small gazebo that’s generally used for home garden use.  It can shelter 2 people sat down in relative comfort with a small table to hold drinks.  They are also normally ideal as a children’s shelter and play area

2.5 x 2.5 Gazebo

One of the more popular bought sizes and basically, it’s a compromise between the smaller 2×2 and the 3×3 gazebo but offers lots more options.  It can seat 4/5 people and 6/7 standing.

This size of a gazebo is often taken camping, used in a back garden, small event or market stall and so on.  It can be ideal for those that are wanting that something a little bit bigger than the smaller 2×2 gazebo.

3×3 Gazebo

This size is very popular as it can cover everything that the 2.5m x 2.5m gazebo can do but offers that little bit extra room.  It’s normally used for small garden parties of 6/7 guests and where a few drinks are involved.  It can shelter a few extra people but it would be standing room only.

It can shelter a few extra people but it would be standing room only.

6×3 Gazebo

This is more of a party tent.  It provides a much larger sheltered area and therefore more guests can be accommodated.  They are becoming increasingly popular for those who have enough space to cater for one. Larger parties such as; BBQ’s, small cocktail parties, children’s parties and similar events normally take place in this larger sized gazebo

6×3 Gazebos are becoming increasingly popular for those who have enough space to cater for one. Larger parties such as; BBQ’s, cocktail parties, children’s parties and similar events normally take place in this larger sized gazebo


Over time the number of gazebos on the market has grown rapidly.  You still see a gulf between the very best on the market and the ones that are best described as kites.  You could apply the rule of law of

You get what you pay for…..

Below are some of the features that are most important.


The manufacturers that claim their high-end gazebos, the ones that come at a premium price, can normally be trusted that their gazebos are windproof.

Why else would you pay top price for something that is just ‘regular’?  In my reviews I have included whether their claims are actually true, so it’s better that you actually read my reviews before you buy, if windproof is your priority feature.


I could write pages and pages about waterproof, water resistant, shower proof and all that.  This is a real bug bear of mine.

There are so many brands that claim their gazebos are waterproof and many buyers unknowingly are not, in fact, buying a waterproof gazebo, they are buying an inadequate water resistant or shower proof gazebo.

Shower proof gazebos will protect against a very short, sharp shower.  Water Resistant materials will resist a slightly longer shower but will leak in a prolonged, heavy downpour.

Check this one out below in a downpour (It’s an All Seasons Gazebo)


If you’re looking for a gazebo to keep you dry then the minimum grade you should buy is a 180gsm grade.  The one above is 260gsm from All Seasons.


Cheap pop up gazebos are notorious for their legs and frames breaking.  Cheaper gazebos are generally based on the blueprint of a more expensive gazebo, however,  the manufacturer will then look for an area where they could reduce costs for themselves and pass them on to the consumer.

Often the areas are – The canopy, the frame and any additional extras you may get like guy ropes and pegs.  So pretty much all areas.

As previously mentioned further up in this post, a strong gazebo is normally classed as a ‘heavy duty gazebo’ and you’ll normally find this feature written in or around the title or description of the product on Amazon.