Editor choice All Seasons Gazebo 3x6m (10ftx20ft)

All Seasons Gazebo 3x6m (10ftx20ft)

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If you’ve got a relatively big budget and are looking for a really good quality, sturdy and easy to erect big pop up gazebo.

Then this 3x6m (10ft by 20ft) gazebo by All Seasons should be your perfect match…

If just some of these attributes correlate to your requirements then you’re halfway there to buying your ideal gazebo.


What's Important To You?

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Zip up Side Panels
  • Very Sturdy
  • Removable Sides
  • Heavy Duty Storage Bag
  • Ideal for Wide Range of Surfaces
  • Care Guide & Warranty

Plus lots more features and equipment that I will mention further down.


All Seasons Gazebo 3x6m

As with all of the other All Season’s gazebos this 3×6 version is very well-made, strong and sturdy and therefore can offer lots more potential uses.

Whether you decide to open up the gazebo by removing the detachable sides and to use it as a canopy only gazebo or close all sides to make it a fully enclosed shelter, it is equally effective at both.

With such a big gazebo you would expect it to be difficult to build but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s quite simply a matter of stretching out the frame (no poles as it’s a concertina gazebo) and then connect the canopy to the roof section.

Just add the sides with the velcro strap should you decide to use them.

You can use no sides, 1 side, 2 sides 3 sides or all 4 sides at the same time it’s completely up to you.

Not only is the gazebo large it’s also high.

The legs have 3 settings and even the lowest setting provides 7ft of clearance to the edge of the canopy.

Easily able to walk under without bending, unless you’re on stilts 🙂

What’s in the box?

This is what will arrive at your door

You will receive;

  • 100% Fully Waterproof Canopy (260g)
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Concertina Frame
  • 4 Fully Waterproof Side Panels (260g)
  • Heavy Duty & Waterproof Storage Bag with wheels
  • Separate Storage Bag for Sides
  • Upgraded Leg Weights
  • 13 x Tent Pegs
  • 4 Easily Adjusting Guy Ropes
  • Instruction manual / Care guide
  • 1 Year Frame Guarantee
  • Weighs 45kg


Check out the colour choice below.

Colours Available

Unfortunately, there are only 2 colour choices but the blue and green colours are suitable for most occasions.

  • Green
  • Blue

Take a look at the colours on Amazon by clicking the link below.

All Seasons Gazebos 3x6m (10ft x 20ft)

£439.99 £599.98

All Seasons Gazebo 3x6m (10ftx20ft)

Main Features

What makes a good gazebo are the features they have.

Let’s quickly remember though,  gazebos are generally meant for spring to early autumn use.

However, when it comes to needing a gazebo for the winter season then this type brand is the closest you’re going to get.

Yes, they now have additional strength via certain strengthening aids but primarily when the pop-up gazebo first came out it was to keep off the breeze, sun, and showers and act as a shelter.

Not an all year round defence against all extremes of weather.

Heavy Duty & Waterproof Canopy & Sides

The weight of the fabric of the canopy and sides of the gazebo (260gsm) ensures that they are both robust against tears as well as more importantly waterproof.

The weight of 260gsm means that the fabric weighs 260 grams per sq. metre and is then coated with a Vinyl Coated Polyester to give it the waterproofing and flexibility.

This strength and waterproofing is far greater than most other gazebos available.

Also, some manufacturers don’t make the sides as waterproof as the canopy, however, the good feature is that All Seasons Gazebos have.

Stong Storage Bag

This product comes with its very own storage bag and not just any old bag.

Here are the measurements when its packed away inside 1500mm x 400mm x 280mm

For ease of use, your storage bag has wheels, as well as handles enabling you to easily pull or carry it to your location.

Due to the weight of the entire gazebo (45kg), it’s probably best to use the wheels and pull it along behind you rather than humping it along by the handles (best with 2 people with one handle each should you decide to carry it).

As mentioned earlier, the gazebo sides have their own storage bag and this too is waterproof and measures approximately 20 inches sq.


4 Leg Weight bags

The leg weight bags you receive are material bags with velcro straps.

They do not come filled with sand and that’s a good thing as it’s far better to empty 4 large pop bottles before you use your gazebo and then fill them with water and place into the holding bags when you’re ready for using you gazebo.

It’s far cleaner doing it this way


3 Height settings

The multiple height settings enable this gazebo to cater for more types of events.

This can be due to having guests inside which need to walk without bending but also I have seen a sports car sheltered in one of these at the lowest setting.

This 6x3m is equally effective on sand, grass, concrete, tarmac, decking, patios, etc.

However, as always I recommend you use all strengthening parts provided to ensure the stability and strength but also to safeguard your investment.

Simple to Build

This is a concertina frame so therefore it’s just a case of getting someone to help you lift it up and basically, just walk backward.

The gazebo will unfold as you walk backward. It’s that simple


Ideal Uses:

  • Relaxing outdoors
  • Large family get-togethers
  • Vehicle Cover
  • Dry work area
  • Dog & Animal Shows
  • Camping
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Charity events
  • Market Stall
  • Election Campaigns
  • Food / Product Stand
  • BBQ’s (Eating under, not cooking)

  • Ensure you have enough room

In a Nutshell


This large, well-made 6x3m gazebo can cater all types of events as long as you have the room.

It’s of very good quality, looks great when built, strong enough to withstand poor weather, easy to put up and take down and can be pulled along to where you plan on using it.

Can life get any better? 

Seriously, I’m pretty sure this product can do exactly what you want to do, plus a whole lot more.

I mentioned all the features, uses and strength, now it’s up to you whether you can afford this product.

Highly recommended



9.5 Total Score

This large gazebo is very strong and looks great. If you need to keep a large area or a number of guests secure and dry then you need this!

Ease of Build
Value For Money
  • Very Strong
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 3 Height Settings
  • 2 Colour Choices
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