Editor choice All Seasons 2x2m Gazebo (Strong)

All Seasons 2x2m Gazebo (Strong)

£169.99 £249.99

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Lowest price Product: All Seasons Gazebos, Choice Of 5 Colours, 2x2m Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof , Premium Pop Up Gazebo With 4 x Zip Up Side Panels, Carry Bag With Wheels and 4 x leg weight bags (Green) - £169.99

This heavy-duty All Seasons 2x2m gazebo is by far the strongest small pop up gazebo that I’ve seen on Amazon.

Understandably, it’s not the cheapest gazebo around but it’s certainly up there with the best 2m gazebos available to buy on Amazon.

Do any of these features listed below sound like something you need?

What's Important To You?

  • Strong Heavy-Duty gazebo
  • Ideal for Garden use
  • Good value for money
  • Keep guests warm & dry
  • Must have removable sides
  • Must include storage bag


If any of the above criteria sounded a chord with you then this gazebo could well be the one for you.

Read more below about what’s included when you buy it from Amazon.co.uk and what it can and can’t do.

All Seasons Gazebo 2x2m

The 2x2m All Seasons Gazebo is a very strong 2x2m gazebo that can resist very heavy rain and strong winds.

It comes with all parts provided to ensure your party or event is not interrupted by unsavoury weather and then packs away inside its very own storage bag that has wheels for easy transportation.


It can be used for a wide range of garden and outdoor purposes and has also been known to be used in sports halls for team events to separate one team from another and to store bags underneath whilst competing.

Along with lots more uses….

What’s in the box?

This is what will arrive at your door

You will receive;

  • Fully Waterproof canopy (260g)
  • Steel concertina frame
  • 4 Waterproof Side panels (2 windows & 2 full-length zip doors)
  • Carrying Bag with wheels
  • Leg Weights
  • Tent Pegs
  • Guy Ropes
  • Instruction manual / Care guide
  • 1 Year Frame Guarantee
  • Weighs 20kg

This is quite an expensive piece of equipment.

But wait…. in fact, what you are receiving is a heavy duty gazebo that will last a number of years to come.

So ultimately, although this item is priced higher than most gazebos on Amazon you’re actually saving money in the long run as you’re not having to keep replacing broken parts than you are more likely to experience with the cheaper gazebos available as you’re buying a better quality gazebo that also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Check out the colour choice below.

Colours Available

In the product description it states there are 5 colours available, however, at the time of writing this review there were only 2 and they are;

  • Green
  • Blue

Check them out on Amazon below.

All Seasons Gazebos, Choice Of 5 Colours, 2x2m Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof , Premium Pop Up Gazebo With 4 x Zip Up Side Panels, Carry Bag With Wheels and 4 x leg weight bags (Green)

£169.99 £249.99

All Seasons 2x2m Gazebo (Strong)

Main Features

As mentioned previously, this gazebo is very strong and below I have detailed exactly just how weatherproof and weather resistant this product is.

  • Heavy Duty Frame

A lot of other manufacturers claim their gazebos to be strong but the All Seasons gazebo brand have backed up their confidence in the strength of the frame by providing a 1-year guarantee.

That’s just how confident they are that it won’t break.

  • Waterproof

This gazebo is fully waterproof.

The canopy is 260g which means the material weighs 260 grams per sq metre and this level of waterproofing is one of the highest I have seen for a popup gazebo.

You would normally expect a waterproof pop up gazebo to range from 190g to 220g’s,  so 260g is far more than would normally be expected, therefore you can rest assured that you’ll be kept dry.

  • 4 Sided Gazebo

The 4 sides are all waterproof too.

As well as being waterproof, the sides also interlock with each other via an attached zip.

Once they are zipped together they exclude drafts whereas other brands of popup gazebos normally interlock with velcro.

Ensuring that your guests are kept warm and dry.

  • Multi-Surface Gazebo

This gazebo is very versatile and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.

It is equally effective on sand, grass, concrete, tarmac, decking, patios, etc.

However,  please try and use all securing parts such as the guy ropes, pegs, and leg weights wherever possible as they are an important factor in ensuring the strength of this product.

  • Ease of Build

This gazebo is like most other gazebos in that it is very easy to assemble and also take down.

Whilst highlighting just how easy it is to build above, I would always advise that a minimum of 2 people construct it.  Not because 1 person cannot build it by themselves but it’s just far easier if more than 1 person puts it up.

Ideal Uses

Because of the sheer strength of this product, it can be used for a wide range of activities, here are just a few of them below.

Ideal Uses:
  • Relaxing outdoors
  • Children’s secure play area
  • Dry work area
  • Changing rooms
  • To take Camping
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Charity events
  • Market Stall
  • Shelter
  • Election Campaigns
  • Food / Product Stand
  • BBQ’s (Eating under, not cooking)
  • Chilling on the garden
  • Picnics
  • Ideal sunshade
Not suited to…
  • Nothing immediately comes to mind











In a Nutshell

I’ve constantly praised the toughness and durability of this 2x2m gazebo by All Seasons so I won’t go on any longer about it apart from I stand by what I’ve said.

It’s unfortunate that in the product description it says a choice of 5 colours when in fact I could only see 2 colours at the time of writing this but perhaps when you come to read this there may be more colours available.

However, I do like colours of the blue and green gazebo.

If you’re looking for an easy to build gazebo that won’t fall apart and will last a number of years and measures 2×2 metres then this gazebo is ideal for you.


9.5 Total Score
2x2m Gazebo

A Very robust 2x2m gazebo that can tick every box when it comes to reliability and effectiveness.

Ease of Build
Value for Money
  • Very Strong
  • Waterproof
  • Well-Made
  • Multi-Surface Gazebo
  • Not cheap

If you require a cheaper gazebo then take a look at my review of the Airwave 2×2 gazebo and although it isn’t as strong it’s still a decent piece of kit.