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The Airwave 3x9m Party tent can certainly serve a purpose but unfortunately its not on the strong side.  You’ll see for yourself when you visit Amazon via one of these links that you can’t really expect miracles for such a large party tent at such a low price.

So why am I reviewing this Airwave Party Tent?

Firstly, this item is a very nice looking party tent and if you’re looking for a cheap party tent for those nice summer nights then this could still be for you.

What's Matters Most To You?

  • Want a nice looking Summer Tent?
  • Ideal for Garden use
  • Very affordable
  • Able to keep guests covered
  • Have removable sides


If any of the above relates to your needs then this tent could be for you.

Read more below about what’s included when you buy it from

Airwave 3x9m Party Tent

The 3m x 9m Party Tent by Airwave is designed to house a large number of guests and is more of a showerproof party tent, rather than waterproof.

All parts are provided to ensure you can build your Party tent at no extra cost to yourself and it would be wise to ask a couple of friends to help you build it.

It’s not difficult to build but impossible for 1 person to build by themselves.

This Party tent is not designed to resist bad weather, basically, it will resist little more than a breeze and able to withstand nothing more than a shower.

What’s in the box?

This is what will arrive at your door

You will receive;

  • Waterproof canopy (120g)
  • Steel concertina frame
  • 8 Side Panels
  • Tent Pegs
  • Guy Ropes
  • Instruction manual
  • 3 Wind Bars
  • Weighs 20kg

This is a large piece of equipment and as long as you use it in fine weather then you should have no problems whatsoever.

You might get 2 or 3 uses out of it as long as it’s packed away carefully, however, considering the price you need to understand that it is more of a throwaway party tent, rather than one to uses over and over again.

Check out the colour choice below.

Colours Available

There are 4 different colours available in this Airwave Tent.  Check them out below.

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White

Check them out on Amazon below.

Airwave 3 x 9m Party Tent

£99.99 £129.99

Airwave 3x9m Party Tent

Main Features

As mentioned previously, this party tent is designed solely for the summer months where the U.K weather tends to be a little more predictable.  Here are its features

Great Colour Choices

4 different colours provide you with a nice conundrum, as all 4 colours look pretty smart.  The white one looks especially smart when erect and can be used for more formal parties like wedding receptions and christening type events.

Waterproof Canopy

The tent is described as waterproof, but personally, at 120gsm I would describe it as more showerproof than waterproof.

Don’t forget though, you buying this party tent for the summer months so all being well there won’t be anything more than a quick shower.

8 Sides Included

Party Tents are great as they are large enclosures that unite the entire party all in one room.  So what better than buying a party gazebo that has 8 sides that can ensure that when it starts getting late you can keep out the drafts and the bugs by rolling down the sides.

Multi-Surface Gazebo

You can use this party tent on a wide range of surfaces, however, wherever you decide to station it you must be able to use all strengthening parts such as the guy ropes, tent pegs, and wind bars.

Ease of Build

This is really easy to build but admittedly it will take 4 people to construct this tent.  I’m advising 4 people to build it purely down to the size of it and expecting 2 people to build it may result in damage or injury.

Ideal Uses

As highlighted earlier, this party tent must only be used during the summer months, so here are a few of the potential uses below

Ideal Uses:
  • Relaxing outdoors
  • Daytime storage area
  • Changing rooms
  • Charity events
  • Shelter
  • Election Campaigns
  • Food / Product Stand
  • BBQ’s (Eating under, not cooking)
  • Ideal sunshade
Not suited to…
  • Anything that involves leaving it built overnight
  • Must only be used for summer activities






In a Nutshell

If you require a fair weather, large canopy with sides then this is ok.


Expecting it to withstand much more than sunshine and a light shower is unrealistic.

However, should the item be damaged in transit from Amazon then by buying via Amazon your rights are protected so should the item be damaged on arrival you are protected.

I cannot confidently recommend this product because the weather in the U.K cannot be relied upon.  Even the best of weather forecasts are made to look foolish at times.

As mentioned above though, if you decide to buy it then you are protected by Amazon’s guarantee should it not reach your expectations.


5.5 Total Score
Airwave 3x9m Party Tent

Not one of Airwave's best products

Ease of Build
Value For Money
  • Cheap
  • Showerproof
  • Looks smart
  • Flimsy
  • Summer only use
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